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Live 8, the G8, and the White Man's Burden

What I have found on mainstream media sites in the comments section is that there is much criticism of Live 8 being expressed by the public, at least as is revealed by this particular forum for public expression, but what shocks me is the way the criticism is focused on what I will call the theme of 'the white man's burden.'

Live 8, the G8, and the White Man's Burden

I have been searching mainstream news sites for any sign than someone at the Live 8 concerts might have broken the rules and made a forbidden criticism of Bush, Blair or the Iraq war, and discovered instead the comments section where readers are invited to give their feedback on the Live 8 phenomenon. What I have found is that there is much criticism of Live 8 being expressed by the public, at least as is revealed by this particular forum for public expression, but what shocks me is the way the criticism is focused on what I will call the theme of 'the white man's burden.'

Introductory Notes

Disclaimer - A few weeks ago I received a bad tempered email from a member of the American Religious Right which stated that all of us Muslim and other Third Worlders, with our Third World attitudes can never stop complaining. First we complain that no one gives us hand outs or a helping hand, and then when the white Christian race finally decides to help us out like in Iraq, then we start complaining about that. This was followed by some diatribe about the superiority of the dictatorial and violent Christian God over my God, Allah, since Allah was both dictatorial and violent as well as being a terrorist, unlike the right wing Christian God who abhors terrorism (well, except when its time to save a soul, one must suppose, in which case the full terrorist treatment is used). Well just let me say that I am not a Muslim nor am I an Arab nor do I come from the Third World. I am also not black, a point I thought I would make right away lest anyone should want to send me an email on the subject of how all we Black Negro types ever do is complain about white people, and then when we do get a hand out , we squander it. I have also been accused for some weird reason of being a 'white middle class liberal'. First I am not middle class. Far from it. I am also not a liberal (here defining the term 'liberal' as being protest politics designed to make supplication to the elites in order to wring out of a few concessions here and there...For example the theme of the Live 8 concert in Canada as it was broadcast over the television before each commercial break was 'if we make enough noise perhaps they will hear us.' This I think would be the essence of 'middle class liberal' ideology. I am perhaps an 'anarcho- socialist' or then again maybe a 'pacifist populist anarchist', but I am sure as hell not a liberal. (For those who do not know, the term 'archos' means ruler, and the prefix 'an' is a negation, so the term means 'no rulers'...under the current elitist system the term 'anarchy' is used to denote violent chaos, which is understandable, since this false usage of the term then entrenches and justifies elitism).

In my judgment the American Revolution was a failure, in that the system was carefully crafted by aristocrats whom Americans have been taught to cherish, this being a form of brainwashing that serves to normalize elitism. They choose to call that aristocratic system they developed 'Democracy' and the end result was to channel populism into elitist channels were it could be controlled and managed by elites to ensure that no challenge was ever made to the entrenched interests of those elites, who were concerned about true democracy developing for that very reason. Therefore they designed a system which was intended to make sure that it did not develop, which explains all the problems in America from that day right up to the present time. In the end what resulted was not a democracy, but rather just musical chairs elitism, which while it might have been an improvement over the despotic elitism that came before, hardly represents the highest form of development of human society, and just means that after being screwed over by some elite, the people can throw that elitist off the chair and put in another elitist who then screws them one more time until they decide to play musical chairs again. The end result is a malfunctioning system, which is what we see in America, where close to half the population has abandoned the ballot box, since they already know everything I just said is true, and thus don't humiliate themselves or waste their time playing that game of musical chairs. (As I recall the so called 'Reagan Landslide' occurred in an election where the turn out was only 39 percent, the problem that time being that the Democrats ran such an uninspiring elitist, without a single policy that might attract a Democratic type voter, that as bad Reagan was, still they just stayed home). Some local or regional elections have turnouts as low as 19 per cent, because, really, why bother. As I said, I am not telling most people anything they don't already know, and you could ask them about the system yourself, and they will tell you pretty much the same thing, since everyone knows that musical chair elitism is not a democracy at all, but just a way of getting royally screwed over and over and over again.

