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AL Qaeda Terrrorist website hosted in Maryland & Austin TX!

Hey Folks! You have to read this article from "Whateverhappened.com"


Seems as though Ft. whatever the name is, is in Maryland where Anthurax came from. Funny how in Berlin, MD, a terrorist website was/is located.
Yes sir! It is/was in Berlin, MD, and the author of this article followed the links back to good ol' state of texas! Austin, texas that is! The state's captital where good little boy george stayed while being the governor!

I'd like to know how it was that good ol' homeland security wasn't a where of this terrorist website being hosted in both Berlin, MD and Austin, texas?

Anthurax came from that military base in Maryland did it not? Did it not trace back to good ol' texas also?

Now we find out that this AL Qaeda terrorist network used the services of U.S. Born ISP's to host their hateful stuff too!

I'm begaining to smell a GREAT BIG RAT here. And that SMELLY RAT is coming in from both Maryland and texas folks!

"Maybe we should notify the Berlin, MD police of the "terrorist" in their
midst. Or der Homeland Security? It also might be fun to contact Broadwing
and the domain name registrars and ask them what they're doing associating
with terrorists? Weird how Muslim charities have been targeted since 911,
but somehow this "terrorist" alneda.com has managed to reside in Texas for
three years."
by our legal standards 10.Jul.2005 07:20


Well, if they did take responcability for the attack, they should be arrested. Either for the actual attack, or for impeading the investigation.

Who or What is THEY? 10.Jul.2005 08:18


The point is - that some organization or persons have concocted this phony al-quaida site. Whoever did that is party to the same method of having Arabic peoples blamed for someone else's - or some other country's methods used to achieve their or its goals. Which is why one should look closely at who benefits most from these horrendous attacks, such as 9-11 and many others, and now London. Furthermore, it should be noted that the only 'cell' ever uncovered of al-quaeda turned out to be a Mossad run operation (in Palestine). Think carefully about all this before jumping on the anti-Islam, Arab bandwagon , which is what is being nurtured by not only mainstream, but even alternative and left-leaning authors. Ask more questions - who knew, how and why and who stood to gain - or lose strategically.

Hint for you "investigative reporters" -- try searching Google sometimes 10.Jul.2005 10:21

another dupe of the establishment

Read this before you jump to conclusions:  http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,1284,54455,00.html