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Iraqi Resistance Video - The Cowboys in Iraq - A Must See - Extremely Powerful Images

June, 2005 Video Release by the Iraqi Resistance - The Cowboys in Iraq - A Must See - Extremely Powerful Images
Did you know July 2nd is the anniversary of the Cowboy-in-Chief's famous expression, "Bring Em On!"?

The Resistance obliges.

Iraqi Resistance Video - The Cowboys in Iraq - A Must See - Extremely Powerful Images

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comments 01.Jul.2005 20:07


For those who have not seen the vid, it is composed of a long string of still images from Iraq. The first half of the video is a long sequence of blown up American tanks, personel carriers, and gunned down planes and choppers. There are also photos of what are obviously unarmed Iraqi civilians gathered in jubilant celebration around the blackened wrecks, as well some photos of chldren hurling rocks and dancing on burned tanks and so on. The second half the video consists of a variety of gory images of American casualities, which puts a face to those statistics you often hear about 1700 deaths and casualties mounting into the tens of thousands. The end sequence of the video consists of what is referred to as a 'barbeque' and displays the corpses of burned American soldiers, at least one of which was then hung up from a bridge by civilians. The video concludes with images of depressed and demorzalized looking images of American troops.
The tone of the video is rude, provocative and celebratory and not the sort of thing that is likely to win the resistance any new friends due to its mocking tone.
However it is interesting as propaganda in that it actually shows the Iraq war (the concluding message of the video states that Bush shows you only what he wants you to see). The final impression left by the video is different than what the impression you might get from the american media, which is of a few random suicide bombings targetting police here and there, but rather the war in Iraq is real full fledged war, where combat is a day to day occurence and the images are powerful reminders of Vietnam. The overall impression left by the video is to call into question the 'occassional suicide bomber' propaganda put out by the American media system, and so therefore, if you ignore its gloating tone and the victorious singing sound track that accompanies all the carnage put on display on the video, in its own way this video probably tells more of the truth about the actual war and ongoing combat than the media is letting on to the American people.

Imades of a Useless War 02.Jul.2005 05:13


Thanks Brent, for your intelligent and well articulated assesment of this video. I agree everything of what you state, including that the video is a propaganda piece of the Iraqi Resistance, with some of the flaws one would expect from it. Neverless it is worth to look at them, to counter the propaganda on our own side, which limits itself to a minimum of sanitized images and does everything to divert attention away, by sensationalising domestic trivia. (Michael Jackson, Terry Sciavo, The 'Runaway Bride' etc.) The video is a long string of still images, sometimes quite repetitious and amateurish. I even recognized, one famous Vietnam era photo among them. The overall effect with the music and all, is still emotionally arousing, or disheartening depending on which side you are. When I watched through the painful images, I felt sorrow, but not hate. The people rejoicing our losses, needn't had to be our enemies, they could have be our friends. (and that is a loss too.)
Grave is the responsibility of the 'leaders' who manipulated this unnecessary, useless war.

all I can say is... 02.Jul.2005 16:49


It's a pretty fucking depraved country that would let a demented robot like Bush send thousands of its young people into such a meatgrinder. While it shops at the maul. And politely laughs and applauds the sick jokes of torturers and murderers in threepiece suits at lavish formal pressclub dinners.

someone sure as hell found it useful 02.Jul.2005 16:57

me again

What a great commentary on knuckleheaded platitudes about "peace through strength"! What do you expect to get when your country stockpiles the biggest armaments and standing armies in world history? That they're really going to sit around unused, even when the population sleeps while criminals hijack their country's government?

As everyone knows by now who isn't sitting mentally comatose watching Faux Snooze, the die was cast for this war from the first day of Bush's (s)election campaign in 1999. And the wheels were well in motion as soon as the Supreme Court in its ultimate moment of infamy appointed the creep over the heads of the voters.