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Attacks in London take heat off Rove

isn't it funny how just when the heat was turning up on Bush and Carl Rove is one step from being charged with being the source of the leak...
isn't it funny how just when the heat was turning up on Bush and Carl Rove is one step from being charged with being the source of the leak...then BLAM we have a story in London to take the news away from focusing on the leak and the fact that rove has been implicated as the source.

I think it's very interesting...
Thanks 07.Jul.2005 10:48


Dear MI5,

Thanks so much for the false flag op.


S. Ca. Adelphia Cable Blacked Out 07.Jul.2005 10:54


Last night S. Cali's biggest cable TV server blacked out over a huge area for the first time ever. It's STILL out 16 hours later. Calls to Adelphia give you a rude operators who refuse to divulge ANY information. What kind of vaunted customer service is that? These bombings may include a global operation to experiment with shutting down certain areas of communications in general. Like 911, there may be many hidden facets to this operation. An Information blackout is noticeably underway right now in London, with reporters complaining about blocked access to officialdom. It will be instructive to carefully observe whether other media outlets are being stymied also. It's all too coincidental to be dismissed.

huh?? don't get it.. 07.Jul.2005 17:51


Explain again how an explosion in London mitigates Karl Rove's disclosing classified info and blowing a CIA agent's cover?

they'll tell tou anything to sell you anything 08.Jul.2005 07:51


You may recall cuckoobananas ratings were quite low when enron was all over the front page 9/10/01.
You may recall george 1's ratings were not colossal when neal bush was all over the front page for stealing a billion dollars from silverado s&l 1/14/91.
rove is not much different, ewxcept for the possibility that the whole Plame afair was scripted by the shadow government to (furthur) limit what the MSM press will report on.
I don't doubt the police attacks at g8 were prompted by agents provocateurs. The transit attacks, I'm not so sure about, but it wouldn't surprise me for a nanosecond if they were a-p's, as well.
Like jackasses who stop on the freeway to gawk at accidents, the american public is very easily distracted by whatever shiny or gory bauble dangles in front of their sense organs at the moment. Most americans have no recall of events passed. The actions of our rulers are insignifigant news compared with janet jackson's boob or her freaky brother. The ruling class knows this,unveils a new dog-and -pont show, and our representative democracy is flushed down the memory hole, The ruling class profits.