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Animal Activists Rock Neighborhoods . . . Again

Thngs are heating up--on both sides--as local animal activists encounter growing resistance to their use of free speech, and also some appreciation.
The first stop was Judy Cameron's house at 3326 SW Marquan Hill Road, Portland. With garage doors and window open, and lights on, no one greeted the activist who politely knocked on the door to ask Judy to stop hurting animal except for one cat, who seemed to look to her owner to open the door. After a short speech to educate neighbors about why they were there, activists chanted their message--"vivisection has to go." A couple walking their dog waved cheerfully while one neighbor sitting outside commented, "I agree with you!" She was met with rousing cheers of "Thanks!" and "Next time, join us!" As activists drove off, the waved to a middle aged man hurrying after them with a cell phone.

The next visit was to Cynthia Bethea at 10367 NW Alpenglow Way, Portland 97231 who, interestingly, was waiting for activists in her front yard, daschund by her side and a glass of red wine and camera in hand.

The final visit was to Primate Center Director Susan Smith's house at 13400 NW Germantown Rd., Portland 97231. As activists emerged from their cars, they noticed a vehicle driving in the same direction they had come from, turn around, as they had, and park 20 yards in front of where they parked. Activists delivered their heart-rending message to all in earshot and returned to their cars, only to find that, as they attempted to drive off, the driver of the vehicle in front of them stepped into the road and spread his arms to stop them. Clutching a pad of paper and a pen, he may have been attempting to get license numbers in this ludicrously dangerous way. Although activists attempted to talk to him, he only stood in front of the car yelling, "Don't hit me." Activists successfully managed to avoid injuring him, although he similarly stepped in front of the second car in an attempt to stop them.

Apparently, the activists' message is getting out, both to those who agree with them and those who don't.
please explain 30.Jun.2005 14:15


i think i must me missing something.is protesting not covered by the first amendment under free speech?and if i am understanding the above story it seems to me that its the neighbors not the researchers who are getting upset by these peaceful demonstrators.some clarification would be appreciated.

I heard that..... 30.Jun.2005 14:48


I heard that as the activists were leaving Judy Cameron's house, some guy flew past them in a car, (probably the same guy who ran after them with the camera/cell phone) and apparently he was real hot under the collar, and came so close to one of the protesters that he almost hit her! Scary! Sounds like he was probably an angry neighbor / vivisection supporter.

Learn more about Judy's "research" here:  http://www.whitecoatwelfare.org/cameron.shtml

Researchers are ashamed 30.Jun.2005 15:57

demo supporter

Just seems to me that the researchers don't want to come out and face the protesters because maybe they're ashamed of what they do. Either that or they don't want to get into a debate knowing they will lose. These people conduct hidious experiments on extremely intelligent animals. They can't possibly be proud of that. Especially since the experiments they conduct are laughable & don't do anything to help people - and only use up our tax money that should be going towards programs to help people who are currently going without health insurance because of budget cuts.

And keep in mind that these "neighbors" who chased after the protesters with cameras could be security people working for OHSU, (with nothing better to do). It doesn't sound to me like anyone actually came out of a neighboring house.

Fight fire with fire 30.Jun.2005 17:28

a reader

Just a suggestion but if the 'neighbors' are coming out with cameras, pads and pencils and even a glass of red wine shouldn't the protestors be equiped with the same (Okay, so forget the red wine, Cindy probably was trying to drown the memories of the pain and suffering she had inflicted upon the animals that day). Maybe they wouldn't feel quite so secure if they knew their cars, license plate numbers and faces might appear the next day on Indymedia. Was the 'neighbor' who blocked the vehicles actually in the middle of the road preventing them from leaving? Did he touch any of the vehicles? My understanding of the law is that if he did then that in itself is criminal.

A Message To Vivesectors 01.Jul.2005 07:21


All beings tremble before violence.
All fear death - all love life.
See yourself in others.
Then who can you hurt?
What harm can you do?

Photos from that night 01.Jul.2005 08:21


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Neighbor who blocked traffic
Neighbor who blocked traffic
Judy Camerons neighbor who almost ran over protesters
Judy Camerons neighbor who almost ran over protesters
Inside Judy Camerons Garage
Inside Judy Camerons Garage

Only Unanswered Questions 01.Jul.2005 20:21


Readers, please enlarge the first photo above and let activists know if anyone recognizes this man. Activists have no reason to believe he is a neighbor, yet his bizarre behavior (note the pen and pad in hand) is difficult to explain. Surely, this is not the best way to get a license number. Nor did he intend to speak with the activists. Speculate away . . .

Be Careful 02.Jul.2005 11:53

A Supporter

Activist beware and be careful.This is a dangerous game that these "neighborhood" thugs are playing.They have resorted to chasing,following,attempting to box you in,almost running you down and blocking public roads.This is not a game.They are taking the law into their own hands and someone is likely to get hurt.They are nothing more than red-neck vigilantes who want to play Starsky and Hutch.The law is on your side but please proceed with caution.If there are any lawyers out there reading these messages please give these peaceful activists some advice as to legal recourse.