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Confesssion from the former leader of the former Tualatin Valley Skins

Tualatin Valley Skinheads just a racist scam!
The "Tualatin Valley Skins" was nothing more than a hoax group & I should know because I created it. It was designed to test the media and community reaction to the invasion of A "army" of racists. The plan worked only to well, with over a thousand coming out to protest the fake Gabriel Park gathering our little hoax accelerated out of control. Many newsmedia outlets did get the story right: Portland State University's newspaper The Daily Vanguard had the headline: "Skinheads no-show at rally". Even the Oregonian, Known for their twisted reporting got the story mostly right. Randy Blazak at the Coalation against hate crimes knows the truth also but certainly doesn't want to advertise it. Gabriel Park was a fake gathering sponsored by A fake group that generated thousands of quite real protesters. It was a event that the city and the sponsoring civil rights groups would just prefer you forget about: Leftist suckers who were easy prey. This should is a lesson to all civil-rights activists/supporters: carefully investigate internet rumors before you jump on the anti-hate bandwagon and join the mob. Not every hate gathering is real, do you want to look like fools again by protest another fake event?
Naiz slimeball makes some good points 03.Jul.2005 09:20

Timmy Jones

I was at gabriel Park in Janurary and saw no Nazis Scum just a lot of good people protesting.
They won that battle but we will win the war. Hate has no place in Portland.

duh 03.Jul.2005 11:09


why generate that type of "excitement"? need to scare people? revive real history? Where do these skinhead concepts come from, anyway?

Screwy...but effective 03.Jul.2005 11:33


Perhaps this provocative action was also what Eminem intended when he wrote lots of mysoginistic and homophobic lyrics? It's an interesting theory to study.

But hey, even Billionaires for Bush pretends to be a callous right wing corporate group even though it's sarcasm. Though a false alarm on a Nazi gathering may provoke too much alarm and fear to be appropriate...

That being said, the anti-Nazi rally did bring out some radicals, including a Freedom Socialist spokesperson who said that "fascism is rooted in capitalism." I would add that capitalists use racism (and religious dogma) to divide the proletariat and keep them from focusing on the class struggle.

So. A fake Nazi faked a rally, which definitely caused public offense, but that offense led to positive gathering of progressive and even radical dialogue. More harm or more good? Did good come out of evil?

little to add on what was already very little..... 03.Jul.2005 11:49

Diana O.

No no no..... I too was there and I was not happy about it either.
I was drafted into the security by folks who good be much better socialists REALLY. Whether it was ahoax or not they DID show, they jumped in a cab remember.
Weather we wont stand up a nazi group or dorks pretending to be a nazi group is of little consequence.

Full of Bunk 03.Jul.2005 13:40

paradox upon paradox

I think this guy is full of bunk. Maybe this "group" didn't turn out, but neo-Nazi sympathizers were also lulled in and saw the anti-hate furvor. As far as I'm concerned, this message is the hoax. It was obvious from the web site that the group was a "shell" with no members. Yet we know there are neo-Nazis and racists in the area.

I'm proud that I turned out, and I in no way feel duped by taking a stand.