There are many ways to rig a vote. One way is to bring in those highly suspect squirrlely voting machines. There were two types of voting machines available for purchase, the kind that leaves a paper trail, thus ensuring democracy, and the kind that does not, and naturally, when faced with a clear choice like that the elitists chose the kind that does not, for obvious reasons (musical chair elitism was designed from the start to deny influence to the population, and so those squirrly voting machines are in keeping with that ideology). Thus elections cannot be audited by citizens, but rather are under the trustworthy control of elites, and therefore such machines are now being spread over America as a form of insurance that even if things get out of control, which they will, as elites know, it wills till be possible to keep power while maintaining a false facade of democracy.

So then currently my political perspective involves advocating the establishment of a populist alternative voting system, which would grow up alongside the current historically obsolete elitist 'democracy' finally destroying its credibility, in the end burning the place right to the ground, and resulting in the evolution to the next stage of human development, democracy, which despite the propaganda you hear, has not yet taken place but rather is in its formative historical stages, with the American Revolution just being a detour onto a dead end road, and a passing historical nuisance, a learning experience, and given how, as I mentioned, everyone already knows that, and the lesson is well taken, the time is finally at hand for democracy to finally at long last take root in human civilization and blossom. This would be a process, that would occur over a period of time, but given the historical circumstances is inevitable, since gong back to the time of Magna Carta the trend of human development has been towards equality and democracy, and that trend continues to this day. The reaction of the elitist system currently in place would then be to panic and start offering concessions (that elitist musical chairs game being an archetype of this type of concession designed to forestall change and preserve elitism), and following this attempt, things being what they are , this would then drive a wedge into newly emerging movement (being just a tactical retreat on the part of the elitist system), as some breakaway liberals formed their own breakaway faction, no doubt having come under the sway of some populist demagogue seeking a place at the elitist table. This demagogue would then would convince those breakaway liberals that sufficient pressure had been placed upon the elitists and now it is time to form a breakaway faction and call the whole thing off, and take our rightful place in the elitist system, having won at that game of musical chairs. But as I said I am not a middle class liberal, nor do I believe in protest politics, so I would carry on nonetheless.

What people need to come to understand is that under the current underdeveloped elitist democracy system it is a requirement that the system always include a sewer pipe and drainage ditch. The function of this sewering system is to gather together all the progressive forces and then channel them into the drainage ditch and then finally safely out the sewer. This function is not optional under the elitist musical chairs system, and will continue to exist as long as that elitist system exists, because it is vital to the functioning of that particular system. The Democratic party currently holds the sewerage contract in the United States, and its function is to flush the toilet once every two to four years, while in Europe the Social Democrats have been losing their contract to run the nations sewers, and so we see that the contract was given to the new party of middle class liberalism, the Green Party, who have been vigorously flushing the toilet in recent years, having landed that contract, thus protecting the elitist system by flushing the progressives down the sewers after having challenged them first into the sewage pipes and then down through the drainage ditch into the prepared sewage cistern. In the United States there is currently the threat that some other party, like perhaps the Greens, might take the sewerage contract away from the Democrats, who, like the Social Democrats in Europe, have just about outlived their usefulness, having flushed the toilet just one to many times (in particular after having run George Bush Strong in the last election, and always criticizing Bush, from the right wing flank). That the Democrats are in a panic over their privileged elitist position is clearly demonstrated by the fact that in a form of window dressing they brought in Howard Dean as chair of the DNC, a stunt intended to signal their progressive base, or what's left of it, that they are changing their ways, thus holding onto the sewer contract for one more election, so that they can flush the toilet one more time, thus defeating the whole point of the exercise, but which they will have to do in any case, because they are the systems vital sewage system, without which it could not successfully function, and so they must flush.

In short then I am not a 'middle class liberal' nor do I believe in 'protest politics' of which the Live 8 event is a classic example of both, and will be promptly flushed, after having done a lot damage on the way down the pipe, this damage being a secondary effect of middle class liberal protest politics, in that it serves to validate, endorse, and thus strengthen the existing system by lending it legitimacy it certainly does not deserve, thus paving the way for the future propaganda assaults and social attacks. You will notice that my position is an activist stance, and I thought I would point that out since when people hear that you are a 'pacifist' they then accuse you of being 'passive' which is a distortion of the pacifist position. Since judging by my correspondence people frequently misunderstand my position I thought I would include a disclaimer to clear that up before I even get started....

