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Local Illegal Evictions

Local Illegal Evictions.
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What an illegal eviction looks like.

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wow 01.Jul.2005 17:58

that sucks

I looked through your website. Wow. I've been in terribly similar situation, although with not nearly as much evidence as you have. It's miserable. I, too, worked nights while my landlord tried to show the house during the day with no warning, sprayed the house with pesticides and the yard with herbicides (there were "weeds"--the native grasses I had planted) with NO advance notice, and tried to change the terms of the month-to-month tenancy illegally. It was a terrible few months. "Reasonable hours" were by law business hours when I went through this; night workers are discriminated against in this respect.

That being said, the best thing I ever did for my own physical and mental health was to leave. I got a much cheaper place, saved money, and bought my own damn house 2 years later. In the long run, he may have won the battle, but I won the war and my sanity back. I realize that that may not be a realistic option, and that moving is expensive, but it sounds like you're fighting a losing battle against a capitalist asshole. He is not going to stop. Consider your mental health and the stress you're going through and make the decision that's feels right to you.

you're not a lawyer 02.Jul.2005 03:18

and neither am i

It looks like most of the case law you are citing is irrelevant to your situation. Many of the cases you cite have to do with the recovery of real property (ie, real estate changing ownership), not evictions or other similar actions. Furthermore, since you lease month to month, it appears that all of the eviction proceedings are exceedingly legal.

P.S. Seriously (trying not to get my post canned for this), you may want to consult a psychologist in addition to hiring another attorney.

Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God 02.Jul.2005 17:53

xyster xysterxxavier@comcast.net

"Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God"
-Thomas Jefferson

My girlfriend and I find the above comments fascinating -- both serve to sway other tenants in similar situations away from fighting for their rights.
The first with some subtlety, the second without any.
We often wonder if any "normal people" at all write to Portland Indymedia - those without an unstated political or financial agenda or conflict.
Our objectives are openly stated: use legal means to fight despotic property management corporations and other tyrants that usurp our rights and the rights of others.
Our ideology is openly stated: libertarian-right; which simply means anti-authoritarian, anti-collectivist. Plenty of room for movement on specific issues.
Our conflicts of interest are openly stated: none. As can be seen from the quality of our vehicles, raw eggs dripping from the hoods, we don't own or earn very much.
Are we having "mental health problems"? -- No!
Are we pissed -- Yes!
Is anger a mental health problem?
Whoever thinks so should take some thorazine and get a grip on reality, or state their real political or financial conflict of interest: realtor? legal assistant? HUD worker? Agent provocateur?
Oh, I must be paranoid for thinking people would mis-represent themselves, especially on the internet! "Quick honey get my straightjacket, I'm losing my marbles!"

Are we educated enough to be able to represent ourselves in court if need be?
Yes we are. We can read, write, and speak.
I personally have as many years of formal, post HS education as the average attorney - not that that matters, or should matter. No, I'm not a lawyer. That's a tremendous advantage. I haven't been brainwashed by fascist law professors and corrupt peers.
Millions of others like us, including the first commentator, shirk their duty by not standing up to tyrants. Taking the easy streat, most people willingly abrogate their basic human rights, creating greater problems for everybody else - and ultimately for themselves and their families too. The difficult path in the short term is sometimes the easiest path in the long term. Tyrants, by definition, always grab power other's allow them to grab. Witness our federal government in general, the whitehouse in particular, the president specifically.
Representing ourselves in court (Pro Se) may not be optimal, but at least we don't charge ourselves $150/hr plus a huge retainer; at least we always work in our own interest; at least we can put in all the hours we need on our case -- and at least the other side, even if they win because we don't know all the "tricks of the trade", will have to spend many thousands of dollars more of their ill-gotten "capital" than we.
Is that right?
Yes it is.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience, if not to God, at least to justice.
If more people would do the same, tenants, and other oppressed classes, could break the lock of the tyrants and assholes - including many/most misguided lawyers - oppression since the time of Marx ascribed to "capitalism".

I call it "Assholism". I don't believe the problem is "capitalism" or "capitalists". Hippies selling beads at the Saturday market are "capitalists". Hippies never caused me any grief.
I like hippies. I lived in Eugene. I was a U of O wannabe-hippie for many years in the 80s. Therefore, if hippies are capitalists, and hippies are good, capitalists at least can't be all bad.
"Assholes," practicing "assholism," seems a very good description. "Tyrants," is much more specific. "Tryantism," though, just doesn't have that nifty ring.
"Capital" is a business's assets and wealth -- the subset of which that can be used to produce more assets and wealth. I.E. the means of economic production.
When capital can be owned by a single proprietor or a partnership (a non-corporate business), the system is called capitalism. When owned by the government, it's called Socialism or Fascism. When owned by an extended group -perhaps the workers in the company or the society at large - it's called communism.
There's no such thing as a "communist government," only socialist governments, i.e. U.S.S.R Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. We have all manner of communist systems in the United States: co-op apartment buildings; ESOP (employee stock option plans), CCR-oppressed neighborhoods etc etc...
"Corporations" are not synonymous with "Capitalism". Corporations are not a natural part of the healthy Capitalist garden. Corporations are like weeds in the garden of Capitalism, growing over the top of good little private owner's businesses, cutting of their light, eventually killing them and sucking up their nutrients - the workers once happy in ma and pa shops, artisan trades and professions - into the stalks of oppressive corporate culture society leaves - those cubicles where no one takes pride in their work, quality suffers, dangerous products are unleashed on an unsuspecting public, even promoted by complicit government watchdog agencies, because - unlike the hippie capitalist selling beads downtown - in a corporation, no one has ownership of their product, or an emotional attachment to the local consumers of the product.
Ill-gotten corporate wealth aggregates into the hands of those least deserving, while society begins to broadly blame free capitalism - the most natural, normal and beneficial system of commerce.
Eliminate corporations, keep businesses - most problems solved. Won't happen if the hundreds of millions of tenants oppressed by tyranical property management corporations just keep running away from the problem.