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39th & Holgate

What are we expecting here in the neighborhood?
Seeing the demise of local and promising Sunday cafe on 39th & Holgate in the SE leads me to wonder as to it's replacement.
There is talk of a Starbucks being installed as to further commercialize and destroy any personalized and local efforts to have a successful business in town.

Can anyone confirm this?

If this is the case, is there any planned resistence to this act?

I know Division's Starbucks received a warm welcome upon construction... is anyone expecting to voice resistence over ANOTHER starbucks in town? Or is this rumor false, or is no one aware as of yet?

I'm ready to make it clear that another corporate brand is not what we need there, but I would like confirmation before I begin the battle.
Oughta heat things up.... 10.Jul.2005 05:47


It is also my understanding that Sunday's is to be bulldozed down (they have been working under a month-to-month lease for their entire existance, development always being in the works) and a multi retail unit to take it's place -- with a Starfucks. We should make those bastards keep Starfucks under construction any where in the city under wraps until opening, like they do in the Bay Area, due to fear of reprisal or resistance from the local populace.

I wandered down 10.Jul.2005 16:07


to get some yummy omelet at Sunday's and was shocked. I live in the neighborhood, and there isn't a Starbucks in at least 4 blocks or so (inside the Safeway @ 39/powell). I expected a Starbucks at that corner a long time ago and (obviously) won't frequent it. Papaccino's is only a few blocks further away on Woodstock. Sigh.

Are the folks from Sundays opening anywhere else? That was damn good food.

Welcome Starbucks 12.Jul.2005 00:54


I live in the neighborhood (Mall street)and am really looking forward to having a Starbucks within walking distance plus I think a Starbucks will add to the value of the neighborhood. If there is any community dialogue for this development, I'll be sure to voice my support.

walking distance 12.Jul.2005 08:41


How far is the starbucks INSIDE safeway on 39th and powell in regards to "walking distance"?
Isn't that enough? Or perhaps the coffee shop on woodstock which is doing quite well as it is.
I think what the people at Sunday's cafe brought to the neighborhood was much more valuable than another corporate chain clogging up intersections. Mass replications of these same logos, branding neighborhoods, creating a blind culture in a place where local business can thrive and survive is far less valuable to me.

<a href=" http://www.starbuckseverywhere.net/Portland.htm">We might have too many in town already.</a>

correct link 12.Jul.2005 09:03


No mas 12.Jul.2005 15:40


GAWD, not another stinkin' Starbuck's.

bah 12.Jul.2005 16:02


that site's missing the Starbucks on Lombard in St. Johns...it moved into an area where there are already two locally owned coffe shops and is taking away business.

Loathsome mall culture 12.Jul.2005 16:21


Uggh. Another slab of loathsome mall "culture" in our neighborhood. People should let them know that they are not welcome. Sunday's was a nice place. There should be a neighborhood boycott.

Is this necessary 14.Jul.2005 08:43


Is there a "law" stating we must have a or two Starbucks on every city block? And with this many shops, why are they charging an "arm and leg" for their products, then expect a tip?

Buy local.

Starbucks coincidence? I think not 01.Sep.2005 14:44


So theres a starbucks going in on 39th and holgate.Its very odd that this just happens to coincide with 39th being changed to one lane each direction from powell to holgate.The city planners say that not that much traffic uses this stretch anyway.They tried the same thing in sellwood and say it actually reduced the number of vehicles through the area.Guess where?Right in front of starbucks. So it should create a nice, quiet, slow area for the starbucks crowd at their tables on 39th.Just ask the neighbors on 38th and 41st how well their traffic has improved.

Sunday Cafe Relocation 11.Sep.2005 21:58

mikey mikey@loveland-international.com

Hi - Thanks for the kind comments! We loved serving the Creston-Kenilworth neighborhood! We have opened a new restaurant, called L'Astra, at 22 NE 7th (right around the corner from Ozone Records and the Bossanova, on East Burnside) and it is open from 11am-8pm. We are also currently pursuing a liquor license for this location.

We have placed a tenative hold on a spot in the new property at 39th and Division...so hopefully we'll be re-opening Sunday in mid-2006. Thanks again!

Mikey - Sunday Cafe

39th & Division? 16.Sep.2005 12:08


"New property at 39th & Division"? Did you mean 39th & Holgate?