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David Cobb's Dirty Laundry

Green Party candidate for president shows that he's made of the same filthy linen as all politicians!
The other day I did laundry with David Cobb, Green Party candidate for president 2004. Well, not technically. We did laundry at the same time in the same laundromat in the small town where we live in northern California. Here are a few choice observations:

1) Mr. Cobb wears really old cowboy boots (you can take the man out of Texas ...)
2) Mr. Cobb shows plenty of pimply white butt crack when he bends over (reminiscent of the "Norge" sketch with Dan Ackroyd as the refrigerator repair man on SNL in the 70's)
3) Mr. Cobb has an annoying Texas twang in his voice

and best of all

MR. COBB DRIVES A BEAT-UP OLD FUEL GUZZLING PICKUP TRUCK WITH GREEN PARTY AND 'BRING OUR TROOPS HOME' STICKERS PLASTERED ALL OVER IT! Yee-hah! What a hoot! The Green Party candidate arrested in Ohio for protesting their election results, the environmental go-to guy for the young leftists who still think voting actually works or means anything, the guy who said during the '04 campaign that we had to "reduce our dependency on fossil fuels" IS A COMPLETE HYPOCRITE!

But why should this surprise anyone?

ALL politicians are hypocrites.

That's why we have to BRING IT ALL DOWN.

So the next time you comfortable liberals ooze like banana slugs into the voting booth, remember that your favorite "activist" is probably driving an S.U.V. - or worse.

NOTE #1: NO, there wasn't a biodiesel sticker on the bumper.

NOTE #2: Another local lefty faux environmentalist, an editor for the nationally known EOC-NEWS, was stopped on the street by a concerned citizen when the citizen noticed the man was driving an S.U.V.! The editor's excuse? All he could come up with was that he lived out of town and commuted!

Hypocrisy is a disease and I am the cure!
ECO-NEWS!!! 10.Jul.2005 11:55

Tom Paine

Too angry for spellcheck! :-)

Another anarchist view... 10.Jul.2005 13:23

Jason Morgan postin@riseup.net

Annoying butt crack....what? Och!

I feel compelled to offer a alternate view of anarchists because of posts like this.

SO... I'm an anarchist, I like the Texas twang (lots of anarchist in Texas)
I REALLY like cowboy boots. Not really a fan of the butt crack, but I like old pickups!
I work for a living (I'm a union carpenter) and I drive to work, soon I may even drive
a pickup!

I don't support David Cobb because he is still a capitalist. Nothing personal, I'm sure
he would be better than the alternative, but I'm working for a longer term solution. I fail
to see any hypocrisy on the part of Mr. Cobb. However , blasting Cobb for using a truck WHEN HE IS
USING A MACHINE TO DO HIS LAUNDRY? Talk about hypocrisy.

Check out these websites for another view of anarchism:


Petty 10.Jul.2005 14:35

George Bender

I'm no fan of David Cobb, but this seems petty and stupid. Trivial personal attacks. If you live in the country a pickup truck is a very practical vehicle for hauling stuff. Ever try to put lumber in a car? Although I disagreed with what he did to the presidential race, Cobb sounds like a very unpretentious, working-class guy. One of us.

Yeah 10.Jul.2005 14:42

'nother north cali resident

Um, wasn't Tom also using a MACHINE to do his laundry? And he must have used a COMPUTER (produced by toxic mining) powered by ELECTRICITY (courtesy of some salmon killing dams, no doubt) to write this silly rant.

Fallacy 10.Jul.2005 17:47

ad hominem

This is a kind of fallacy called ad hominem circumstantial, discrediting someone's opinions because of their personal circumstances. In essence, there could be a number of reasons for driving an old, beat-up pickup. Maybe it was a gift. Maybe it is the same vehicle he's driven for 20 years. At least it wasn't a new SUV, and even if it was, you don't know the circumstances. (With my car in the shop, I was horrified to find that they had given me a large SUV to drive but I didn't have time to insist on a change--everyone who knew me got quite a laugh out of that). Anyway, we're all part of this society, which means that we're all hypocites to some extent. Is there anything un-PC that you do? We're all trapped by the choices this society offers us, and doesn't offer us. That's why I pefer to look at what someone fights for.

Apparently, working class rural people are bad. 10.Jul.2005 17:50

Scotty B.

That's what the orginal post sounded like. I don't think that everyone, at this point in time, can realistically AFFORD to use an environmentally-friendly car or just use a bicycle. It's good to use bicycles for most trips, but people can't always use them (and I can't *ever* use them, having cerebral palsy). And yes, posts like this turn me off even more towards anarchism, despite Jason Morgan's apologetic post. I consider myself a Green Socialist - IE, I'm a Green that will vote for the Socialist Party if the Greens aren't on the ballot, and I think that this Green/Socialist Party in the Netherlands rocks:  https://www.groenlinks.nl

I don't really like it when people classify Greens or international Green Party philosophy as capitalistic, but oh well. I find the principals of both anarchism and communism to be impossible/laughable.

missed opportunity 10.Jul.2005 18:42


I'm apreciating David Cobb a lot more now that I know he does his laundry at a laundromat. This is a revolutionary action in a time of individual washing machines and dryers in virtually every house in this country, one of the earliest hallmarks of pre-richness that has been successfuly marketed to us as so convenient, indeed essential, and demonstrating that the owner of said machines doesn't have to mix it up with poorly-dressed, not so pretty folks and do the laundry together, talk and be neighbors. Making money for the elite is the object of every action, and money is made by creating the need for a washing machine in every house. Lots of money is made by keeping us isolated from one another, dissassembling the commons(community), encouraging us to feel ugly and stupid because of our differences in appearance, wrinkles, accents, all of our differences. So right on, Cobb for being at the laundromat!

Cobb drives an old pickup truck. What does his accuser suggest? Dump it and buy a Prius? Wouldn't that use more resources? Certainly, a bicycle would be the most appropriate, though some of us can't ride a bike, no matter how high-tech(I'm 52 and have a slipped disk in my neck that does not take to being bounced--maybe Cobb has an excuse, too. And laundry is tought o schlepp on a bike, though it's done successfully. Hell, maybe it was the community pickup(we have one here).

As for the butt-crack, stop looking at someone who is stooping over doing his laundry, silly one! And thank goddess there are still some regional differences in dialect, thought the butt-crack-less, Disney culture is taking care of that soon enough,too. Sad.

It would be interesting to hear what Cobb has to say about turns of events--an intriguing person to pass the time with. maybe someday you'll meet up again, and you can do it different this time.

If you are fortunate, you will grow...

at least 11.Jul.2005 06:18

eyes closed tight

he signed the 9/11 truth statement along with nader and badnarik...

Three of these kids belong together
Three of these kids are kind of the same
But one of these kids is doing his (her) own thing
Now it's time to play our game
It's time to play our game.