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Students Protest against Self Financing Professional College Admissions

In Kerala, India there is widespread protest by left wing student organisations against admission procedure of private owned professional self financing colleges.It is alleged that the rich students are securing admissions by paying huge amounts as fees while those with merit but could not afford the high fees are denied admission.
Trivandrum, Kerala, July 4.. There was open street fight between police and protesters when the prtesters tried to enter the councelling centres for admission to professional colleges resulting in the police resorting to tear gas shelling.There was wide spread protests all over Kerala State, India against the distorted policy of the rightwing Congress Government lead by Oomman Chandy. It is alleged that the new policy of the Government favours rich students who can affor to pay the high fees charged by the private professional colleges in Kerala.Protesters tried to storm in the College of Engineering, Trivandrum where the councelling for admission of students commenced to day.The left front opposition leader Pinarai Vijayan said that the opposition will take up the agitation from tomorrow till the policy of the Government is changed.

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