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The G8 and Africa's unreported famine conditions

To close off the final day of the G8 summit, a special report I was saving for the end, and perhaps take my cue from the media to spread some wild rumours and maybe scare some people. Behind the scenes at Live 8 and the G8.
Let me explain Live 8 to you. What you saw there was people heading for the exits, you know, to get out of the way, thus leaving that robber baron capitalist to be the stupid one to get hit by the coming train. You also had I would guess some people trying to head for the exit, but not being able to locate a door, and some thinking about exiting but not quite yet sure if that would be a good idea, and some people heading for the exit without actually leaving, but just hoping maybe that someone would think that they did.

After last years locust invasion the inevitable famine conditions continue their relentless march in Africa, as could be expected, because if you use your brains, as I was saying last year when those locusts came out, you would know that when subsistence farmers who barely live from crop to crop, get eaten out by locusts, there will be famine. What this means is that while there is talk about a miserly debt deal at the G8 conference, with strings attached about giving more of Africa to capitalists as the preconditions for those wonderful miserly loan breaks (I would call a little over a billion a year miserly, for those few countries that 'qualify' as compared to the stubborn hold outs who might need to be starved into submission).

Food prices continue their relentless climb upwards as the famine conditions continue to develop, as you would expect, and since these people are dirt poor, and since the only people who need to starve on the earth today are those without a dime, that is a sign that as soon as they spend that 10 or 20 bucks they might have managed to squirrel away as their life savings over the past few years, it will be famine time in Africa, since even though it was obvious that there would be a famine in Africa, nothing was done about it, and since it takes months, even up to six months to respond to a famine in the typical ass dragging case, that means more ugliness, which, fortunately, no one will be forced to see since it will not be getting the constant endless attention that a few dozen dead British people are getting simply because their deaths are just so damned useful to capitalists and their fascist agenda.

In Burkina Faso about 1.6 million people are at risk. Child malnutrition is on the rise and getting serious in Mali, you know the bit, the swelling tummy and so on. To make matters worse in the affected areas of the Sahel there are seed shortages due to the locusts, and then people being forced to eat some of their seeds because of the looming famine and so and so on and so on. Widespread and severely increasing malnutrition, or perhaps by now, even full fledged starvation has now begun in Mauritania. There has been another one of those FAO appeals for measly amounts of money, the FAO never asking for to much, being realistic that way, just 11 million bucks, if they can get it this time, but judging from the past record of appeals in recent years, its seems iffy.

Niger has already completely exhausted the government's emergency food stock pile, with children now in the serious stages of starvation, all this, by the way, going on while the Live 8 concert was going on, strangely enough, but I don't recall this ongoing famine situation being reported, which is understandable, because capitalists really don't like reporting famines because it makes them look like really cheap bastards. For example it took almost six months of public pressure to put the big Ethiopian famine on the news, during which huge numbers starved for the simple reason that capitalists own the media, and are probably just hoping to ride out this famine as well. I have known about the famine for about two weeks now, but I deliberately kept quiet about it, just waiting to see how everyone in the know would behave, and to give them a chance to thoroughly humiliate themselves, which they did, which means that now it is time to allow them to humiliate themselves again, by trying their damndest to do nothing while people start finding out that they did nothing, and are still trying to do nothing, because they work for capitalists, and that is how the capitalist wants it and what the capitalist wants the capitalist gets, because he is the boss of everyone.

Now what can one say about a capitalist, except that they seem to love inviting punishment raining down upon their heads like glowing charcoal briquets, and there they are without an umbrella. The 'terrorism' umbrella' they are using now in order to hold a wedding and marry everyone to the G8, because we are all in it together, our leaders being targeted, although not personally, us getting blown up and bombed. Its a wedding, and like some kind of royal wedding gala no one will hear the end of it for a hell of long time, because that is the chosen agenda of capitalists right at this moment, and everyone is obligated to play along, unless, like me, they don't watch television, having no use for all that endless brainwashing attempts at manipulating my emotions or getting me thinking about whatever the hell I am supposed to be thinking about at that particular moment. I hope that someday people will learn that all the capitalist media is good for is finding out what capitalists are up to right now, or what they are trying to get up to, but apart from that its good for nothing being not a source of information but rather a kind of manipulative agenda setting brain washing tool, as shown by the fact that news is always selected by capitalists, even when a perfectly good story comes along that a capitalist might not like.

