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At a time when so much is so wrong (poem)

From Portland Writers
At a time when so much is so wrong
we must give ourselves permission
to public expression
we must encourage others
to public expression
knowing that open tension is desirable
and preferred
to repressed grief

We have precious-little time
Our whole world burns

You could close your eyes to it
but as the sun on your lids
it is always there
and you will know it
your head will ache with your obligation

For truth-tellers carry the burden
of delivering the message
when they find it
For the audience is listening and seeking with the artist
Sacred journey, I believe

I have something to say

The universe inside must be spewed forth in public acts
When I wander circles, I walk into yours
All the doors open wider
No need to see it to believe it
We are always of it, just by the very nature of our breathing

I cannot be indifferent when you are standing in my kitchen
I will not be accused of the misuse of my tools ...

We have precious-little time
Our whole world burns

We let it all inside
We give ourselves away

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Don't forget to dance 01.Jul.2005 08:22

tired family dog

chet helms is dead, but the summer of love lives on. When you're treading on thin ice, you might as well dance - jesse winchester.

Thanx. yer poem gives life to my thoughts.