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Vancouver WA, Second of July Actions

Four Actions Before The Fourth
Vancouver For Peace set up our weekly table at Vancouver Farmers Market today. I also set up a table for Vancouver's new progressive bi-weekly, Vanguard. Next, VFP held a rally at nearby Esther Short Park. Then, we did a walk around downtown, complete with banners, signs, & flags. We ended at the Evergreen Boulevard overpass again & displayed our stuff to I-5 traffic, both directions. We had close to forty on the o'pass.

Other recent work included lobbying our two federal senators. We'll attend our fed representative's town hall next week & the next day lobby his local staff. On the weekend of July 16, we'll sponsor local perfs of "Marx In Soho", by Howard Zinn. Plus, one of our group was actively involved in Palestine last month & kept us & local media posted. Two others of us were there in March. Long range, we're moving along with plans for our second annual Peace & Justice Fair, September 24.

Just some of what we're up to. Check out our web presence:  http://www.vancouverforpeace.org . We're busy in the 'Couve, & we welcome help.

Den Mark, Vancouver