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Over 200,000 take to the streets of Edinburgh to protest against capitalism

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators today rejected the fact that 2/3 of the world's population live on the poverty line. Early in the morning people came from all over Britain and the world to assemble on the Meadows in Edinburgh. This has been the biggest ever demonstration in Scotland since the Hunger Marches of the 1930s.

The march through the city streets began in bright sunshine at 12.15pm led by Church leaders, celebrities and charity campaigners. At 3pm the marchers, most of whom were dressed in white, stopped and held hands for a minute's silence, forming a giant white circle round the city centre that represented the white band, the symbol of the Make Poverty History campaign. The marchers flooded the streets of the Scottish capital for five hours.

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g8 2005 indy i
g8 2005 indy i