The White Man's Burden

I was surprised by the amount of critical commentary generated by the Live 8 event in the commentary section of mainstream media outlets. While there is skepticism there is also this disturbing lack of a coherent political understanding, which can only be caused by one of two factors, or perhaps a combination of both in some cases - historical ignorance or white middle class liberal guilt. According to the critics the problem here is that the poor black negros have not yet learned what is referred to as 'good governance'. Due to their corrupted governments sure you could lend them a helping hand or send them a donation, but it would just be squandered due to their backwards development when it comes to having a functioning (elitist) democracy. As well those third world blacks and browns need to reform their governing system so as to encourage the development of their economies, and since they don't yet seem to know how to do that, and still haven't learned good governance or (elitist) democracy, there is little to be said for making donations and thus little to be said for Live 8 raising money for them since they will just squander that money in a hell of hurry, and then in the years to come more bad news will come out about how those countries have just sunk deeper in poverty, and thus no real difference had been made, this being due to the serious problems mentioned above.

If you have been following developments you will be familiar with this chorus line, since it is also the lyrics of the upcoming G8 summit in England. It is also the political message of George W. Bush as prepared for him by that master of the public opinion poll, Karl Rove. I don't know if there is a poster prepared carrying a short pithy message which will be the over riding theme message of the G8 summit, but I would like to suggest 'G8 2005 - Taking up the white man's burden for another generation.'

I say another generation for those black and brown poverty stricken nations have been the burden of the rich white countries for a few centuries now, you know, ever since those rich white countries, finding themselves in the position of being unrivaled military superpowers of their time, decided to help out the brown and black countries of the world by launching military invasions and sending in troops, carving up the globe among themselves during what was called the 'Age of Imperialism', the great age of Colonialism.

Now if we are to get to the very roots of the problem of bad governance, corruption, and underdevelopment in the black and brown countries of the world, it is required that we take the long term historical perspective. If we look at a simple map, it tells a story of a very rich wealthy collection of white countries (let's color them green, for the color of money) surrounded by a lot of mysteriously bankrupted, poverty stricken and starving black and brown countries which we can then color in black or brown on the map just to make the point clear.

Now in order to understand this historical development, you need to understand that it was the White Man's Burden to bring development and what was called civilization to the barbaric and savage black and brown countries of the world, as well as bringing them the Bible and that white European Jesus, which they so desperately needed, and still need today, even more so than they needed to become civilized and developed countries. Well first things first, and one must assume that so much energy went into that premiere task of teaching the black and brown nations about the European god, that the bit about bringing them up to the standards of a civilized nation somehow fell beside the wayside and just still hasn't been done, thus explaining the enthusiasm for the G8 nations to pick up where their ancestors left off, and finish off the rest of the white man's burden by bringing 'good governance' and 'development' to those ruined and backwards black and brown nations, that is provided that the people in those nations are willing to eat humble pie and accept tutoring, and not become stubborn like they are in Bolivia or Venezuela or other really bad countries like that, of which they are increasing numbers with each passing year, thus just making that white man's burden even more burdensome than it was before, thus no doubt leading to that lecturing hectoring tone we are certain to hear at the G8 summit, assuming that Karl Rove stays on message, which given the polls and the widespread public ignorance, and the existence of white liberal guilt, seems likely to be the case.

Now the white man's burden is expensive. It is not cheap to invade countries all of the entire planet and take over, and let's face it, stationing troops all over the glove to make sure that the bad behavior of barbarians and cannibals does not get out of hand, well that costs a fortune as well. Now we are all familiar with the touching generosity of such types as those 19th century robber barons, as so touchingly described by that great admirer of theirs, Charles Dickens, and so then given this fact, and the propensity for the white man to be willing to shoulder his global burdens for free as a kind of progressive social policy, nevertheless, given the huge cost of global domination and conquest, it was required that those black and brown countries learn the principles of economics, doing so by learning to pay their own way. This required those black and brown nations to cough up the money to pay for their occupation forces and so on, and since the theme was civilizing and thus developing the countries of savages, it was also required that not only they pay for the conquest and the troops and those costly bullets and artillery shells, well they would also have to pay a premium, which is known in business terms as a 'profit', which is then required for what is known as 'investment' which is the prerequisite for what was called 'development', thus explaining in clear terms the main strategy of those times and how things turned out later.

