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Independence from Idiocy

Oh yes, more independence from more idiocy

I want to be free from idiocy, especially in times of tragedy and war. I want to be free of hate and bikini clad woman running at me smiling from my computr screen - Essspecially when my country is killing innocent women in other countries.
I want to not have to be bludgeoned to death with the hollywood news of what idiot is dating what idiot this month or why things fell apart for cheating hearts, My love deserves and gives much better than that - and essspecially in times of tragedy war.
I want not to have to hear horrible pop-music - in the grocery store - when the production refuses to acknowledge truth and lacks respect for tranquility - why should one have to be subject to such lunacy I ask? And to top it off mom, then- getting a double dose of hollywood affairs meeting my eyes in the checkout line - and they keep dying in Iraq....and it doesn't stop...everywhere I go..... and Mom, they keep killing and dying and all they do is throw more lies at me.
I want not for my neighbor to believe in the lies of this government or Big Media, but -to help me achieve a positive change in society. I want not for my child to face the same fight that I now face, unless I need some angelical help.
And I don't want to hear the neighbors cheers after fireworks when the country has been hijacked and raped and its citizens killed by idiots. I want Independence from Idiocy and I want It Now.

And lastly - - I want the strength to do more.

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