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GroundZero911 / 1:00-4:30pm / Sunday July 10th / NEW IMPROVED FLYER / half page

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phone: phone: 503 287 3473

NOTE that two UNLABELLED FILES above are PDF and RTF 01.Jul.2005 16:02

glen / kboo / 9-11 Truth Alliance


contact info same as the above

The explosions . . . weak link 01.Jul.2005 16:42


The explosions 'before' the collapses are not confirmed so I'm not sure why that should be one of the main questions. This is a very fuzzy area because you don't have anything like 100 witnesses reporting this. You have a lot of people talking about the 'explosion' and 'then the collapse.' It would make perfect sense that an explosion might precipitate any collapse - the floor starts to collapse and then a combustible element in the building explodes. I would imagine in any skyscraper there could be tons of stuff that might explode if it caught on fire.

The answer to this question is - documentation. I see about less than 10 sources on WRH for people that heard the explosions. For something this fuzzy, you need more accounts than that and you need names. You need to take the time to pour through all of the accounts of the collapses and find those things.

Christopher Bollyn is not a reputable reporting source to rely on. His sources are unnanmed and undocumented elsewhere. He pushes the extremist theories with no basis and works for an anti-semitic publication. See below.

Christopher Bollyn

Mr. Bollyn is with the so-called American Free Press, which also publishes the "Barnes Review," a publication that recently claimed that Hitler should have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize and sells a variety of books claiming that Nazi death camps were not actually death camps. Mr. Bollyn has published a variety of hoaxes on the 9/11 complicity issues, including the truly bizarre claim that there wasn't actually a plane crash in Pennsylvania (even though there were eyewitnesses and a several mile long debris field suggesting the plane was really shot down by an air-to-air missile). They do publish enough real material to snare readers -- it is a form of bait.

More on Bollyn . . .

American Free Press reporter Christopher Bollyn is the source of a story that "molten steel" was found in the foundations of the Twin Towers and Building 7 weeks after the collapses. According to Bollyn, Steve Tully, president of Tully Construction of Flushing, NY, said he saw pools of "literally molten steel" at Ground Zero. Bollyn also cites Mark Loizeaux, president of Controlled Demolition Inc. (CDI) of Phoenix, MD, as having seen molten steel in the bottoms of elevator shafts "three, four, and five weeks" after the attack.

The reports of molten steel are suspect for a number of reasons. Tully Construction was one of four companies awarded contracts by New York City's Department of Design and Construction to dispose of the rubble at Ground Zero, and CDI was subcontraced by Tully and was instrumental in devising a plan to recycle the steel. The involvment of Steve Tully and Mark Loizeaux in the destruction of the evidence of the unprecedented collapses would seem to disqualify them as objective reporters of evidence. Interestingly, CDI was also hired to bury the rubble of the Murrah Building in the wake of the Oklahoma City Bombing. That Loizeaux stood trial on charges of illegal campaign contributions casts further doubt on his credibility. 3

Another reason to dubt the molten steel story is the fact that it has been used by Bollyn and others to support the dubious theory that the collapses were caused by bombs in the towers' basements.

And here:

The attempt to deny the crash of Flight 93 in Shanksville, PA apparently originated with a September 17, 2004 article by Christopher Bollyn in American Free Press, a publication that promotes the Hitler-praising Barnes Review. The creator of OilEmpire.us documents these neo Nazi connections and draws a parallel between the denial of gas chambers in the Holocaust and the denial that jetliners were crashed in the 9/11/01 attack.

Bollyn was also the apparent source of several rumors and errors about the World Trade Center destruction now deeply ingrained in 9/11 skeptics' literature, including:

* That seismic spikes occurred at the onsets of the Twin Towers' collapses
* That molten steel was discovered in the basements
* That Building 6 was cratered by a huge explosion

More recently Bollyn has promoted the idea that depleted uranium was present at all the crash sites. Such stories may just reflect a motivated reporter's tendency to amplify suspicious facts, but the ease with which several of them have been dibunked highlights the importance of using the scientific method in evaluating evidence.

The explosions . . . weak link 02.Jul.2005 22:30


yeah...thanks Ariel S.W Bush!

to reader : Please join us at ~GroundZero911~ conference Sun 1pm July 10th 04.Jul.2005 12:21

glen theKnownUniverse@yahoo.com

We value your input. Thanks for taking time and trouble to comment.
GroundZero911 is about raising specific questions documented by genuinely credible sources, not about determining definitive answers.
The real genuine question is how could anybody on their right mind accept the overall findings of the Keene Commission Report, given a the whole set of rather obvious errors and omissions in it. And then there is the range and number of "co-incidences" that, taken together, are simply impossible to swallow.
It would be an honor to have you there grilling the speakers and others at the confenence July 10th. And it's FREE, and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.
And finally: it appears you have never seen the pictures of World Trade Center SEVEN going down in what it is blazingly obviously a controlled demolition--and those charges could not have been laid and set for detonation in anything like the four short hours hetween outbreak of TINY fires (that had be brought entirely under control) and the highly disciplined tumble-down.
"WTC 7" demolition video links are cited below:
AND IN CONCLUSION your correspondent cannot stress enough that this is probably not even the strongest piece of evidence to demonstrate that actions and inactions of foulest treason were delivered to the world with malice afore thought by America's NeoCon regime at about nine o'clock in the morning of Wednesday September 11th 2001.

