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Live8 censors my post

Live8/ONE/politicaltechnology censors posts. Read about it below.
I tried to post a comment to


and got rejected. I sent email to all the emails on the Contact Us page. Here's the message I sent:

I think ONE/live8 has got the list nearly backwards. It should be:

Basic needs: clean water, food, education, healthcare, and
for orphans.

Fair, mutually equitable trade ( for demand and supply ), fighting
corruption and debt relief.

Overcome all forms of poverty and aids.

Read this interesting analysis by Wangari Maathai about aids:

( it probably has something to do with my questioning the origin of aids, covered extensively here on indymedia )

homepage: homepage: http://live8live.com

What's your point? 02.Jul.2005 17:12


If somebody wanted to create a biological weapon, they sure as hell wouldn't use a retrovirus. Retroviruses are benign. Other than the mythical "HIV", the other 3000 catalogued human retroviruses have never been known to be cytotoxic (cell-killing).

If this really was a biological weapon, then why does it affect heterosexual Africans equally amongst the sexes, but is still almost entirely confined to gay men in the US and Europe? Viruses don't usually discriminate between gay and straight, black and white. Or maybe they do? Sounds a little crazy, but sure, why not? HIV is so utterly cunning, it can tell the difference between a gay man in the US, and knows to mostly affect blacks in Africa. Smart little bugger.