So now I invite the media to endure the humiliation of not reporting the famine they have not been reporting up to now, hoping that soon, everyone will just die and get it over with, so that they can continue to report the capitalist's news without having that thought in the back of their mind bothering them all the time at work.

I was 'starving' myself just a few minutes ago, but fortunately I was able to kill that pain with a quick sandwich. But there are a lot people on this planet who have had that option taken away, and if we were to wish to do so, the media could maintain an atmosphere of putting everyone through the emotional wringer until finallly at long last something is done about it. but that won't happen, because you see that is not a media system, it is Joe Goebbels and his outfit, always checking to see what the latest capitalist agenda is, and then getting it done, year after year. Which proves that no one as obviously morally corrupt as a capitalist should be allowed to own a media, nor should a capitalist even be able to buy a commerical on the media, that having become a sacred public trust, which is the only way something so atrocious could ever become a media.

So then we haven't heard much about the famine but it will never be a problem for anyone on earth to hear more than they really need to hear about the occassional capitalist bomb blast. Now I know what some people must be thinking...that I am blackening the reputation of the professionals employed by a privatized capitalist version of the CIA, by suggesting that they were the responsible party, not to mention the fact that I am polluting the public discourse with my unfounded accusations and my wild full throated rumor mongering unlike the sober, reflective fact checking of our nations more reputable news sources.

As far as I can see there are only two reasons why anyone would want to create a privatized CIA. The first would be that the real CIA is no good for anything, and so therefore it wouldn't be surprising if customers then wanted to shop around. After all, why the twin. One wasn't enough? The second reason would be that the CIA, being under oversight, and thus a little hobbled and penned in these days, might not be the best instrument to use these days for all that really dirty shit thatwould perhaps better be done by a privatized corporate CIA, without any of that troublesome oversight.

Continuing on with the investigation of this crime, we can see that the suspect has a long history of blowing people up all over the world, always doing so every single time capitalism is even remotely threatened. Nicarauga comes to mind, where a hell of a lot more than couple of dozen people got hurt, but missed out on their coverage for those constant terrorist attacks launched against them, because capitalists did not want to provide blanket coverage to those particular terrorist attacks. It is worth noting here that when capitalists take up terrorism, they seem to be about 100 times or even a thousand times worse than Osama Bin Laden, who if we believed what we are told, never a good idea by the way, no never no never not even once, only strikes maybe once every two or three years instead of every two or three days like a capitalist does once that capitalist gets on the terrorist roll...

Have you ever stopped to wonder what would happen if capitalists could no longer rape and plunder the third world. Now you must understand the capitalist mind to realize that not only do capitalists not want anything done about famines, because they are cheap pricks who love money, but famines or at the very least hunger and want are good friends oa capitalist out to exploit the third world. Would you work for 35 cents a day? Well if the system of oppression was so brutal, overpowering, and inescapable that this was all that was on offer, I suppose you would, especially when you saw that famine, which would then together with hunger pangs, create that compliant collection of enslaved niggers that capitalists exploit to do such tasks for them as pick things off of plants or other tasks they need done for the really cheap price.

How are capitalists going to rule the world without the conditions of compliant behavior created by fear and anxiety stirred up by unemployment in America or starvation in places like Africa? How will they continue to build up those humungous capitalist cornerstores and those globe straddling capitalist mom and pop shops, without siphoning profits out of the brutally exploited third world...yes how will they rise to global eternal domination ruling the world forever, if they can't even exploit the colonies anymore...How can they force good people, ordinary people, who would never behave like a capitalist, to nevertheless behave themselves when told to do so by the boss, unless capitalists can keep Americans glued to the tv set waiting for Thursdays job numbers...