503 287 3473
Glen Owen KBOO-fm / 20 SE 8th Ave Box 62 / Portland OR 97214

yet more links re "pulling" buildings of New York WORLD TRADE CENTER 04.Jul.2005 12:37


Those links were cited on google search page as well.

~GroundZero911~ DRAFT SCHEDULE for JULY 10th (+hundreds of links) 04.Jul.2005 17:43

courtney/glen for 911 Truth Alliance and Discussion Group theKnownUniverse@yahoo.com

This schedule is tentative and will be finalized at our meeting at Laughing Horse / 2652 SE Division / 7-9pm Wed July 6th. The final schedule of videos, speakers and discussions will be published, in greater detail, on portland.indymedia as a separate newswire item by Thursday July 7th.
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 15:52:36 -0700 (PDT)
To:  reichstagfire911@yahoogroups.com
From: "Courtney Scott" < scottsakes@yahoo.com>
Subject: Fwd: July 10th agenda
Here is latest agenda.
We are 8 minutes over, let&#8217;s discuss cutting out one
of the videos to give us more squeeze room.
July 10th agenda:
1:00: Courtney welcomes audience to our event
1:01: George's video presentation and Q&A on the
Dawson-Perry report. :20 minutes
1:21: Courtney introduces Clyde Lewis
1:22:. Clyde speaks for 20-30 minutes
1:50. Yo speaks about her experience being in NY on
9-11. :5-10 minutes
1:55. Barrie Zwicker's Great Conspiracy :15 minutes
2:10:. Mike Schultz on the Pentagon :5 minutes
2:15. Q&A :10 minutes
2:25:. Break--during break, we will play 10 minutes of
Great Illusion by Humphries.
2:35:. Eric Huffsmidt's WT7 video: 15 minutes
2:50. Aldona Q&A on WT7 :5 minutes
2:55. Courtney on Madrid fire :5 minutes
3:00. Ruppert's War games :15 minutes
3:15:. Craig on flight 93 :5 minutes
3:20. Q&A :10 minutes
3:40. John Judge on 9-11 :15 minutes
3:55. David Ray Griffin :15 minutes
4:10. Alex Jones on martial law :15 minutes
4:25. Alex speaks :5- minutes
4:30. Sharon on chemtrails :5 minutes
4:35. Janet Marcley-Hayes announcement :3 minutes
4:38:.Courtney makes announcement about when the group
meets and thanks people for coming
CRASH COURSE devised in runup to Mike Ruppert lecture "9/11 and Peak Oil" is detailed below. That personal appearance occurred in Portland on June2nd 2005 and was attended by at least four hundred twenty people (at $10/head):
Given the publicity and sponsorship that ~GroundZero911~ has enjoyed and that room capacity for July 10th is about a third that of the Ruppert lecture, it may be time to start advising those with a serious interest in the issue to arrive early. There will be opportunity to enter room somewhat earlier than 1pm official starting time.
portland.indymedia MIR search for Michael Ruppert:
portland.indymedia MIR search for David Ray Griffin (of New Pearl Harbor, Keene commission deconstruction etc:

503 287 3473

draft psa 05.Jul.2005 10:14



Glen 05.Jul.2005 11:09


Thanks for valuing my input.

I guess I should mention the most important point I see happening here: sandwiching in 9/11 with UFOs, Chemtrails and fake moon landings is a quick way to discredit it in the eyes of many. By 'many' I mean average Americans. The best thing you can do is to try to disentangle 9/11 truth from those other aspects of your presentation and highlight the very real differences:

1. 9/11 truth involves a well-documented governement cover-up for the purpose of war, not a series of websites and radio programs with proclaimations of people saying they saw objects in the sky (chemtrails and UFOs), however real those may be.

2. 9/11 truth pertains directly to the current murders in Iraq and grew out of the murders of approximately 3000 Americans - UFO or Chemtrail deaths are unknown given that no one is researching them.

3. 9/11 truth has been examined ridicule-free in mainstream publications like C-SPAN, Hustler Magazine, Harpers Magazine, Zogby.com, Guardian UK, etc. Can the same be said of UFOs and Chemtrails? No. There's a reason for that, and it isn't that the mainstream is trying to cover them up. Part of the reason has to do with the fact that our own government is lying to us for the purpose of profit and murder. We have no similar amount of information about Chemtrails or UFOs.

4. While all of these areas are important to some, 9/11 truth stands to lose the MOST (since, for example, high percentages of people in NY think the gov't was involved in 9/11 but DO NOT believe in UFOs or the relevance of Chemtrails in the same way) by constant association with the much less well accepted premises of Chemtrails and UFOs.

Importantly, Chemtrails and UFOs have nothing to lose by riding on the coattails of 9/11.