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This writing explains the secret punishment behind a local funeral home manager
News Release:

Even in the quiet world of the deceased, secrets begin to scream. It has become known that Michael J. Orcutt, the current funeral home manager of Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home has received a secret punishment from the Attorney General's Office -- license suspension!

According to inside sources from the Willammette Weekly, it seems that a secretive contact at the AG's office has stated that Orcutt's license will be 'suspended for thirty days", pending further investgation by the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board. It seems that his license will be suspended while he is investigated further -- while each instance of "corpse abuse" and "racism" is broken down.

At last check, Michael J. Orcutt was still employed at Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home, even after being investigated by the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board. Part- owner of Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home, Jon Ollerenshaw, stated in a newscast in May that "we are glad the board are investigating these allegations and doing so quickly." He goes onto say, " I believe the allegations are fiction and have every reason to believe they will be dismissed." This writer would like to know those reasons.

It is unclear if many know of the upcoming sentence for it was only secretly released last week and has yet to be "officially released'"to the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board. The board will not "go public' with any decision yet they will only, "make available to the public" any decision. Hence, if you know not of the case . . . then you do not inquire. How fitting -- the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board are relying on the "death of this case' to gain them peace" for the action they have received from this has been something they are unaccustomed to.
Oh boy Floyd, your so neat 03.Jul.2005 23:55

A person who knows you and Pam

Floyd, I see that you have sobered up for a moment or at least took a break from the bottle. You are still waiting for unemployment and are still pretending to be Sara Parrish. When you finally decide to leave this state and stop pretending to be a writer maybe this wonderful place called Oregon will be a better place to live. We cannot see you leave soon enough. I have read ALL of your articles and you are not the expert you think or claim to be. You are causing more grief and despair then you would have ever imagined. You are truly a sick and psychotic individual who is probably not taking your medication (Not a good idea for someone like you) this shows in your behavior and your writing skills. I really feel sorry for your girl friend because she, according to her friends, is afraid of you and is afraid to talk against you.
Floyd, you are closer to a 72-hour lock down and a Thorazine drip then you realize. It is difficult to determine which personality has come out this time. Are they all aware of each other? Are new ones still developing? You really need to take your medication!

How are the bars you frequent when you are lonely at night? Do the men still claim to fantasize about you? Does Pam still go with you and pretend that she wants you? You know she doesn't want you. No one does except the gay men you fantasize about. They are not real except in your mind. You are truly a sick and bizarre individual. This time you have gone too far.