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Sandra Day Goes Away

I know, I know, they're all just a bunch of corrupt old honkies anyway. But O'Conner was judicially incoherent enough to be the so called swing vote in a lot of the decisions involving the environment, labor rights, bodily autonomy, etc.
Who fucking knows who Cheney is gonna try and force in there now. This is gonna be a long, fucked up process that will probably take the public's focus off of more important things all summer long. BUt at least we have an idea what some segments of society have planned. This is going to be the most powerful fight ever in the history of the Supreme Court nomination process and we will be ready. The Christian Coalition of America has set up our own "war room" around the country. As of last week, CCA has formed the National Judiciary Task Force. In the next few weeks, we will have a state chairman in every state in the country. The main goal of the task force is to be prepared and ready with our grass roots to make certain President Bush's nominee is confirmed. We will have thousands of petitions, make phone calls to every one of the 50 senators and have rallies in support of the nominee in every state. As we see it, the key issues the Bush administration will have in mind when making nominations are overturning Roe vs. Wade, allowing the Ten Commandments and cr?ches in public places, and overturning the Massachusetts decision allowing same-sex marriage. That was Robert Combs of the Christian Coalition. He's a fun guy at parties, I'm sure.
Putting a theofascist in there... 02.Jul.2005 22:40


I bet Bush is going to pack the Court with a theofascist (or two if Rehnquist goes) bent on destroying womens' rights, gay equality, sexual freedom, artistic freedom and the religious rights of atheists, agnostics, practicers of a non-Christian religion, and moderate Christians. But we are going to fight back, right? Even if it means graffiting the headquarters of the far-right lobbyist groups with intelligent messages! If Roe v. Wade or MA state marriage laws are overruled, don't hesitate to go on the IDEOLOGICAL OFFENSIVE with everybody in your life!!!

Well, at least she made a couple of good decisions... 03.Jul.2005 04:02

Scotty B.

About the only good thing I can say about Sandra Day O'Connor is that she was on the right side in the recent decisions on medical marijuania and property rights. Her dissenting opinions in those cases were excellent. She probably made a lot of bad decisions in the past - but I imagine that whoever else gets nominated is going to be much worse. Harry Reid, the Senate leader of the Democrats, submitted a list to Bush of the Senators he thought would be appropriate for the Supreme Court. Even though Reid is a member of what claims to be the opposition, one of his nominees included Senator Mike Crapo from Idaho, a Senator I personally know to be one of the most extreme right-wingers out there. And this was suggested by the leader of the Democrats. Crapo votes against individual rights on almost every issue. He supports free trade and the expansion of corporate power. He was probably a close friend of Jesse Helms.

So if this is any indication, I don't think we have much to hope for in the "fight" to replace O'Connor.