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Perfect Timing for Bombs!!

Great timing...
Isn't it wonderful? The timing of the bombs? Right after the G8 meeting? I won't be surprised if the crisis in Africa go untouched now, considering that America's eyes have shifted from poverty to terrorism.
Anyone else have similar suspicions?
I have to agree... 07.Jul.2005 14:44

Tony Blair's dog

For Bush and Blair it couldn't have happened at a more appropriate time.
Both of the bandits are in trouble for lying to the world.
Karl Rove is in the line of fire.
The protestors at the G8 were behaving nicely and attracted the media.
Israel's withdrawal from occupied land was about to increase.
Etc. etc...

yes 07.Jul.2005 14:49


and 9-11 was right after the G8 in Genoa 4 years ago...

don't speak now or you may just say


Blair had been planning troop withdrawal 07.Jul.2005 15:57

Nuf Zed

Al Kader website message claiming responsibility contained misquoted Koran verses!
Paragraph 5

Weakened Blair was planning "significant withdrawal" of British troops from Iraq beginning this Fall.

via whatreallyhappened.com

... 07.Jul.2005 17:15

fight empire

Iran...or...another inside job? the elites have to fucking come down people...they gotta come down.

Nuf Zed 07.Jul.2005 19:07


That is so good!
Nice Find!!

and you'd think, too 07.Jul.2005 19:16


What makes sense to me is that this bombing, from the point of view of someone working for an Arab cause, any damned Arab cause, makes no sense at all. Why in a country that, given a couple of more months or so, might scratch that itch to get the hell out of Iraq? Disrupt the conference? Hell, it wasn't even in the same country, just the same island. Why common people? What good does it serve? Now, to look at it from the other side of the fence, it makes great sense, doesn't it? Stir up those who might have doubts, sacrifice a couple of nameless commoners...The PR is just great. And you have George telling us how it's an attempt to disrail the G-8 from doing some good in the world, like ending poverty, helping the environment, or ending the AIDS pandemic. Like they're trying to do good in the world for anyone but themselves and their rich friends?
I'm really sorry those people died. I'm really sorry that we here in America only hold our noses when we enter the full shithouse and not give any thought that maybe it's time to move it.

... 07.Jul.2005 19:46

this thing here

all those ordinary people on an ordinary day, riding the clanking, noisy underground to their work, all of them dead for what reason. why? who benefits?

because certain interests in this world are "more important" than these people's lives.

these people had to die because certain interests in this world wanted to make sure that terrorism was the #1 priority at the g8, and NOT GLOBAL WARMING. because certain interests in this world wanted to make absolutely sure there was no argreement, no talks, no progress at all, none, on global warming.

these people had to die because certain interests in this world needed another excuse, neeeded a boost in momentum, to increase police powers. certain interests in this world want to make abosutely sure that these attacks will be a primary example to be used in their argument for extending the PATRIOT ACT's sunshine laws, for passing what is called PATRIOT ACT 2, and for any similar legislation in britain.

but most of all these people had to die because certain interests in this world NEED FEAR TO STAY IN POWER. the more fear, more often, the more power they have, and the better they can protect their power through distraction.

everyone has been speculating about "when the next major attack would be". here it is.

and already, THE EXACT SAME REACTIONARY PATTERN AS AFTER 9-11. the exact same already guilty patsy of "islamic extremist terrorism" is trotted out on cue, without SHIT for proof but some fucking website. the exact same calls for muslims to die, calls for ending immigration, calls for more police power, calls for military action, war, bloodshed, nationalism, "patriotism", all broadcast in the exact same way on corporate media, with never ending repitition to be absolutely sure no one forgets what is a falsehood, a gigantic lie, a deliberate psychological operation, another tool of fear in the hands of our "leaders", that they will hold over our heads. all the while, all the pieces of the event fall only one way, only to benefit ONE CERTAIN INTEREST.

islamic extremists? ha. make me fucking laugh. this is so far beyond anything they could ever hope to achieve. does anyone honestly think genuine islamic extremists have anything to lose or gain by preventing any progress on global warming? does anyone honestly think they give a shit about that issue? how does that have shit to do with their dreams of sha'aria law and paying america and israel back? THIS DOESN'T HAVE SHIT TO DO WITH ISLAMIC EXTREMISM. but there are some very very powerful interests in this world who have EVERYTHING to lose riding on the issue of global warming.

it is the exact same pattern because the exact same people are behind it. the same interests. working for the same goal, who see lying and killing as nothing but a means to an end. the same interests who "accidentally" rode a bicycle into a cop in scotland. if that wasn't some kind of sign from heaven, i don't know what is.


A touch of comical relief. 08.Jul.2005 07:42


This thing here, you provided us with an excellent analysis, of the unchanging interest of the Elite to be in power. Those people are addicted to it and now we can add their fear of reprisals as a motivating factor, if they would lose control. There is not much else I can say because your essay has eloquently described, what I feel. To continue your parallels, they even made the same mistake as in 9/11. Remeber Odigo?
For comical relief, (since laugh is such a prescious commodity in these times) let me qoute the joke of the day on the website, What Really Happened :
(BRRRING BRRRING) "Mr. Netanyahu's room please. (pause) Hey, Benny, Shalom! Secret Organization of Al Qaeda here, peace be upon the profit blah blah blah. Listen Benny, I'm calling to give you the heads up, like maybe you should stay in your hotel room this morning? Trust me, you don't wanna go out. Right? Of course right. Shalom. Oh, and tell Mrs. Netanyahu thanks for the brownies."