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Who did the London Bombings?

Osama Bin Laden strikes again...
Those of you who understand the significance of propaganda should be able to understand that the Live 8 event signified that people like the Bolivians and the Venezuelans are finally winnning their centuries long battle with those Capitalists, thus requiring Capitalists to start caring, or at least try to look like they care, these being capitalists you should remember. And wouldn't you know it, next thing you know that Osama Bin Laden would show up and start blowing up working class people so that politicians could then take away some more of their civil rights. I would like to take this opportunity to inject some common sense into what is obviously a panic stricken population of Capitalists, by reminding those Capitalists to show some common sense when they make their next move, and not blow themsevles up to many times, because its not good for business.

Personally, I think this operation looks more like a classic Karl Rove operation, rather than an Osama operation, since you see humor is really neccessary to help the Bolivians with that job of theirs, since it really is fatal to take seriously something as utterly stupid as that neoliberalism and 'third world reformism' as a cover story for centuries of imperialist colonialism, but unfortunately, we can't laugh about it anymore, because Osama doesn't seem to have a sense of humor. Having thought it over, I have come to the conclusion that it must be the plan of Karl Rove to make sure that no one ever laughs again, this perhaps being his great propoaganda move since really when you stop and think about it something like that would have to be done, thus keeping all of humanity grimly serious forever and and ever from now on, and thus more in the mood to the lose all of their civil rights, up to and including the Magna Carta, something they wouldn't be willing to put up with if their were in a more cheerful mood.


Have you seen this suspect in the London bombing case? 07.Jul.2005 16:03



Donkey Punch 07.Jul.2005 19:25


It was a donkey punch. Not a normal part of my vocabulary but there is something obscene about this whole scene.

It was designed to get the assholes of the world to react in unison. We saw them tonight on the evening news marching armed through trains all about the United States. This will justify Abu Graib and Gitmo. It will justify this crusade of Bush and Blair's. There will be more surveillance cameras. More searches. The timetable for national ID cards will be accelerated. There will be fewer free speech zones. They will be smaller and nastier. The constitution will become a line item in a history book.

The sphincters are tightening already.

George W Bush International Terrorist Strikes Again. Just like he did in Spain 08.Jul.2005 12:20

The Devil and George Warmonger Bush

George W Bush International Terrorist Stikes Again. Just like he has done in Spain, Lebanon (Hariri & Hawi), Iraq (Assorted Mosque and Church Bombing via the Salvador Option), Pakistan (Assorted Mosque Bombings), and of course 9-11. Now Bush strikes once more in London at a time when he is under pressure by his own people concerning Iraq. And CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, BBC, AP, and Fox News will discard the Iraq War Lies in favor of waging the "Dirty Arab" and defending Bush's continued use of Torture, Carpet Bombing, Unlawfull Dentions, and other War Crimes. And Bush will be off the hook again.

The "Terrorist Attacks" in London couldn't have taken place at a better time. 08.Jul.2005 15:44

Sean 4489

The "Terrorist Attacks" in London couldn't have taken place at a better time. With the G8 meeting taking place in Scotland, the 200,000+ protestors demanding change from the worlds richest nations, following the Live 8 concerts and the huge amount of press focusing on the public demand to forgive Africa's Debt (at the expense of the World's richest banks), and the need to clean-up greenhouse gasses at the forefront of the summit the threat of terrorism was no where in sight. How convenient for Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair that the "terrorists" chose this day to attack the innocent people of London, rather than the day prior, when such an attack could have killed thousands and potentially derailed London's chance of winning the 2012 Olympics. How convenient for Blair and Bush that the Aid to Africa, the Environment and the Protestors were "placed on the back-burner" and the "War on Terror," became once again, the mantra of the media and the publics' psyche. Now the media is no longer expected to focus on the Aid to Africa-nor the publics demand on Tony Blair to forgive Africa's debt, no, once again, the "Terrorists" attacked, The Threat Level is raised, no doubt helping President Bush's approval ratings (the lowest of any U.S. President since Nixon after Watergate). In fact, the only issue the American people remotley trust the President on is his handling of the War on Terror. Lucky for him a terrorist attack took place as he is about to name a Supreme Court Justice, undoubtedly one who will be tough on terrorists and allow, let's say torture, like Alberto Gonzalez authorized in Gitmo when he was an advisor to Bush. The American Public are once again fearing one another, with the terror alert level elevated, what a stroke of luck for President Bush and the Republican party, they seem to be extremely popular when Americans are distracted by threats of terror and told to remain "vigilant." Remember after 9-11, the American public were so "vigilant," that we allowed our fearless leader (who was no where near any attacks of 9-11), to take us into two wars, dragging the people of London with us. Who was responsible for the London bombing? Who knows? One thing is for certain, Bush and Blair owe the "Terrorists," a great big "Thank you."

