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Rally for Oregon Healthcare for Kids; Speaker Minnis preventing Vote

Oregon Healthcare for Kids will be holding a rally on Thursday at the State Capitol in Salem from 11 AM to 2 PM to protest the fact that Speaker of the House Karen Minnis is not allowing a vote on House Bill 3500 which would provide healthcare to the 100,000 Oregon kids who don't have it. Everyone who thinks healthcare for kids is important should attend and show their support!
In Oregon, 100,000 kids do not have healthcare. There is a bill, House Bill 3500 which would fix this. It would easily pass the Oregon House and Senate, and be passed by the voters, if only it could get a vote in the house. Speaker of the House Karen Minnis is preventing HB 3500 from getting a vote, and so Oregon Healthcare for Kids will be holding a protest Rally from 11 AM to 2 PM at the State Capitol on Thursday July 7th, to remind Karen Minnis that people care about kids getting healthcare. Represenative Billy Dalto and State Senator Vicki Walker will be speaking, as well as Chairman of the Oregon College Republicans, John Swanson. This is a bi-partisan issue and everyone should show up to show their support. There will be a carpool leaving from Reed College, from the main entrace in Eliot Circle, at 9:30 AM on Thursday morning for those who need to get from Portland to Salem and back. We will be making signs to bring, but feel free to bring your own if you like. For more info, you can check out our website at  http://www.reed.edu/~nicholsc/.
Please show up to show your support for this important issue.

homepage: homepage: http://www.reed.edu/~nicholsc/
phone: phone: 503-517-4877

Karen Minnis is vain and stupid enough to fancy herself 03.Jul.2005 19:39

not a Minnis fan

as Oregon's next Governor! Frankly, with such hubris as she has...not a chance!

Can Anyone from Troutdale oust Minnis? 04.Jul.2005 10:27

TH oc4sure@hotmail.com

I know her term is not up until 2007, but it's time to start planning ahead. She is the top of the list, of elected officials in Oregon, that must go!

I will make campaign donations to ANYONE who steps foward to take this %&%*& on!