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Live 8, the G8, and the White Man's Burden

I have been searching mainstream news sites for any sign than someone at the Live 8 concerts might have broken the rules and made a forbidden criticism of Bush, Blair or the Iraq war, and discovered instead the comments section where readers are invited to give their feedback on the Live 8 phenomenon. What I have found is that there is much criticism of Live 8 being expressed by the public, at least as is revealed by this particular forum for public expression, but what shocks me is the way the criticism is focused on what I will call the theme of 'the white man's burden.'
The G8 conference - a simple primer
According to capitalist economists from places like Harvard and Yale, the ideal unemployment rate for America is somewhere between 4 and 6 percent. If the targeted rate goes below this limit, say, the unemployment rate drops to 3 per cent, and your ideal was 4 percent, then an announcement will come out of the Federal Reserve Board that the economy is, to quote the slang lingo, 'overheating' and that, therefore there are concerns about 'inflation.'

Now you might think that the ideal unemployment rate for any civilized society might be, say, zero percent. To most people, being decent sorts using their ordinary common sense that would seem like a wonderful idea. But it wouldn't seem like a wonderful idea to a capitalist.

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