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9.11 investigation | corporate dominance | imperialism & war

the future vs. the NEOcon Bush Crime Syndicate

what if all preconcieved notions of what the possibilities are can be set aside and the most extreme possibilities are examined.

what if the 911 attack was something other than 16 unknown troublemakers accurately piercing our Defense?

what if the reason Democrats, Progressives, Greens etc can't get a good partyline together is because we're to busy defending ourselves from those who definatly have power right now and are going just bonkers with it.

What if most of us want a new game? Oil Dynastys, and Entrenched strategic Politicos make a classic 50's movie... Rumsfeld has been climbing the ranks for a while, shaking alot of grimy hands. What political ideologies did he study?

Who are these Bush people and how did they get so powerful?
Karl Rove is getting outed for a felony.

No WMD's. Downing Street.

Most eveyone who stands to benifit moneterily from the Bush Polices is a Bush Associate. Halliburton, Oil pipelines, the Crawford Ranch as headquarters.

They are rich and now powerful beyond comprehension. Texas risen to the top of the barrel with a sprinkle of Jesus for good measure. The lies before us many examples thoughout our history where domination and idealio-isolationism has lead to previously unimaginable (leadership psychosis'?)

Homeland Security. Free Speech zones. The Miliary Budget vs. the end of the Cold War. Enron. The gutting of the EPA, and PBS, the FCC. Tx cuts for the Rich and privledged. Rigged elections.

Wal-mart for the masses.

Either your with them, or you want to be and will do anything to help, or your against them. What about wanting something else entirely?

We've run the course of 20th century capitalism. The Bushes won and bought the Government, because the "damn" government stands in the way of progress and progress equals money. And hey, they can actually use the government to make themselves more money, not to mention a healthy salary and lifetime pension checks. Nice perk considering they aren't already rich beyond measure. I don't think one can comprehend the feeling of being a Bush or part of their "Family". And now they are getting dangerous.

The government is meant to be used to check the extremes of Capitalism- Capitalism being a inherently unbalancing system, exponetially sending money (and thus power) toward the top of the chain, and draining the bottom. rinse and repeat.

How much do they think about sending kids off to war to ensure and generate profits? It's probably just numbers to the planners. Never ming those poor rural farmboys with the actual "combat" time.

If the WTC was in any way an inside job, and there is lots of mismatched information suggesting it was, this country is going to go bonkers.

Once some holes really develop in the Administration's cases, look for the dam to start crumbling.

Next time we play let's do the sustainabilty and international communication game. This gangster movie/Dallas episode is getting old and pathetically transparent.

oh, and the New Supreme Court contraversy should have little to do with Roe v. Wade, but it will of course, just like gay marrige in the elections. The real Cases that the decision will effect will be corporate greed cases, and regulation. Women's Rights is just a smoke screen to cater to the extreme christian base. We've got bigger fish to fry than abortion and it shouldn't even be an issue. Don't want an abortion? Then don't have one. It affects no one other than private parties, and is none of goverment's business.

Koyoto and Universal Basic Health Care. Good Schools.

The military budget is out of sight, we shouldn't keep pissing off the rest of the world. They would probably forgive us and work with us if we imprisoned everyone we could prove was corrupt just to show we were sincere in our direction. Cheney and Rove can share a cell.

The rest of us will still have plenty of work to do.

They would probably forgive us and work with us if we imprisoned 06.Jul.2005 06:27

eyes closed tight

Now you know why we go after dictators who used to be friends, they are the only ones who can prove the corruption. Sooooo...The "axis of evils and war on drugs" are just sour business deals being played out on the world stage at the expense of the ignorant few that will take up the cause of "freedomizing" the world.

Rumsfeld is a neocon and one of the fathers of PNAC. So his idealogy might follow these lines:

"Intellectually, neoconservatives have been strongly influenced by a diverse range of thinkers, from Max Shachtman 's strongly anti-Soviet version of Trotskyism (in the area of international policy), to the libertarian-leaning Milton Friedman, to the elitist, ostensibly neo-Platonic ideas of Leo Strauss."