This was only true for those nations where the godlessness and barbarism was not so deeply entrenched that it could still be saved by Jesus. In many of the more unsalvageable cases it was necessary to just kill off all the brown people and take over their country and populate it with decent white people who knowing Jesus and all would then know how to make that country into a place of decency and morality and family values, instead of being a bad cesspool of demonic sin like it was before they got rid of all the brown people and took over. In other cases it was required that the black people be pushed back into enclaves, like they were in Southern Africa, where they could be more easily policed and their barbaric savagery and tendency towards cannibalism and other horrific conduct could be more easily controlled, this being better than just killing them all, and would therefore still leave them with the chance to accept Jesus later should they so desire at some future date.

Now the concerned white man is consistent, you have to give them credit for that. And they are persistent. You have to give them credit for that. For even after having failed after centuries of direct rule to bring some order out of chaos and some development to those primitive countries, nevertheless in breath taking display of charitable patience, they are still ready to extend a helping hand, as well as patiently attempt to do some tutoring to those undeveloped, corrupted savages, even though they got no thanks for their previous efforts, and in fact got thrown out of the country by the ingrates. Yes in spite of the fact that after the greatest efforts expended over centuries, there was complete failure of development in those poor black and brown countries, even so the heavily burdened white business man and the politicians who carry the burden for those white business men, those noble capitalists, all continue to show that same deep concern for those countries and is willing to try over and over and over again, even if all they get is mass protests and demonstrations and the toppling of governments, and all the other things that are now starting to happen in black and brown countries all over the world. Just the thanks you get for the last two or three decades of development policy, but just typical for those corrupted, ungovernable black and brown countries.

Nevertheless it is G8 summit time again, and our heroic, and ever so patient giant sized corporations and capitalists and the politicians who work for them are once again about to write up another one of those to do lists for those really stubborn, ungrateful black and brown countries. On the list will be such things as allowing robber barons to extract profits out of those poor countries (referred to as the free flow of capital which is a required development strategy for poor countries just like it was before during colonialism when those poor countries were also expected to pull their own weight by not only paying for their occupation but also paying a premium in the form of a profit so they could then be invested in and developed). Those poor countries will also have to bring in that Charles Dickens style robber baron capitalism by cutting all government programs, nasty things like food stamps or health care. This is done to encourage international robber barons to come their country, since that particular brutish social system is the natural environment for robber barons, and just as you would not want to raise fresh water fish in a salt water tank, well you wouldn't want to put a robber baron in any sort of an environment with even the taint of socialist communism. So by gutting every program poor countries can show what George Bush calls good governance, and this will then according to the propaganda sloganeering, 'encourage international investors', a vital component of any development strategy for poor countries. Now poor countries might complain that rich countries should try that brutal system themselves, to which I reply, well they will, since it is in the new European constitution, provided that the elitists do not make the mistake of holding any more referendums and just ram the thing through, and in America, George Bush just announced that due to rising public concern about the massive budgetary mismanagement, what with the nation going bankrupted through tax cuts to robber barons, well he said he had heard these concerns and was ready to take the fiscally responsible decisions required by taking the ax to America, thus introducing those same Charles Dickens policies to Americans. At that time Americans will understand better why Bolivians are rioting and overthrowing the government all the time, since that Charles Dickens robber baron capitalism (or as it has been called 'neo-liberalism' or 'the development strategy for Africa' and so on) will no longer be some abstraction or some fancy words that no one understands but then figures that is what they pay economists for, but rather American's will be more intimately familiar with robber baron capitalism themselves, along with the Europeans, possibly, depending on whether or not the shocked and disorganized elites can figure out someway to ram that through. The Americans will find out for sure, given the rapidly developing bankruptcy caused by first Reagan's policy of 'starving the beast' and now George Bush who is starving the damn thing to death for the final time. Thus when Americans ask why there is no programs, or why the USDA was privatized and taken over by the beef multinationals, they will be told that there is no money, given how the nation is bankrupted, and now as Karl Rove told them, it is time for George Bush to hear the cry of the people and introduce some badly needed fiscal discipline to America. Then (if every goes as Karl Rove plans, and nothing spins out of control) the American people will just have to sigh heavily and then they, their children and their grandchildren can pay off that debt, or, if the payments are to high, at the very least keep up the interest payments forever.

