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Permaculture Slide Show Tuesday Night

Slide show about Global Applications of Permaculture, Tuesday night July 5 in NE Portland
Global Applications of Permaculture

Slideshow Presentation by Robina McCurdy (New Zeland) and Huckleberry Leonard (USA)

July 5, 7:00 p.m.
Pacific Crest Community School
116 NE 29th , Portland
$5 to $10 donation to pay speakers traveling costs, no one turned away

Hosted by Portland Permaculture Institute and Portland Permaculture Guild

Through their own inspiring work, as well as astute observation, Huckleberry and Robina will present visual examples of how Permaculture has been applied throughout the world - using appropriate methods and materials in a diversity of living situations and climatic conditions, to create ecological home-spaces, produce an abundance of organic food, regenerate natural environments, and restore cultures.

Robina McCurdy
Robina is co founder/resident/trustee of Tui Land Trust & Community, founder/trustee of the Institute for Earthcare Education Aotearoa, originator/co-tutor of the international program SEED (Schools Environmental Education & Development) and originator/co-tutor of NZ's permaculture vocational training course 'PLANET Organic' (www.planetorganic.org.nz). For 20 years Robina has been engaged in community development, permaculture design and tutoring, organic growing, the development of environmental education resources and the creation of participatory processes for decision making and collective action. Throughout her life, Robina has worked with minimal resources to bring about significant changes in the lives of people, their communities and their environment.

Huckleberry Leonard
For the past 30 years Huckleberry has been owner of and primary consultant for GREENWORLD, a company specializing in edible and sustainable land use design in the northwest USA. Huckleberry has taught permaculture design in South Africa, Britain, Australia and North & South America, including community projects in Patagonia, Costa Rica and many states of the USA. He also teaches classes in native plant identification, wild foods foraging and seed collecting, and facilitates deep nature connection experiences in the Olympic National Park wilderness. Huckleberry is a plant materials collector, and plant adviser for Raintree Nursery (USA-wide plant mail order).
(503) 293-8004
Pam Leitch
Pacific Crest Community School
116 NE 29th
Portland, OR

phone: phone: 503.293.8004