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M Savage Feeding the Flames with Hatred

What a nut that savage. Creating class warfare between the peasantry with seeds of fear and hate.
Means Motive and Opportuinty
Means Motive and Opportuinty
For those who did not hear his dehumanizing of your brothers and sisters you did not miss much but hate.

Mike thinks being strong is rape pillage and burning. He belives in being an Amerikan and any other is weak liberal waste...Historical analogies are inccorect.

He clams liberalism is a mental disorder. What a Mien Kamf-er.

Why so loud. Why so very loud. Me thinkith he complainith too much.

People make loud noises often to sport cover. Also to give misdirection. But cover and misdirection for what?

Perhaps a crime.

911, a war in Afghanistan, war in Iraq, and A bombing perhaps in London. This is the same nut who with Fox , CNN, and NPR brought us this war.

Who has means, motive and opportunity?