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Fireworks Stink!

They're bright and flashy and fun to watch. But there are many ugly sides to the public fireworks displays.
If you had a handful of lead, mercury, chromium and arsenic, you wouldn't set fire to it and snort it up your nose. But that's what happens every year at public fireworks displays. Levels of toxic metals in air particles were found to be 50 times higher after a public display in a study in Washington state( http://www.stop-fireworks.org/fireworks_asthma.htm). How much of the mysterious fish mutation observed in the Willamette River is due to treating our riverfront like a toxic waste dump set ablaze??! Fireworks endanger human health, especially for fragile individuals, frighten and poison vulnerable animals, and waste precious city resources. Portland's big fireworks display tarnishes our progressive reputation. How can we extinguish this toxic fire?
thanks for the info 04.Jul.2005 09:07

never knew

Thanks for informing people what fireworks really are.

Another problem with fireworks 04.Jul.2005 17:23

Portland resident

I agree with the person who is concerned about the toxic metals in fireworks, I didn't know that. The
thing that upsets me is the flood of fireworks in the hands of ordinary folks with no knowledge of what they are doing in the first place.
I am talking about the idiots who start setting off fireworks a week before the 4th, in the backyard,
where they end up going into the neighbors yard, or in the street, unconcerned about the pets around, the neighbor's dry roofs, and their own fingers.
I would at least like fireworks to be restricted to municipalities who can pay for safe displays with people qualified to handle fireworks.

Thank you for informing the public 04.Jul.2005 21:05

Determined Mom

Thank you for putting the chemical information out there for the public. I know that fireworks cause terrible health problems as my son's lungs collapsed twice after heavy exposure to them. After the second incident, I started making the connection to the pyrotechnics that he had been around. However, it is really difficult to get people to acknowledge the connection at all. I thank you for spelling it out in a simple way.

interesting 05.Jul.2005 10:48


also one can find the relationship between autism and mercury poisoning in the body. great read.

Fire works... 05.Jul.2005 11:02


...in te hands of some people are dangerous. Thanks for the tox info. I also have a problem with those who don't respect your property and shoot those damn things in your yard. In my neighborhood, some yahoos shoot off the noisy ones that sound like howitzers or mortars. I don't mind the colors, but can't stand excessive percussion noise. It upsets the animals and my sanity. I personally ave a problem with fireworks because of past military experience, but I'll live and let live.

Fireworks pollution 08.Jan.2006 19:02

health nut

I agree fireworks stink! Yes... how can we extinguish this toxic fire????

There is this site Fireworks, cheap thrills but toxic pollution that actually outlines many of the toxins found in fireworks and a few alternatives to fireworks. More people need to learn about the dangers.