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Wal-Mart in Sellwood????

Is there a Wal-mart going in on 99E by Tacoma?
When I was at the True Value Hardware store in Sellwood a couple of weeks ago there was a petition to stop Wal-Mart from buying and building on the old Good Will and Fabric Store properties just south of the Tacoma street overpass on SE McLoughlin Blvd (99E). Today as I was passing that property is was clear that something massive is going in --- HELP!!! DOes anybody know if Wal-Mart actually got in without any protest??? Or is there something else happening there?
no walmart yet 11.Jul.2005 09:48

White Lilac

see  http://www.nosellwoodwalmart.com for details and updates.

Thanks 11.Jul.2005 23:47


for the information, White Lilac.