Corrupt governments

Now as we remember, our long suffering ancestors had to endure the terrible problem of shouldering the burden of dealing with all those cannibals and barbarians in the black and brown nations, and given the severity of the problem, there were, unfortunately, left with no option but to invade those countries with military forces, thus bringing civilization. Well, things being what they are, and that problem of black and brown people having proven historically to be so damned hard to solve, it comes as no surprise that the current generation must once again take up the noble cause, and shoulder the burden of teaching those black and brown people about corruption and democracy and good governance as well as how to run an economic policy, thus giving them a hand up instead of those hand outs they are always begging for, while at the same time always complaining about something or rioting about something. Some things just never change...

There are many examples of this sort of corruption, which, naturally enough, started happening right after colonialism ended, just some decades back, and the white race pulled out militarily from those black and brown countries, leaving them with what was then called 'self rule.' No sooner than the white race left, than those black and brown countries became totally corrupted, and once they took over they started practicing bad governance and wasting money and ruining their chances of having an economy, just as they constantly ruined their chances of developing and having an economy during the centuries that the white man struggled with the burden of developing and civilizing those black and brown countries, all to no avail.

Well the white politician and the white army had to leave, but it goes without saying, that after having sunk so much development money into those poverty stricken black and brown countries, the white capitalist had to stay behind, and in a one of those remarkable examples of generosity, continue on with the difficult task of developing places like Africa, a task that was already hard enough, as century of abject failure prove so clearly, but was soon to become even more difficult as the wide spread corruption of black and brown took over power, thus stalling developments for another 40 or 50 years.

Now the white man did try to help out all the black and brown men, given their propensity for corrupted government. Usually this assistance took the form of holding a coup d'etat and throwing out the really bad government put in by those inexperienced black and brown people and putting in someone else. As well intentioned as this effort was, it still wasn't enough, as those new governments put in by the white man, just turned out utterly corrupt, showing just how deeply embedded that problem really is in the black and brown races.

For example, the Iranians made an attempt at playing musical chairs during the 1950s, and since they didn't have a clue, they wound electing a quasi-socialist, who not understanding the principles of economics, then nationalized the oil industry, on the theory that white man was gone, and now the white capitalist could leave as well, since there was no reason to keep up those profitable payments, since there was no more occupation to pay for. As for development, well they would just try it themselves. Thanks for the offer of help, but no thanks. Well this wouldn't do, and so the CIA overthrew the government in coup d'etat, the white capitalist got back that oil industry, so as to continue to develop Iran the right way, and the Shah of Iran came to power. Well the Shah of Iran, being from Iran, naturally turned out totally corrupted, with a Savak secret police force that went around terrorizing the country and torturing and murdering people who were socialist or leftist and thus didn't like capitalists, and the country just went to hell in a hand basket. The Shah should have been overthrown for being corrupted, but he was not, because sometimes you just have to accept the lesser of two evils so he stayed until there was a wide spread public revolt. The Shah then took all his fortune he got paid for that job of running Iran, and left, while Iran had one of those revolutions, which brings us up to today, where, once again, Washington is planning to change the government of another brown country, for their own good, but such is the white man's burden.

It is part of the white man's burden to govern the black and brown races, and failing that, at the very least to over throw the governments of black and brown countries from time to time, and yes in extreme circumstances, in the name of charity and for the sake of humanity, sometimes its even necessary for the white man to shoulder the heaviest burden of all, and gather together armed forces and launch invasions of particularly stubborn black or brown countries. Tragically, there are also times when the white man has to slaughter black and brown races, as history shows, and as continues today. This supreme sacrifice and great burden only becomes required when you have some black and brown people who are just beyond redemption, like those really bad terrorists in Fallujah, Iraq, or should I say, what used to be the modern urban metropolis of Fallujah, Iraq, but thanks to the rottenness of its population is now a heap of ruins and the scene of only the most recent example of the white man's burden, which includes the admittedly distatefully disgusting task of massacres, culling the very worst elements of the black and brown populations from time to time in hopes of saving the rest, if that were even possible, difficult as that task of saving black and brown countries has proven to have been throughout centuries of diligent efforts expended in that noble calling..

