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Bombs explode in London; Perpetrators unknown

UK IMC reports: It appears that there were 3 explosions on the London Underground along with another bomb that exploded on a London Bus blowing its roof. There was no warning and although an unknown group linking themselves to Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility on a known Jihadist web site (Arabic web site, translation here), this has not yet been confirmed. The BBC are reporting that the death toll now stands at 38, with another 700 or so injured, whilst at least The Sun (not one of the more reliable of the UK papers) is now reporting 53 fatalities. Reports that the Israeli embassy had been tipped off are circulating although a Scotland Yard spokesman denied this.
A Brit reflects on the day's events and 'terrorism'
Isn't it wonderful? The timing of the bombs? Right after the G8 meeting? I won't be surprised if the crisis in Africa go untouched now, considering that America's eyes have shifted from poverty to terrorism. Anyone else have similar suspicions?
As word reels in from London about the horrific blasts in the subway there, I am not sure how to feel. My mate expresses horror that innocent civilians have been targeted. I point out that a poor man's war is no more devastating than a rich man's war, that there are no innocents in London or America if you're living through Iraq. That it's the consumption habits of firstworlders like us that leads to bombs raining down on people "over there." I believe that. But somehow, even to me, those words are just not adequate to capture all the complexity in this.

Because the truth is, the people on those subway trains are just people, just like me. And because they were riding the trains rather than driving in cars, I believe the working class was disproportionately hit. And finally, because a million people stood shoulder to shoulder in the streets of that very city to demand an end to the wars in the middle east, I question the need to blast them out of complacency.

I do not know who lit the fuses, so to speak. If we are to believe the corporate media, then it was Al Quaida. But I never believe the corporate media, so I'm convinced it could just as easily have been the bush regime, just to show Londoners a lesson -- "See? Terrorists. Better get behind this never-ending war on terror." In fact, considering who stands to gain and who stands to lose the most, it seems much more likely to me that it was American terrorists than anyone else. Who knows.

CNN fans the flames of anti-Muslim hatred
Just watched Lou Dobbs on CNN. "Islamic Terrorists" bombed targets in London this morning, according to Dobbs. No mention of proof. They did it period. Dobbs has become the posterboy for racist, lying reporting that regularly demonizes immigrants, legal and otherwise. Any illusions that CNN is somehow 'better' than FOX News is totally disproved by the reality of Dobb's vicious nightly attacks. But to actually declare within 7 hours of these bombings that 'Islamic Terrorists' were definitely responsible is nothing short of irresponsible propagandizing. CNN tries hard to come across as fair and balanced, but Dobb's ultra-primetime slot every single night betrays CNN's true philosophy. When the trials for 911 begin, there's going to be a lot of 'newspeople' defending themselves against conspiracy charges. Conspiracy to coverup the truth, and aiding and abetting MASS MURDER. Lou Dobbs will be at the very top of that list. Can't wait to see his smug mug behind bars in Leavenworth, right next to Bush and Cheneythesatan.
Indymedia UK Statement on London bombs
Indymedia UK stands in solidarity with all the victims of today's horrific attacks in London. We share the disgust felt by all about these acts and their perpetrators, our thoughts are with the victims and their families. We are also acutely aware that these events will be exploited by the most reactionary elements of the British media and political establishment for their own selfish purposes. We are particularly concerned about a possible backlash against Britain's Muslim community as we saw following 9/11 in the USA.
Who did the London Bombings?
Those of you who understand the significance of propaganda should be able to understand that the Live 8 event signified that people like the Bolivians and the Venezuelans are finally winnning their centuries long battle with those Capitalists, thus requiring Capitalists to start caring, or at least try to look like they care, these being capitalists you should remember. And wouldn't you know it, next thing you know that Osama Bin Laden would show up and start blowing up working class people so that politicians could then take away some more of their civil rights.

...Personally, I think this operation looks more like a classic Karl Rove operation, rather than an Osama operation...

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