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Fork in the Road

Thursday 7th July 2005 (17h30)
Fork in the Road
News International & Liberation Central
By Husayn Al-Kurdi and June Scorza Terpstra

The media feeding frenzy will go on for days now. But, not to worry, the people in the trains and buses mean as little to the "Real Terrorists" as the people in Iraq, Kashmir and Palestine mean to the "civilized" elite of Empire and their G-8 party boy pedophiles playing golf and crashing their bikes into cops in Gleneagles this week. Everything they accuse "terrorists" of doing or wanting to do, they themselves actually DO on a global scale. For example, they killed over three million in their war on Vietnam, (1964-1975). US led activities in Central America produced at least another one million deaths (1971-1990). Closer to home, the bald eagle has a history of holocausting Black and Red people. Whites and Christians may also be dispensed with if massah so decrees it. The Christian Branch Dividian Group can testify to their readiness to use terrorism on "their own people." Mass murder and the removal of resisting undesirables are the principle means for attaining uncontested hegemony.

See the photos of those horrified people with blood and soot on their faces coming off the tubes and buses in London? They will put them in your face for a while. The injured and dead in London today will be used as the reason boys and girls of Empire should join the Imperial wars so they can be part of the latest episode in "The Empire Strikes Back". Ever wonder why you do not see Iraqi or Palestinian faces daily devastated, covered in blood and gore in the "civilized" corporate media from the "civilized" bombings and "civilized" gassings and "civilized" tortures in the invasions and occupations of Empire's "Coalition of the Willing"? "All for Empire" some of my students say with shit-eating grins that "whatever it takes" to keep the US "number one" is the "IT" that they want to "DO". The crisis for the children descended from Europe is this: there is always available the turn at the fork in the road which comes when some event calls the question. The question is: do the killers and destroyers of the world have a right to kill and destroy the world? When leftists, anarchists, progressives, liberals and others join the enemy chorus expressing horror at "terrorism" when it is directed against the "status quo", they are ratifying imperialist rationales directed towards world domination in the name of freedom and democracy.

Beware oh wretched of the earth, oh natives of lands with resources or strategic locations that the Empire covets. Those who actually resist the enemy, whatever their race, religion, or ideological background, are the ongoing and permanent target of the forces of the global fascist's not-so-New World Order. Better get ready. There's a train a-comin but check it for explosives first.

by : News International
Thursday 7th July 2005

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