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GroundZero911 agenda for July10th confenence - near certain to be upurped by 7-7 items

The available and still emerging evidence of Bush/NeoCon sponsorship of 9-11 publicity stunt is such that that atrocity has not in any way lost its relevance. In the face of the 7-7 pastiche(*1) by the same people, however, people attending GroundZero911 1-4:30 pm Sunday July 10th at Central Library downtown Portland will, absolutely appropriately broaden the agenda from that listed here.
KBOO (co-sponsor) public service announcement for July 10th event
KBOO (co-sponsor) public service announcement for July 10th event
(1*)Main Entry: pas·tiche
Pronunciation: pas-'tEsh, päs-
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from Italian pasticcio
1 : a literary, artistic, musical, or architectural work that imitates the style of previous work; also : such stylistic imitation
Anyway here is the official agenda for July 10th conference that was approved at the final planning meeting Wednesday July 6th:
Agenda for Portland 9-11 Discussion Group public
meeting July 10:
1:00: Courtney Scott welcomes audience to our event
1:01: George Trinkhous video presentation and Q&A on the
Dawson-Perry report. :20 minutes
(This is “day of” reporting, betraying details later covered up)
1:21: Courtney introduces Clyde Lewis of GroundZero Radio
1:22: Clyde speaks for 20-30 minutes
1:50. Yoshina speaks about her experience being in NY on 9-11.
:5 minnutes
1:55. Barrie Zwicker's Great Conspiracy
with Mike Ruppert on war games :20 minutes
2:15:. Mike Schultz on the Pentagon :5 minutes
2:20. Q&A :10 minutes
2:30:. Break--during break, we will play 10 minutes of
The Great Illusion by Humphries.
2:40:. Alex Jones video on World Trade Center SEVEN :15 minutes
2:55. Craig______ on flight 93 :5 minutes
3:00. Courtney on Madrid fire :5 minutes
3:05. Daniel Hopsicker on hijacker suspects :10 minutes
(as a backup)
3:15. Q&A :10 minutes
3:25. John Judge on 9-11 :14 minutes
3:39. David Ray Griffin on 9-11 Commission report :18 minutes
3:57. Alex Jones on Martial Law :10 minutes
4:07. Alex Ansary speaks :5-minutes
4:12. Sharon______ on ChemTrails :5 minutes
4:17. Janet Marcley-Hayes announcement :3 minutes
4:20: Courtney makes announcement about upcoming meetings of the
Portland 9 -11 discussion group (which are every Wednesday from 7-9pm
at Laughing Horse Books}
4:30 meeting ends
Download of KBOO (co-sponsor) public service announcement for July 10th event is attached below.

phone: phone: 503 287 3473

So maybe less time to mix UFOs in with 9/11 08.Jul.2005 07:42


The most important point I see happening here: sandwiching in 9/11 with UFOs, Chemtrails and fake moon landings is a quick way to discredit it in the eyes of many. By 'many' I mean average Americans. The best thing you can do is to try to disentangle 9/11 truth from those other aspects of your presentation and highlight the very real differences:

1. 9/11 truth involves a well-documented governement cover-up for the purpose of war, not a series of websites and radio programs with proclaimations of people saying they saw objects in the sky (chemtrails and UFOs), however real those may be.

2. 9/11 truth pertains directly to the current murders in Iraq and grew out of the murders of approximately 3000 Americans - UFO or Chemtrail deaths are unknown given that no one is researching them.

3. 9/11 truth has been examined ridicule-free in mainstream publications like C-SPAN, Hustler Magazine, Harpers Magazine, Zogby.com, Guardian UK, etc. Can the same be said of UFOs and Chemtrails? No. There's a reason for that, and it isn't that the mainstream is trying to cover them up. Part of the reason has to do with the fact that our own government is lying to us for the purpose of profit and murder. We have no similar amount of information about Chemtrails or UFOs.

4. While all of these areas are important to some, 9/11 truth stands to lose the MOST (since, for example, high percentages of people in NY think the gov't was involved in 9/11 but DO NOT believe in UFOs or the relevance of Chemtrails in the same way) by constant association with the much less well accepted premises of Chemtrails and UFOs.

Importantly, Chemtrails and UFOs have nothing to lose by riding on the coattails of 9/11.


never usurp when you can uPurp ! 08.Jul.2005 14:24

hte roofpreader


RE: Separate 9/11 public awareness from talk radio entertainers and chemtrails 09.Jul.2005 00:24


I can not speak for the group. My hunch and recommendation is that our next major public presentation will limit its ambit to new whistleblowing re 9-11, related evidence as it gathers about official involvement in 7-7, and a fairly rigorous review of parallels between German developments leading to both World Wars I and II.
Although the neo-cons as a group most resemble the NAZIs from the mid 1920s to mid 1940s, George Walker Bush in his personality and family background is rather more like Kaiser Wilhelm II than Adolph Hitler.
Don't be surspised to see a title like:
Nine Eleven + Seven Seven = Paragons of the New American Century
Reichstag Fires Illuminate The New American Century
9-11=7-7 : Calculations of the New American Centuty
References to "ChemTrails killed my cat" and "Reptilians Rile Albuquerque" will likely be absent

AudioOnDemand KBOO reports on GroundZero911 conference 16.Jul.2005 18:58

glen / stephanie potter / Portland 911 Truth Alliance

The attached LOW_FI audio geves a general idea of some of the more telling issues discussed and public reaction to this 3 and a half hour conference held USBank Room, Central Library, 1-4:30pm Sun July 10th.
KBOO 0711 GroundZero911 July 10th 2005 3m1s 440kb 20k16000hM12-8-1
KBOO 0711 GroundZero911 July 10th 2005 3m1s 440kb 20k16000hM12-8-1