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Protests Slowed But Important During June

LA, DC, Santa Cruz and Sacramento held demonstrations in front of
the KTLA TV station, the Washington Post, the Santa Cruz Sentinal
and the Sacramento Bee, respectively, to protest the "NO COVERAGE"
of the Downing Street Minutes.
The most important has to be the demonstration in front of the
White House (and several other cities in solidarity on June 16th)
where Rep. John Conyers handed a letter with over 500,000
signatures to the President (via his guards) asking poignant questions
about the Downing Street Minutes.

Several demonstrations were against the use of torture.

Bush's visits to Tennessee and DC met with crowds of protesters.

Code Pink in Fortworth continues to demonstrate for 23 weeks straight,
recently focusing on Halliburton profits as well as the Iraq war and other
policies of the Bush Administration.

Many cities showed dissent against military recruiting with Portland
protesters jamming the Governors Office demanding that he call
the Oregon Nat'l Guard home from Iraq. Highland Park N. J. and NYC
parents protested the recruiters access the students on campuses.

The strangest was Cheney's quick visit to Portland on June 6th.

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