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This article is a announcement of the names of the victims in the case against Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home
Press Release: It has been over two months since allegations of "corpse abuse'" and "racism'" were filed by Floyd Decker at the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board. The names of the victims were never made public. In recent gained information, it has been discovered that Michael J. Orcutt, the funeral home manager of Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home is to await "disciplinary action" by the Attorney General's Office (more on this in a following article). He was accused of "inappropiate sexual touching of a corpse" and "inappropiate comments towards a corpse" in the original complaint which can be found doing a search on Portland Independent Media using Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home. The names of those deceased victims are as follows:

Lakeua Wilson - 28, cause of death -- renal failure. She is the "young African American Woman" in the original complaint. The one Mr. Orcutt "kissed" and stated, 'You look good enough to fuck."

Thelma Blanchard -- cause of death: breast cancer. Listed in the allegations as the woman who Mr. Orcutt stated: "God, that nigger looks like she needs to be dead"

Jerry Green: 71 - approx Cause of Death: cancer. The man listed in the complaint as "Mr. Green".

Angeline Spanos: age unknown Cause of death: unknown. Angeline is listed as the woman whose "hat Mr. Orcutt placed on and danced around with"

The names of the obese women alude me at the moment but I have their embalming reports at the house and will confirm when I get the chance.

I must tell the reason why I decided to go public with the names of these victims. My intention is not to hurt the families of these victims but I know that in order for justice to prevail, hurt must be present. I thought about this with great emotional weight and decided that it is better if it goes public so that the public will help stand for these victims and their families instead of them being alone in their grief and anger. I know that grieving of death can be a private matter and most always is, but in this case, their memory will also serve a purpose in bringing a man to justice. Justice is never pretty but the result can bring peace, even if divided.
Dismissed 01.Mar.2006 10:08


The mortician in question on this article has had a complete dismissal of all allegations against him and the funeral home. Thank God this is in fact over. He can go on living.