Now maybe capitalists think they have a problem now with that Marx thing, but you can imagine the problems they are going to have later, given their incredible world famous historical stupidity, when they are suddenly surrounded by wild eyed revolutionaries. I am a pacifist myself, but not everyone shares my point of view, wanting instead to try things like slicing the balls off a capitalist, and then maybe filleting them like a fish, only really slow now, bit by bit.

Let us suppose that by firing Americans and moving to the el cheapo third world, making stuff real cheap to then ship back to America to try to sell to Americans they had previously laid off, a really stupid fucking idea, but one they do anyway, capitalists having caused so many great depressions by their idiiotic conduct which governments time and again let them just go ahead and do, even though it should be obvious that a capitalist is a brutishly stupid excuse for a human being, getting everyone into trouble again and again, as history shows. but let us say they continued on with that ruinous policy of theirs, thus ruining America's balance of trade and throwing it all out of whack and into a serious deficit position, while jacking up the debt of the country into a bankruptcy position so they can not pay taxes and then use that bankruptcy to slash welfare and everything else in sight, leaving the government only to provide certain services capitalists still require. Let us say that once again our perhaps cowardly or perhaps equally stupid politicians allow capitalists to carry on and bring ruin down onto their heads and the heads of everyone else, for whom it will be worse, because they don't have that cushion of a big stack of cash to land on when they fall, which is probably one of the things that makes a capitalist so damnably reckless.

Yes, just wait until even your mom is a revolutionary, who is particularly pissed off about that multi trillion dollar loan, and there she is with no money for the rent. Of course she will be extra pissed off when she thinks about that stupid plot cooked up by those capitalists to bankrupt the country and thus have an excuse to slash every single social program, and now when people are so hard up in that capitalist depression, there's nothing left, not a single safety net. Even the Democrats won't be able to save those capitalists then, because the country will be flat broke and theirs no money left. Well, the only obvious thing that is left is the capitalists, keeping in mind that those trillions, well that was just their tax cut, you know, just shave a little off the top, just enough to ruin the country and kill the New Deal by 'starving the beast to death.' Yes, it will be a field day for revolutionaries of all kinds, both the really violent ones and the pacifists like me will have a field day. It will be to easy, really.

Yes those capitalists will definately begin paying back those loans, just like the third world does, which shouldn't be a problem for them, for I am sure they could just write a cheque. As for that lying devious endlessly devoted capitalist media system and its modest reports about how much money capitalists have, I would not believe it, because you cannot own a planet on that small amount of money, nor can you exploit a planet and make so little doing so, especially at those elcheapo wages. Keep in mind that a capitalist could easily pile up a debt for America of 10 or 20 trillion dollars over a period of time just from small tax cut shavings, and you get the general idea of just how false is that nonsense being spewed out by the capitalist media about how rich those capitalists really are...they've got lots more tucked away, that they don't want anyone talking about....If you just stop and think about that huge pile of debt and how quickly that enormous stack can pile up when capitalists get a small trim, and yourealize then just how fake it all is...In fact they are so damned wealthy, that they are constantly pushing for some more of the neoliberalism so taht they can finally write a cheque and finish buying that last third world country and thus complete their plans to rule the world...jits not like they aren't in hurry, which must mean that they have the money, and are ready to write cheques as soon as that latest 'reform' goes through...

