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An article addressing the recent ruling against Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home
Press Release:

Three months ago, Floyd Decker, an ex-employee of Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home, filed allegations with the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board against Rose City for racism and corpse abuse. He suffered an internet public thrashing and was booted from the industry for his actions. Now the tables have turned -- he was right.

The State's Attorney General's Office found Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home and their General Manager, Michael J. Orcutt, guilty of allegations of racism. The allegations of corpse abuse are still under investigation by the board.

Now, the AG's office has suspended the operating license of Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home. Floyd Decker has gone to Boise, ID to take care of his checkered past and looks forward to moving on from the "darkness" that Rose City Created.

It is interesting to note that no one believed him and yet he was backed up by the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board and the State's Attorney General's office. It is also interesting to note that when Decker was terminated after taking two days off -- and nearly two weeks after inquiring as to whether the board has ever investigated Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home -- Michael J. Orcutt told Floyd Decker that, "I don't think you are even cut out for this business." Think about that, constant reader.
stop posting 07.Jul.2005 11:28

this crap

especially in triplicate no one gives a shit about your damned funeral home

I Care 07.Jul.2005 14:04

stop wining

i care about these article - thanks - please keep posting information and stories...

What's Important 07.Jul.2005 16:01

I care, too.

It is important that such information gets to the public, in any form necessary. I care very much for I have had funerals for relatives at Rose City. I suppose you need to have a connection to understand, Stop Posting. This is quite disturbing.

he did 07.Jul.2005 17:12

post it

THREE times...........

can redundant posts be composted please? 07.Jul.2005 20:13

sick of SPAM

It totally is not necessary to have this number of posts on this topic. Every new post moves another item that may be mid-discussion off the front page where viewers are unlikely to go.

can you maybe post all the news about this in one article? 07.Jul.2005 20:16

the repeat posts are really annoying

The all-caps is getting on my nerves, too. There were three articles on this topic in about fourteen minutes, two were about the same thing.

Chill out already with the fricking SPAM-ing of the newswire.

Untrue Statement Regarding Rose City Cemetery & Funeral Home 08.Jul.2005 17:00

E. Peacock

The article by Ned Low stated that Rose City Cemetery & Funeral Home license has been suspended........best to check your facts........this is an out and out lie. One call to the Mortuary & Cemetery Board will confirm this is yet another lie

Guess what ? 09.Dec.2005 20:07

A person who knows where to find the truth

I have just learned from a friend that all the of allegations brought against the mortuary manager have been dismissed by the AAG Mr. Ramirez. No further action by the Oregon State Mortuary and Cemetery Board will be taken against the funeral home or its manager. There finally is some truth to these stupids postings. Thank GOD

Freedom of the (Press) to Misrepresent the truth 16.Feb.2006 19:29

Concerned advocate for Truth

The comments in this article are hogwash and so full of holes it is simply ludicris for an intellegent person to even think that it might be truthful!

The Rose City Funeral Home was VINDICATED and all charges were droped at a huge cost to Rose City to defend themselves against the Lies which Floyd Decker purpatrated on the industry and against Rose City as a whole.

Floys was not drummed out of the Industry, HE was tossed out on his EAR and ASS for being the lier he is and the Lunitic he seems to be. His actions cost him his Job, His Lack of Morals cost him his Job, His inability to do the right thing Cost Him his Job.

It is Amazing that in a Free society and with a site like this which is intended to share with others the BIAS here is so LEFT WING and so utterly slanted that the truth does not seem to matter to most readers here! It is more about the shock factor than it is the truth!