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Tre speaks PART 2

part 2 of Tre Arrow's response to recent corportate media frenzie to discredit his name, his purpose and a reiteration of the TRUTH from his jail cell!
Tre Arrow Speaks Out-Part 2

Let's set the record straight and maybe the media will be obliged to
their habit of spreading slander and misinformation relating to me in
case. I'm Tre Arrow! I legally changed my name to Tre Arrow 5 years
ago. I
had changed my name long before I lived in the trees at Eagle Creek
(contrary to reports attempting to portray me as less-than-sane by
alleging I said,"The trees told me to change my name"). I am a man who
dedicated to a life of non-violent activism and social justice. I've
involved with various issues ranging from the environment to non-humyn
animal welfare to humyn rights. I am a man who thinks, feels and cares
about the wellbeing of everyone and everything. The desecration to our
only earth-mother, the abuse and slaughtering of our co-inhabitants and
the rampant violation to civil and humyn rights has motivated me to
non-violent action to oppose and expose what I see as heinous crimes in
our culture.
I am Tre Arrow, an innocent man imprisoned in Canada for almost a year
and a half. I have become a target by the FBI, not because I am guilty
of the charges in the US, but because I have become a threat to the
powers that be. I am a threat because I stand in the way of corporate
and government agendas. I am a threat because I cause corporations to
lose precious profit from raping and pillaging earth-mother. I am a
threat because I speak about the lies, cover-ups and atrocities
by the hands of government and corporate figures. I am a threat
I speak the truth! The Powers That Be don't want us to know the truth!
This is why I am being targeted. This is why I am in prison. This is
why I am facing the rest of my life behind bars, walls, and fences. I
will not be still. I will not be silent. As long as these injustices
continue towards me, the planet, our non-humyn animal friends and our
brothers and sisters here and abroad then there is still work to do.
we all strive to create a world filled with love, justice, and respect
for everyone and everything.
The right to remain silent. 11.Jul.2005 18:09

Mr. PR.

Tre, you don't know me but I have followed your case for several years. You are welcome to tell me to shove my opinion up my ass, but I feel compelled to tell you that it would be better for you to have your attorney clear all correspondence that is meant for publication like the letter above before you allow someone to post it. If he approved the letter above for publication, then you need another attorney. (sorry)

I'm quite sure that each of these letters written by you will be submitted into evidence at your trial in the US next year, and you will be asked under oath if you authored these. Perhaps the prosecutor will even ask you to read them, or at least parts of them.

They will do this to help build a case against you. The jury will be made up, not of your supporters but of average joes and janes from Portland as well as rural areas.

Jurors that eat t-bones and pork steaks, drive SUVs, vote republican, hunt and fish, etc. The more foreign and alien you appear to them, the easier it will be for them to convict you.

The prosecutor will try to make you appear like a left wing whack-a-loon who converses with trees, eats uncooked food, and conducts clandestine terrorist firebombings.

Don't load his gun for him, please.