Max Shachtman (September 10, 1904 - 1972) is best known as an American Trotskyist theorist. After leaving the pro-Soviet Communist Party, Shachtman was a leader of the Socialist Workers Party and was the editor of its theoretical journal New International.


"Milton Friedman (born July 31, 1912) is a U.S. economist, known primarily for his work on macroeconomics and for his advocacy of laissez-faire capitalism. In 1976 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics "for his achievements in the fields of consumption analysis, monetary history and theory and for his demonstration of the complexity of stabilization policy." His book Free to Choose, coauthored with his wife Rose Friedman, was made into a ten-part television series that aired on PBS in early 1980."

"Friedman has also supported various libertarian policies such as decriminalization of drugs and prostitution."


"Leo Strauss (September 20, 1899 - October 18, 1973), was a Jewish German-American political philosopher who has been greatly influential in America.

A fundamental concept in Strauss's political ideology is the "Straussian text." This is a piece of philosophical writing that is deliberately written so that the average reader will understand it as saying one ("exoteric") thing but the special few for whom it is intended will grasp its real ("esoteric") meaning. Strauss holds that philosophy is dangerous—it calls into question the conventional morality upon which civil order in society depends—it also reveals ugly truths that weaken men's attachment to their societies.

As Strauss saw it, "good politicians" need to reassert the absolute moral values that unite society and this would overcome the moral relativism that liberalism had created. To do so, they needed to propagate myths necessary to give ordinary people meaning and purpose as to ensure a stable society. Modern liberalism had stressed the pursuit of individual liberty as its highest goal, and Strauss wanted government to take a more active role in promoting morality. Perpetual deception of the citizens by those in power is critical in Strauss's view because the populace needs to be led; they need strong rulers to tell them what is good for them.


Snake oil salesmen:

Irving Kristol (1920-) is considered the founding godfather of American neoconservatism, and is the father of William Kristol. He describes himself as a "liberal mugged by reality."

"Irving Kristol was born into a Jewish family in New York City, earned his B.A. in History from the City College of New York in 1940, where he was an active Trotskyist. He wrote in 1983 that he was "proud" to have been a member of the Fourth International in 1940. [1] From 1941-1944, he served as staff sergeant in the armored infantry in Europe in World War II."

"There are different kinds of truths for different kinds of people. There are truths appropriate for children; truths that are appropriate for students; truths that are appropriate for educated adults; and truths that are appropriate for highly educated adults, and the notion that there should be one set of truths available to everyone is a modern democratic fallacy. It doesn't work." - Irving Kristol

"Corporate philanthropy should not be, and cannot be, disinterested. It must shape or reshape the climate of public opinion." - Irving Kristol


Fourth international

The Fourth International was an international organisation of Trotskyist communists. It was founded in 1938 in Paris, with the backing of Leon Trotsky, to serve as an alternative to the Stalinist Comintern (the Third International).

When founded in 1938 the Fourth International adopted the Transitional Programme for Socialist Revolution as its central programmatic statement summarising its strategic and tactical conceptions for the revolutionary period that they saw opening up as a result of the war which Trotsky had been predicting for some years. The Transitional Programme is not however the programme of the Fourth International as is often suggested but instead contains a summation of the conjunctural understanding of the movement at that date and a series of transitional policies designed to develop the struggle for workers power. In this it builds on the positions and methods of the earlier Communist International and, as argued by Trotsky, the Transitional Programme is best seen as supplementing the traditional programmatic understanding of the movement.

The Trotskyists regarded themselves as working in opposition to both capitalism and to Stalin's concept of a socialist state. Trotsky advocated proletarian revolution as set out in his theory of "permanent revolution", and believed that a workers' state would not be able to hold out against the pressures of a hostile capitalist world unless socialist revolutions quickly took hold in other countries as well. This theory was advanced in opposition to the position held by the Stalinist faction within the Bolshevik Party that "socialism in one country" could be built in the Soviet Union. Facing what he perceived as increasing degeneration in the Soviet Union, Trotsky developed the theory that it had become a degenerated workers' state.