Israel Benefits 09.Jul.2005 05:38


Why did Israel know - why does Israel always seem to know? Why did Israel immediately shut down its embassy? Why was the story of Netanyahu changed by the AP? When Britain announces the withdrawal of its troop plan from Iraq the day before, which country would be the most upset? Which country wants desperately for Iran, Syria and Lebanon to be destabilized, in order to gain supreme power? Which country has had its spies discovered and sent back home in many countries, from Canada, U.S.A., to New Zealand and Australia? Which country has been deeply involved in espionage in the uppermost echelons of the U.S. government? It is astounding that puzzle pieces are not being put together. If this irrational approach to analyzing the whys of these catastrophes continues, then we have no hope...

London attackers display sense of dark irony 09.Jul.2005 17:43


Not only was Bush up in Scotland with the other G8 leaders, but Rudy Giuliani was reportedly a half block from one of the explosions in central London. The AP story is in Friday's Oregonian, and I first heard about this on NPR. MSNBC has also mentioned it. Was this a coincidence? From what I've read, it's being presented that way. There's no suggestion that the bombers were making a symbolic statement with a bomb half a block away from Giuliani, which went off at about 8:50 am, almost the exact same time that the first plane hit the first tower on 9/11. As the AP article notes, the sequence of attacks in London seemed to mimic the sequence of attacks on 9/11: four attacks between roughly 8:50 and 10:00 am.

Giuliani is quoted as saying, "It was very strange being here today and being a block or half a block away when the bomb went off."

It is kind of strange--were the bombers trying to take the symbolism even further than just planning the attacks in simultaneity with the G8? With Giuliani up the street, and the similar time sequence of attacks, the bombers may have been employing more symbolism than we know of.

The attacks seem like copycat attacks, a combination of tactics and timing from 9/11 and the Madrid bombings. With that lack of originality, and with the political symbolism involved, one wonders if this was the work of die-hard jihadis enraged by the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. The guys behind this seem to be more politically astute than that.

Finally, the truth! 10.Jul.2005 21:08


While intelligence agencies around the world(and the corporate media) are pointing their fingers at Al Qaeda ,its refreshing to have some real journalism. While British "intelligence" is jumping to conclusions and making accusations based on their hate and political agenda, Brent Herbert is able to point the finger at the real person responsible: Karl Rove, not based on hate or wild speculation, but on the FACTS! That's what makes indymedia better than any other news agency, they aren't trying push an agenda. They are just trying to get down to the truth uncorrupted by corporate or political interests.
And Sean 4489, I want to thank you for putting the word terrorists and terrorist attacks in quotes. I mean, is bombing British capitalists on their way to work really a "terrorist attack"? The front page of indymedia calls the timing of the attacks "wonderful". I couldn't find a better adjective to describe it myself. I hope that the investigative reporters at indymedia can find the real culprits behind all these so called "terrorist attacks" so we can cut Al Qaeda some slack and stop using them as a scapegoat. I want to know who is really responsible for the African Embassy bombings, 9/11, Spain Train bombings, Indonesia bombings, marrakesh hotel, khobar towers, (you get the idea). Instead of blaming Islamic fascists for these "terrorist attacks" and fanning the flames of hate like the corporate media, I can find sympathy, apology, and justification that the rest of the world seems to be missing.
Thanks Indymedia!

regarding timing 11.May.2006 12:07


A consultancy agency with government and police connections was running an exercise for an unnamed company that revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th.

On a BBC Radio 5 interview that aired on the evening of the 7th, the host interviewed Peter Power, Managing Director of Visor Consultants, which bills itself as a 'crisis management' advice company, better known to you and I as a PR firm.

Yes, the timing was most unusual.

heres a link to the ITN news report