There are also times when not only does the white man need to overthrow the governments of brown and black countries, the white man also needs to massacre the population, killing and slaughtering even a million brown and black people, depending on how bad the corrupted rottenness of those people is, and how many of them there are. This is not only required now, in Iraq, but was also required during the sixties in Indonesia, when tragically, about one million black and brown people decided to throw out capitalism, and despite every effort to get them to repent of their evil ways, it turned out to be the case that they were so unsalvageable that even the prospect of offering them Jesus probably wouldn't work, and once people get that bad, they have got to go. You can read about that big massacre of one million Indonesians if you are the type of person who likes to read classified documents. Recently the Bush administration passed rules that will not allow classified documents to be released after years have gone by, thus keeping them hidden forever, so we will have to content ourselves with just reading some of the older classified documents that have already been released, and just wonder to ourselves and try to guess what might be in the rest of those classified documents that are not being released anymore.

The following is taken from the page The year of living dangerously CIA blocks printing of book documenting United States involvement in the coup in Indonesia in the 1960s . As it was on the way to the printers, both the CIA and the United States State Department took action to block the publication of a book detailing U.S. covert action and goverment involvement in the coup in Indonesia which resulted in the loss of up to one million lives (the victims of the U.S. sponsored purge were leftists, not surprisingly). The documents have been reproduced on the George Washington University Archive site and reveal that American involvement included passing the names of leftists the Indonesian death squads (with the Ambassador at the time suggesting that these steps were required since, on their own, the Indonesia military seemed to be to clueless to figure out who these people were themselves. In one of the more interesting quotes from the article the embassy reports back to Washington at the time that "We frankly do not know whether the real figure" of communists who have been killed "is closer to 100,000 or 1,000,000 but believe it wiser to err on the side of the lower estimates, especially when questioned by the press." The comminiques also address the possibility of public disclosure of U.S. covert action and involvement in the massacres by noting that "The chances of detection or subsequent revelation of our support in this instance are as minimal as any black bag operation can be." (Note : the documents have been pulled by GWU and are no longer publically available at the link to that site).

Then there was Marcos in the Phillipines, who amassed a fortune estimated at around 20 billion, although no one is really sure. His wife, Imelda admitted to having 5 billion, which she insisted Marcos had earned honestly through shrewdly investing in the Stock Market. Well as bad as that Marcos was, Washington was willing to put up with having him run the place in the post Colonial era, after Washington left the Phillipines, once an American colony, occupied by the American military. Marcos did not bother the capitalists, in fact he rather liked them, and worked with them, for a small fee each time, which was good. Announcing the threat of communist terrorism, on September 21, 1972, Marcos changed the whole country into a military dictatorship modeled after the earlier example of Suharto in Indonesia. Yes, it was fine in post colonial Phillipines, until suddenly that day came when there was wide spread public revolt, and then Ronald Reagan made that famous phone call where he said to Marcos, "I am sorry my old friend, but it is time to go." After having been fired by Ronald Reagan, Marcos then caught a plane, and took his shrewd investments out of the Philippines, and went shopping for property In Hawaii. (As for the rest of the story, the great crowds shouting the populist anarchist slogan 'People Power!', followed a demagogue over to the Philippines parliament, at which time they got flushed down into the sewer system, which is where they still are today).


No list of really bad brown dictators would be complete without mentioning the insidious Saddam Hussein, pictured above, shaking the hand of Donald Rumsfeld. This was of course before Saddam got fired as well and lost his job. Now someone might find such a photo shocking, since it took place while Saddam was using poison gas and weapons of mass destruction on Iran, but you have to understand, that given the proven historical incompetence of brown and black people, sometimes you just have to hold your nose, understanding full well that no one else would probably do any better, things being the way that they are. It is interesting to note here that Iraq, like all the other poor countries, kicked out the capitalists and nationalized the oil industry, the difference being that in the case of Iraq, even after the coup that brought Saddam to power, the oil industry was not given back to capitalists, but stayed nationalized as state owned property, which goes a long way to explain why Iraq is in trouble today, because, really, patience has its limits, and you can only put up with something like that for so long. How was Iraq supposed to develop its economy with a bad policy like that one, this is the real question. In order to help facilitate this process it has proven necessary for the United States to turn back the clock by several decades, and practice home rule over Iraq, complete with colonialist imperial occupation of the country, since the economic problems of developing a completely ruined country like Iraq are so severe, that the previous policy of holding ones nose and relying on those corrupted dictators to run the place just won't do this time, and so it is time once again for the white man to take up that noble cause of liberation and democracy and so on and just develop Iraq themselves.

