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Oregon House leaves health care legislation unfinished

This is from state Rep. Paul Holvey's July 8 email newsletter. Contact state legislators at  http://www.leg.state.or.us/writelegsltr/writeset.htm -- L.P.
Health Care: In the area of health care, the Speaker and the Majority Leader have left four vital initiatives hanging in limbo:

1. Senate Bill 1 would require insurance companies to cover mental health problems in the same way they cover other medical conditions. The Senate passed the bill with overwhelming bipartisan support on March 21, by a vote of 23-6. Today, it waits in the House State and Federal Affairs Committee.

2. Senate Bill 329 is one of the most important proposals we've seen to help reduce the cost of health care. It would expand the state's drug purchasing pool to allow private businesses and individuals to save money on prescription drugs. On May 20, it passed the Senate with a bipartisan vote of 19-11. Today, it waits in the House Budget Committee.

3. Senate Bills 756 and 849 enhance women's access to emergency contraceptives, and require insurance companies to cover the cost of prescription contraceptives. These are important bills that affect women's health, but the Republican leadership has chosen to let them die. The two bills passed the Senate with strong bipartisan support (22-7 and 20-7)-the first in March, the second in May, but today they wait in the House Judiciary Committee.

4. Senate Bill 1040 would make hospital costs more understandable to consumers and insurance companies. The Senate passed the bill with bipartisan support (19-9) on May 17, but the House Budget Committee has not acted on it.

homepage: homepage: http://www.leg.state.or.us/writelegsltr/writeset.htm

Throw the bums out! 08.Jul.2005 19:03

Ed Chigliak

Oregon House leaves health care legislation unfinished...

...but they gleefully, and in a timely manner, appropriate millions and millions
for highway construction and maintenance, economic development (corporate welfare), etc.

They spend OUR MONEY on absolutely EVERYTHING under the sun,
EXCLUDING adequate health care for ALL, not just for some children, not
just for some of the elderly. But for EVERYONE!

And the vast majority speaks not a word of opposition.

Throw the bums out!
Throw the bums out!
Throw the bums out!
Throw the bums out!
Throw the bums out!
Throw the bums out!
Throw the bums out!
Throw the bums out!

Tobacco tax could cure state's health-care crisis 08.Jul.2005 23:55


So I have to choose between a safe road or health insurance? 09.Jul.2005 00:29


Please clarify, Ed, your angry because the state is spending money to maintain roads? They are supposed to maintain themselves or what are your thoughts there?

It seems like there is constantly either or. Why isn't it both? Why doesn't each city have a its own insurance? Why don't we send our kids to college w/the idea that we pay for their education and in return they give back for two years? Why aren't we building communities instead of ripping them apart?

We need strong local leaders. We need a city, or a town that will see that we can't wait for a bigger government to take care of us. We are a part of Oregon and Oregon is a part of USA BUT we can and will take care of some matter ourselves. The state cannot give us a health plan, so we should do it ourselves.