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Green Anarchy website down?

What happened to Green Anarchy?
(Not that they should have a website in the first place, of course). :-)
Noticed the webiste is down. What's up with the group?
Maybe . . . 04.Jul.2005 15:08

Snarky Anarchy

maybe they finally realized the overwhelming contradiction between their ludicrously over-stated anti-technology ideology and the fact that they maintained a website?

Maybe........ 04.Jul.2005 15:35


Maybe they're too busy publishing a magazine......hundreds of copies are distributed FREE to prisoners and the general public.

It'll be back up.... 04.Jul.2005 18:39

Sean S.

Actually, their updating the website. It should be back up sometime this week with a new look and a new issue of Green Anarchy, with parts up for free(Ironic isn't it, that NEFAC and others who have no beef with technology, charge you 4 bucks to order their rags? And don't have huge pdf archives of their past issues, for free?).

updating 04.Jul.2005 19:37


they have to pull their website down to update it? incompetents!

Oh! and even publishing a printed magazine is antithetical to their "radical" anti-civilization stance, because you know (cf. Claude Levi-Strauss, etc etc) writing is the worst form of civilization, destroys oral cultures blah blah blah. If they were really as anti-tech, anti-civ as they pretend, they'd just stand on rooftops and yell at the tops of their lungs

-x- 04.Jul.2005 20:17

Skeptix abound

More truths are published in GA than you can comprehend. I disagree with some of the content in there too but many of the writings are stark raw reality checks the insulated masses would be wise to read. Overall GA gets a big thumbs up for sustained effort and dedication to raising the level of dialogue on crucial issues.

Well then... 04.Jul.2005 23:04

Sean S.

And NEFAC and others would only order their publishing runs from syndicalist unions, I guess? And I guess every Zinester who uses Kinko's should say the jig is up, as it's owned by Fedex, a company that has its own police force, and works hand in hand with Joint Terrorist Task Forces across the country? We all make compromises somewhere, some more than others, but the simplistic lambaste that Green Anarchy is ridiculous because its puts out a mag (one that is larger and probably more widespread than any anarcho-leftist rag) and ::gasp!:: runs a website where it gives away basically its whole back catalogue, is just sour grapes from people who can't put their money where their mouth is, and put out stuff without some ridiculously huge membership fees subsidizing it(whats NEFAC up to now? a 100 dollars or so?).

Blurb from GA 05.Jul.2005 05:59

PDXjmorris pdxjmorris@gmail.com

Here is there blurb from the Infoshop News site:

The GA web site is undergoing a major change tonight and tomorrow. Until then, only a burning message is available.

But check back soon!

Selected articles from the new summer issue will be available. The biggest change is the site will be data-driven, that is, dynamic and updated frequently. From the new @library pages, you will be able to search for articles, letters, reviews, etc. by Topic, Author, keywords and more. It wil take a while to get all the back issues loaded, but when we get back up all of Issue s 18 and 19 will be avaialble.

The Direct Action News Center is also fully searchable (and inspiring?).

Let us know what you think, what might make the site even more useful for research, or of course, if you find problems!

Maybe we can even get this site to prvide a reciprocal link to us!!??

The Green Anarchy Collective

The best use of technology... 05.Jul.2005 19:02


Green anarchist(s) use technology in the only truly moral way it can be used -- against itself. They know that computer technology is toxic and highly authoritarian, but they can help the sytem eat itself by using that technology to get that point across. If one hates cars (and car culture) they may not be in favor of driving to the mall for sweatshop made consumer trinkets but... they might be in favor of having a demolition derby in the car factory. Is that too hard to understand?