If there is still anyone in the world who is in love with capitalism, or anyone who wants capitalists because they are afraid of losing their job, I thought it might be good to just stop for a moment of sober reflection on the future of capitalism, which is not a shining future, but a trip into the ditch, which is inevtiable, and would still happen, even if someone such as myself did not come along to try to save people before they marched like lemmings into that approaching ditch. You see the problem facing capitalism now, is not only the foolish recklessness of capitalists (you know that bit about laying everyone off, going to the third world, shipping products back to people who have no jobs to buy them, while tipping over the balance of trade and pushing America into a trade crisis in the process, not an intelligent move) but I am also referring to that problem wherein while you can get a robot to work for you, robots do not consume products, which will be an ever bigger problem for both capitalists and people like Americans than the exploitation of the third world is proving to be today. It will be a problem for capitalists because robots do not buy products and it will be a problem for someone like an American who will get a pink slip because that robot works cheaper and doesn't complain, just being the perfect slave.

Now a capitalist could play a game with that robot, by programming that robot to purchase products and just keep that whole thing going. Or what could happen is that these fortress cities could be built to house capitalists and anyone else that hasn't yet been replaced by a robot, and thus is still able to purchase products, while everyone else gets locked outside, which could be a problem for them, since it is most likely the case that the capitalist will have 'No trespassing' signs put up all over the planet, meaning that there would be no place to go to hoe and peck at the earth for some sustenance.

Now you can think about the way capitalists can take out multi trillion dollar loans and then get the rest of the country to pay that back, this taking a long long time, since ordinary people do not have access to trillions, which is just a tax cut as far as a capitalist is concerned, which shows you just how damned much money those capitalists actually have.

And in spite of it all, over the last few years, when the FAO was begging for a few tens of millions of bucks for some emergency in Africa, they would, maybe, get half of what they asked for, and then would have to settle for begging governments for it, since capitalists are the most unbelievably greedy ruthless pricks on the face of the earth, and really, could a person actually adequately describe something like that to ordinary people, who would find something so atrociously outrageous and outlandish to be just about impossible to believe.

Yes, you can compare capitalists and their multi-trillion dollar mustache trimming, just a little off the edge, with the way third world nations are ground into the dirt for a fraction of that amount of loan, and then when some great offer comes up like the debt forgiveness deal being farted up like flying piece of shit by the G8, being a little over a billion a year and already coming out of other money besides thus being nothing at all, since it will be deducted, well roll it around in your mind and consider what it all means. And just to get that diddly squat 'relief' that is not relief to go through poor countries must agree to that blackmailing thing whereby they finally give up and agree to be taken over by that waiting patient capitalist bastard with that unbelievably atrocious warped mind. This blackmail is called 'reforms' that they must make to get that little tiny bit of relief, not even being able to get so much as even one little freebie.

Its called a capitalist, perhaps the most loathesome and disgusting thing that ever walked the face of the earth and thats the fucking monstter that people are going to leave to globalize and then rule the fucking world?

But I thought I would mention all this in case anyone is worried about losing their job, because it is worthwhile to remember just how incredibly wealthy those capitalists actually are, the true extent being hidden and unknown, but whatever it is, its more than enough to tide us over until we get back onto our feet. So I wouldn't worry about it, especially when your mom is on board, and maybe even turns into one of those viol;ent revolutionaries, who wants to pull the balls right off a capitalist with a pair of pliers, all this happening because capitalists were so atrociously stupid they didn't know enough to tuck that tail and thus wound up tailless as well as being without balls at the end of all their good for nothing scams and schemes that went nowhere and brought them to utter ruin at the end of it all, thus forcing humanity to clean them out, just to be able to tide ourselves over until we got back onto our feet.

So then to summarize, as far as I am concerned there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of when it comes to a capitalist, because fortunately, no matter how bad things turn out, they have so fucking much money, we'll do okay this time, because they haven't invented space travel just yet, and there is no where for that globalized capitalist to run, that capitalist having globalized rising fury and rage along with every thing else over these last few decades of that filthy and ridiculous plot to take over and rule the world.....

Now as for myself, I am going to go away and pray for rain in Africa while also praying to scare that capitalist even more and more as the days go by, spreading fear and terror among capitalists instead of the population at large, which would be a refeshing change of pace....