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Corporation Targets Local Business

A juice company from California is utilizing strong-arm tactics in an attempt to put a local company out of business.
Columbia Gorge, a family-owned, all-organic juice company based in Hood River, has been offering its products in stores and on campuses for over 7 years. They have survived competition from such competitors as Odwalla (owned by Coca-Cola), among others. One competitor, Naked Juice, based in California, has taken the concept of "business is business" to a new low. Over the past year, Naked Juice has been approaching campus administrators at Reed, PSU, and others with an offer they can't refuse: Stop offering Columbia Gorge and we will give you a large lump sum of cash. The amount of money offered has not been disclosed, but is certainly well in the thousands.
Columbia Gorge is not in a position to make any similar counter-offer, and student input is not welcome. Complaints have fallen on deaf ears. These colleges have been a cornerstone of CG's operation from their beginning. Seems as though the free market isn't free after all.
Corporations must be reorganized as non-corporate partnerships, or dissolved. 10.Jul.2005 14:24

xyster xysterxxavier@comcast.net

The free market will be free again, when not bought-off with corporate greed and money.
Corporations are not natural businesses; not natural fruits in the garden of capitalism. Corporations are weeds in capitalism's garden, growing over the good family businesses like this one, choking of their water, killing them, then sucking up the nutrients - their workers and capital goods - into their corrupt corporate cubicle cultures. Corporations only exist as legal constructs chartered and protected by congress, and the legal professions (congress consisting of mostly lawyers, of course). Whatever good corporations brought our country in years past, before corporations outgrew our national borders, is now entirely overshadowed by the bad corporations bring.

Naked Juice licks! 10.Jul.2005 18:50

Naked my ass!

It was introduced to the NW via Pacific Coast Fruit Company, which is the only produce vendor that Wild Oats stores use in Portland.

Call Wild Oats www.wildoatsmarkets.com

and Pacific Coast Fruit at the bottom of the Burnside bridge.

Naked Juice, Wild Oats and Pacific Coast Fruit are very hostile to local products. That's why I boycott them. Even Kroger does a better job promoting locals.

I'm not even going to go into their labor practices.

I have personally caught their stockers sabotaging their competitors products and the display cases. That's why they get kicked out of local stores and are desperate for business. Not sure if NewSeasons carries NJ, but I know they carry Odwalla.

They are nasty.

the fish eats the fish that eats the fish 21.Jul.2005 13:40

carrot combo

I am a big fan of the gorge juice, and will be happy to avoid naked, but note that things aren't always so simple. only a few years ago it was columbia gorge who had the deeper pockets, going after a market that genesis juice had developed. genesis was a worker collective and producer of all raw all organic juices (including the most amazing carrot combo) that used only glass, while the gorge uses plastic. genesis refused to bend to cooking the juice (ala odwalla, who forced the issue) or using plastic, like the gorge. and now they are on the heap of the righteous and broke. and the fish that they think helped eat them faces being eaten by an even bigger one.