Well, in what I am sure is an anomalous turn of events, and not some exception that disproves a general rule, Iraq's economy developed without any capitalist privatizing the oil industry, making Iraq one of the most modernized and developed economies in a sea of impoverished nations in the middle east, before they were bombed back to third world status by America and Britain, and making nonsense of the writings of capitalist economists and destroying the facade of legitimacy of the ideology and big sounding fancy words spouted by the World Bank and the IMF and soon to be spouted once again by the G8 at that summit. If you think about it, I suppose that unheard of strange development of Iraq would make perfect sense, because if you give your money to some robber baron, well then you will be flat broke afterwards, thus joining the ranks of what we now call the third world, because that is what the third world did for centuries, and just look at them now. On the other hand if you keep the money, like they are demanding the right to do in Bolivia right now, so they can turn out like Iraq once was, or as they also want in Venezuela, which also has a state owned oil industry (and thus suffered two coup d'etat attempts by Washington just over the past couple of years), well if you do that, and keep the money, instead of being a third world country and flat broke, you will be developed, as Iraq proves, or should I say, as the really bad example of Iraq once proved, but doesn't prove anymore, the whole country having been reduced to ruins over the course of the last decade or so. However, as bad as that example was for capitalist economists and the World Bank and the IMF and the G8 and so on, now the time has come for Iraq to be privatized, thus showing the world one of the very first examples in history of how poor countries can give their profits to capitalists and then develop, something that has never happened before, even though there has been centuries to try it, but I suppose there is always a first time for everything, right.

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This was fun 02.Jul.2005 19:59



Good Grief , man! 03.Jul.2005 10:18

learn to edit!!!

No one wants to sit at a computer reading that much text.

hey, it was supposed to be funny 03.Jul.2005 14:16


in a really monstrous sort of a way, mind you, but someone once said that the true source of all humour is horror...at least one person got it and enjoyed it...the idea being to deny any legitimacy whatsover to the object of your attention, to use the technique of burlesque to send up and completely destroy the pompous arrogance of power and oppression, a technique which can be very powerful...just where is the Lenny Bruce of this current war? there doesn't seem to be one...what I find very difficult reading is the endless, humourless grimness and pessimism and lack of optimism and hope that I encounter all over the place on the internet...in spite of it all I remain an optimist, out of necessity just as sarcastic as hell, but an optimist none the less

going on and on and on about it 03.Jul.2005 14:33


as for that bit about 'editing' let me point out here that to really work a point to death (speaking here about the white man's burden) is a burlesque technique...this is not a grim serious philisophical treatise...it is intended as a ruinously destructive comical send up and just as they went on and on and on about it for centuries, and marvelous are their accomplishments, and just as they never ever ever stop going on and and on about it now, well that bit of mimicry I thought was a required element...I certainly enjoyed writing it, I actually laughed myself hoarse last night (my throat was real sore), and anyone in the mood for some really wicked (Lenny Bruce style) dark humour would probably appreciate the point being made...

Lenny Bruce 03.Jul.2005 15:00


* "Satire is tragedy plus time. You give it enough time, the public, the reviewers will allow you to satirize it. Which is rather ridiculous, when you think about it."

* "Take away the right to say fuck and you take away the right to say fuck the government."

* "If something about the human body disgusts you, complain to the manufacturer."

* "A knowledge of syphilis is not an instruction to get it."

* "Every day people are straying away from the church and going back to God."

* "If Jesus had been killed twenty years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little electric chairs around their necks instead of crosses."

* "...since they condone capital punishment , I want them to stop bitching about Jesus getting nailed up."

* "The real story of our times is seldom told in the horse-puckey- filled memoirs of dopey, self-serving presidents or generals, but in the outrageous, demented lives of guys like Lenny Bruce... The burrs under society's saddle. The pains in the ass."
o Harlan Ellison

And the satirised is? 07.Jul.2005 01:30

Confused audience

Who exactly are you trying to satirise? I thought you might be taking the piss out of yourself given the deliberate length and pomposity of your piece.

Brilliant! 14.Sep.2005 06:37


And I agree - I think! You should write a book along the same lines ....