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Oregon Country Fair Coverage - Radio

Portland Indymedia Web Radio is bringing you special coverage again this year from the Oregon Country Fair. Tune in to: Oregon Country Fair Coverage - Click HERE! . We will be playing music, sounds and interviews of craftspeople, speakers, and other artists all weekend. We will try to archive further audio as comments to this article. Ultimately the audio will be available on the Radio Page Watchi for Breaking News of live coverage.
If You're Going to be Talking to People at the Fair... 08.Jul.2005 18:47

Antinomias Vermont

... maybe you should ask them if they know that all those hippy-dippy organic cotton Country Fair t-shirts
were done in China. You should also ask them if they think that these hippiecrites are doing the right thing
to all the local screenprinters in Lane County by outsourcing to China.

Good Idea 08.Jul.2005 20:35


One of us here will try to do that.

David Kupfer 09.Jul.2005 11:01


David Kupfer spoke about how "the counter culture became the culture". This might have gone a little better...but I think the audience got his drift. It was raining and some people stayed. Click Here to Stream the Audio