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This article is the recent facts behind the case involving Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home.
News Release:

Even as the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board have hoped that this story would "die", I have found out some details that should be known.

Fact #1: The Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board have "reached a decision" in the case of Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home. Their "decision" is that they have "elected to go futher", according to an inside board source. They have found enough to continue their search.

Fact #2: Angela Valdez, a reporter for the Willamette Weekly, has stated that that 'An inside Attorney General's source has stated that Orcutt's license is to be suspended for 30 days". The Attorney General's Office is tight lipped about this. As they should be, "corpse abuse" and racism" is not something the state wants you to know they are dragging their feet about. What if it was your son or daughter? Would you want them dragging their feet?

Fact #3: The Oregeon Mortuary and Cemetery Board have decided that "action is going to be taken against Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home and their funeral home Manager, Michael J. Orcutt."

Fact#4: I have warrents out for my arrest. Alas!, I am not perfect. I have had a checkered past. But I was right. And I can only hope . . . no, forget that . . . let me expect that those who spat towards me shall not withdraw their indignation but shall only run from the truth that has now slowly shadowed them.
WHAT THE FUCK!! 01.Jul.2005 23:42

Jack Bronsin

Hey, now what the fuck!

When the fuck did this happen? And why has the news not done anything? I had a mother who got killed and is buried at Rose City and this shit happens. No one told ME! Fuck that guy! I hope he gets all that is coming to him.

ENOUGH WITH THE SPAM 02.Jul.2005 14:00


Could you have run maybe fewer articles? I noticed six articles out of nine in this particular time period were all about this issue, with the annoying all-caps titles. Every new article on the newswire pushes another one off the end of the first page.

Try to be considerate of others.

I urge the moderators to compost some articles if a poster can't be more concise and floods the newswire.

Oh boy Floyd 03.Jul.2005 23:52

Somebody who knows you and Pam

Floyd, I see that you have sobered up for a moment or at least took a break from the bottle. You are still waiting for unemployment and are still pretending to be Sara Parrish. When you finally decide to leave this state and stop pretending to be a writer maybe this wonderful place called Oregon will be a better place to live. We cannot see you leave soon enough. I have read ALL of your articles and you are not the expert you think or claim to be. You are causing more grief and despair then you would have ever imagined. You are truly a sick and psychotic individual who is probably not taking your medication (Not a good idea for someone like you) this shows in your behavior and your writing skills. I really feel sorry for your girl friend because she, according to her friends, is afraid of you and is afraid to talk against you.
Floyd, you are closer to a 72-hour lock down and a Thorazine drip then you realize. It is difficult to determine which personality has come out this time. Are they all aware of each other? Are new ones still developing? You really need to take your medication!

How are the bars you frequent when you are lonely at night? Do the men still claim to fantasize about you? Does Pam still go with you and pretend that she wants you? You know she doesn't want you. No one does except the gay men you fantasize about. They are not real except in your mind. You are truly a sick and bizarre individual. This time you have gone too far.

How far is that? 07.Jul.2005 16:07

Floyd Decker

Just how far have I gone since the State found Rose City guilty? It was on the news and you can call the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board to get a copy of the notice. You are just upset because you could not thrash me for being wrong. Well, that's natural and you have to defend yourself in some manner. I surely wish you would identify yourself for you are making an ass out of yourself more than you realize since you are to ashamed to tell me who you are. Thanks.

FLOYD's OBSESSION 18.Aug.2005 12:37


Anyone reading FLoyd's constant diatribe (OFS, ROSE CITY CEMETARY, TEXAS WOMAN-DEATH ROW,KENDRA JAMES bullet path... etc) has got to know he is using this site as an interactive blog and is obsessed with death & the death industry. There are too many posters that have ID'd themselves by name and commented on his "rotational"employment at all other positions in the funeral industry in Portland, OR. PLEASE, dear readers, READ ALL of FLoyd's postings. Judge for yourself. KNow that FLoyd was studying at MHCC for the Mortuary program...NOT CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATOR (...when you are delivering a body to a medical examiner, you shouldn't be toying with the deceased's wounds (he is alleged to have put fingers in gunshot wounds & hands inside skulls that were damaged in accidents, and later gone back to accident scenes on his own to look for "brain matter" ).... Now, if he wants to handle & examine those remains-- AFTER!!!! the ME has done his work-- back at whichever mortuary he works at this week, that would be fine if he has an interest in damage & subsequent restoration. How many crime scenes might he have compromised with his purient interest???? YOIKES...... get some help, FLoyd........

P.S. the above "report" that this is in response to is BOGUS.... no determinations have been made by the board as of this time...yes there was an investigation, but no action has been taken........
one who knows the defamed/slandered party