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I Didn't Eat

the state of america
the state of her
Im an idiot
Im pretty stupid too
I didn't eat for three days straight
because Im too stupid to
I can't get a job to save my life
cause I just wont lie about my name
but if you had to change yours
would you do so that you too could
become a semi-slave?

Oh, sure they pay you
and just enough
to keep a shitty roof above your head
and everyday to take a bus
and all this so that they can
say I am the greatest thing
they ever had?
and if I demand more pay-- too bad!

ok, we're broke, and we cant afford
but we'll be hiring another person
on monday to do your job as well
and our company will grow
and we'll feed and gorge ourselves
but if you see a pizza once in a while
just be glad and say your prayers

take a fat woman and her accessories
a small dog and a cat
a house to keep all the crap in
a television to sit and eat in front of
and an extra room to keep all the extra
plus size clothes in
and a computer
so she can chat and send email about
how she beat bulimia
take this fat women and her car
drive her down the road
where she will meet her fat husband
after work
and they will walk less than half a block
and in this time they will pick up:

an $80 basket of chocolate flowers
a $100 vase to keep the stupid things in
a $200 case to store a violin he never plays
but just because it's old and worth a
lot of money he will never see
since it belonged once to another fatty
who stored it in the basement
and he wouldn't want to see it go
I need $20 to fill the veggie drawer in my
refrigerator and this will easily last me
and 2 cockatiels, a hamster and a guinea pig
a week or even two
if I make an omelet only every other week
and add vegetables

as I walk down the street
this insane hunger growing in me
eyeing all the fruit trees that seem to be
teasing and mocking me
feeding my birds wild bird seed that
my housemates put out for free
i sit and i contemplate this
as i pass a fat bum on the street
who ironically asked me for a cigarette

I think about the reasons for my dilemma:
I have a name that matches a terrorists
and one that makes me sound foreign
and an unpopular foreign one at that
so I have to send 50 resumes out
in hopes of getting one reply
and it's usually:
although you are qualified and have ample skills
the budget has been pulled
the position was filled in less than 2 hours
thanks, we'll keep it on file
um, maybe next time

yes, and this being due to the fact that i'm
unemployed, simply because I have ethics
and values, and I work really hard
all the things they tell you to do:
school, team work, dedication, loyalty
punctuality, pride in work, persistence,
excellence, continuous learning, helping others
all backfiring in my face
or maybe it's just me?
or maybe it's my nationality?
and my name?
which people just love to fuck up and joke about
like it was some odd black mark on my face
no wait- about that they might be more polite
and yes, they very often never mention
how put back they all really are by it
they just make me suffer in other ways
by making me feel like less than a decent
human being
well, maybe I'll become one
and teach them all
to stop feeding the monsters
that they are creating
or maybe I'll rise above
and when I see them all as ants
I'll treat them how we treat ants
have you been to the supermarket lately?
you fat motherfucker.