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CAFTA Passes Senate 54-45

CAFTA Passes Senate 54-45: House to Vote After July 4th Recess

July 1, 2005

After a long day of debate yesterday, the Senate voted 54-45 to approve DR-CAFTA. Until very recently, many thought that DR-CAFTA was a done deal in the Senate.  Yet the trade pact passed by only 9 votes ­ the closest margin ever for a Free Trade Agreement in the Senate.  
Study the vote: (10 Dems voted for it! 12 Rebups against!)

Both Oregon Senators Vote for CAFTA

Ditto for Washington 01.Jul.2005 09:35


I was informed our "great" senators from Washington, Murray and Cantwell, also voted for this. We're in trouble, people, and you must consider getting out of the Democrat hold on this nation. It's taking us down the hole of hell.

wake up people... 01.Jul.2005 10:20


well, if...in this late hour, people are STILL holding out for the Democratic party to act as a true oppostion to the corportae elite, then you probably deserve to lose. If you don't already realize by now that BOTH parties are parties of the elite-only...then you probably deserve to lose. To me, there is no worse pathetic type of person than those who steadfastly supported John Kerry during the last "election" cycle.

Wake up, understand that the electoral system is a dead dinosaur (in terms of progressive change) and we must pick up where we left off prior to 9/11/01. Anyone remember when we were an actual movement not so long ago?