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Tre Arrow Speaks Out after 7/7 BC Hearing

Tre's Words after 1st Judge ruled on Extradition
For immediate release to the media

Tre Arrow speaks out

It's a sad day for justice... July 7th, the year 2005. The G8 Summit in
Scotland has commenced, bombings in London make all the headlines and
news stories and Canada has committed me for extradition to the U.S to
face alleged arson charges. Arsons which destroyed vehicles... no living
thing was hurt, yet the U.S government and the Canadian government in
complicity seek to imprison me for the rest of my life!

While those who call themselves the leaders of the "civilized" world
condemn "terrorists" for taking the lives of innocent people, they are
responsible for murdering millions of innocent people around the world.
The powers that be weave their web of delusion with their lies and
propaganda, misleading and misinforming the masses so that no one knows
what's really going on. Bush, Blair and Martin claim to be concerned
about poverty, degradation to the environment and violations to humans,
yet activists are targeted and innocent people are incarcerated for
taking a stand and speaking out.

The corporate media makes a concerted effort to discredit and
those of us who dare to challenge the status quo; those of us who dare
question the dependency on money and material acquisition at the price
widespread desecration; those of us who dare to step outside the norm,
challenge what we are told and to offer an alternative way of thinking
and living... the media and the powers that be attempt to ruin our name
reputation and brand us as "crazy". Are we crazy, or is this society
crazy? This society which places power, profit and greed above the
sanctity of all life.

homepage: homepage: http://www.trearrow.org

Hang in there buddy! 08.Jul.2005 11:34



You are correct in most of your analysis!

I might have done things a little different like organize the people to overthrow the system but hang in there. I know deep down you are a good HUMAN BEING!!!

In solidarity
Your friend

Write a letter to the Oregonian for Tre 08.Jul.2005 15:36

supporter #5,994,551

An article on the ruling appeared on the front page of today's Oregonian. You can read it at  http://www.oregonlive.com/news/oregonian/index.ssf?/base/news/112081692595001.xml&coll=7

Writing letters to the editor in response to this article is a great way to show community support for Tre. Here are a few key points you could elaborate on, should you choose:

- the media's repeated use of the word 'eco-terrorist.' There are indeed federal and state crimes of 'eco-terrorism.' However, Tre is not being charged with any of these. He is charged with arson - a type of vandalism - but not the crime of ecoterrorism. In Jake Sherman's case -the first person to claim Tre was involved in exchanged for a significantly reduced sentence - the judge at one point banned the FBI and prosecutors from using the word 'eco-terrorism' in the court room and to the media outside. The media's continued use of this inflammatory term only reveals their adopted (or ignorant) role as a pre-trial lynch squad.

- It is insane that $260,000 worth of vandalism could be worth a lifetime in prison. This is cruel and unusual punishment. Though logging companies in Oregon have been responsible for landslides that have killed numerous individuals, and washed out numerous highways, including Highway 101, never do their CEO's or stockholders face criminal charges and definitely not the possibility of lifetime inprisonment. Rapists and child molesters are much a greater threat to society than eco-vandals and yet they never face this kind of time.

- The article made a point of saying he attend a rally against a grand jury. Since when is free speech a crime, or even suggestive of criminal activity, or guilt? Does attending an anti-war rally mean that we are all suspected terrorists? The FBI has used the banner of 'eco-terrorism' to haul innocent people in front of grand juries to intimidate them and suppress free speech - this is something worth rallying against and that should concern all people.

- It is an outrage that eco-vandalism pepetrated by the ELF is one of America's number one domestic terrorism priorities - how can acts including $260,000 worth of midnight property damage compare to Oklahoma City and to 9-11, and the recent bombings in London, which were deliberately designed to create mass casualties and death?

- Tre cannot get a fair trial in the US - not with the media lynch squad and the FBI's reliance on coerced testimony and hearsay.

These are just some thoughts, the important part is to demonstrate support and writing a letter to the editor in response to this article is a good way to do that.

Letters of up to 150 words can be emailed to  letters@news.oregonian.com, but you must provide your address and daytime phone for verification purposes.

.. 09.Jul.2005 09:55


Tre, we are with you Brother! Know that the powers-that-be are on living in their last days, according the the Mayans, Hopis, and other cultures that point to this time as being within "the last days". And I believe it my friend. You will NOT spend the rest of your physical life in prison. You won't.

Tre Arrow Speaks Out-Part 2 13.Jul.2005 17:09


Tre Arrow Speaks Out-Part 2

Lets set the record straight and maybe the media will be obliged to
their habit of spreading slander and misinformation relating to me in
case. I'm Tre Arrow! I legally changed my name to Tre Arrow 5 years
ago. I
had changed my name long before I lived in the trees at Eagle Creek
(contrary to reports attempting to portray me as less-than-sane by
alleging I said,"The trees told me to change my name"). I am a man who
dedicated to a life of non-violent activism and social justice. I've
involved with various issues ranging from the environment to non-humyn
animal welfare to humyn rights. I am a man who thinks, feels and cares
about the wellbeing of everyone and everything. The desecration to our
only earth-mother, the abuse and slaughtering of our co-inhabitants and
the rampant violation to civil and humyn rights has motivated me to
non-violent action to oppose and expose what I see as heinous crimes in
our culture.
I am Tre Arrow, an innocent man imprisoned in Canada for almost a year
and a half. I have become a target by the FBI, not because I am guilty
of the charges in the US, but because I have become a threat to the
powers that be. I am a threat because I stand in the way of corporate
and government agendas. I am a threat because I cause corporations to
lose precious profit from raping and pillaging earth-mother. I am a
threat because I speak about the lies, cover-ups and atrocities
by the hands of government and corporate figures. I am a threat
I speak the truth! The Powers That Be don't want us to know the truth!
This is why I am being targeted. This is why I am in prison. This is
why I am facing the rest of my life behind bars, walls, and fences. I
will not be still. I will not be silent. As long as these injustices
continue towards me, the planet, our non-humyn animal friends and our
brothers and sisters here and abroad then there is still work to do.
we all strive to create a world filled with love, justice, and respect
for everyone and everything.

oregonians dont get it 04.Aug.2005 18:07

fireye pleiadian@alienembassy.com

Its Obvious you people dont understand what "totalitarian police state" means...it means keeping you in prison untill you rot..period!!! You think you can accomplish something by the means that you use and look where it gets you...locked up right where the new world order zionist bastards want you and now your "out of the way". Americans could care less even if they execute you Tre as all that matters to them is beer and tv. The N.W.O. loves you "non-violent" type of protesters because you dont have no teeth and they know it.

The gang with the most and biggest weapons wins in thier game...One person with a rifle is more dangerous to them than ten thousand of you with out. "Rights without power and might are but a shadow"

Your life is now nothing more than a few bits of highly corruptable data buried deep in the guts of a monster that is going to eat your soul and your life because that is what it does.