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Yellow ribbons

wanted: yellow ribbon stickers
Hi all,

I live in Texas, where everybody has these yellow ribbon stickers on the backs of their cars reading "Support our Troops" or "God Bless our Troops" or whatever. I was thinking maybe it's time to make some of my own ribbon stickers, featuring slogans like "Total Global Domination" or "Support Military Imperialism" or simply "Get that Oil". The text would be written in the cursive italic style of the originals, so it wouldn't be obvious at a glance. You'd have to actually take time to read the words at a stoplight or something. It would be cool if they were about the same size and shape as the originals, so that all the people changing their minds about the war can simply cover over the old sticker without worrying about the permanent "tan lines" on their paint job after they peel away their support for US global hegemony.

Anyway, if anybody has the ability to print up a few of these, I'd be super interested in communicating, so just post a reply.

Now is the time for sarcasm.
The easiest way to get ribbons with your own slogans 29.Jun.2005 23:47


Is to steal (or buy) ribbons from another car and paint them a color, then write your own slogan on them with a sharpie. Good luck

. 30.Jun.2005 00:51


I like "Get that oil."

What about "I heart Depleted Uranium."

"kill 'em all: ours and theirs."

"I support a culture of death."

"blood for oil"

"blindfold me."

"caution: i'm blindfolded."

"how's my war drive?"

"when do we crush Israel?"

"I blindly support WWIII."

"Help me! I have no other source for information."

"Help me! I have no real information about the world."

"Stop me before I support pre-emptive war again!"

"Pity me! I have no real information about the world."

"Pity me! I'm glued to the TV."

"Pity my ignorance!"

"Where's a cliff I can drive off?"

"I have no plan for peace."

"Stupid stickers! Whew! I've done my part!"

"Another sucker for the war."

"Caution! Easily led over cliffs."

"Lobotomy helped me see the light."

"Spay and neuter your warmongers."

"Another useless follower."

"Wicked and immoral and lovin' it."

"Caution! Deluded beyond comprehension!"

"If more die, I'll just buy another sticker."

"Help me seek help for my condition!"

"Bring the Guard home to protect us from fascism."

"I remember nothing about why we are there."

"Sorry! I can't get this sticker off now!"

"Support the military industrial complex."

"Like my cowardly yellow noose?"

"I support war because I'm afraid of peace."

"Sorry! I'm trying to hide I hate dictator Bush!"

"Whee! When do the next set of war stickers come out?"

my suggestion 30.Jun.2005 02:35


"Bring 'em home! No WMD! Impeach the Liars!"

you can buy them here if you want 30.Jun.2005 03:25

U. Sam

but they fall off of cars easier


non-urban areas of texas are scary, I saw a car with the entire back windshield sprayed with "thank god bush is our leader". Yikes.

In NY, windows still have buck fush, impeach the terrorists, Bush lies ppl die, all over the place. Ny gets hit with mass murder and they hate bush, texans with no clue think he's a leader. Maybe it's the heat.

This one is mine 30.Jun.2005 07:15


Not real neat but you get the idea.

Those yellow ribbons 30.Jun.2005 09:43


Those yellow ribbons are demonic insignia, akin to the mark of Cain or the mark of the beast.

It is the symbol of the horns, the illuminati salute.

It is also symbolic of the genetic satanic code 110 binary or 6 decimal.

And it is symbolic of the ring lords tying the nation up, if you will, in a perfect ring (ribbon) of protection (security).

And I'm sure there are other refernces of which I'm not aware.

No need to scribble or deface the ones you see. Simply ignore them and don't wear one yourself.

The Truth is the Truth. It needs no symbol. So be the Truth and live the Truth.

Peace to all.

Yellow ribbons 30.Jun.2005 09:58


Ah yes, it derives from the word "rbiyiy" (reb-ee-ee) which means a fourth part, or foursquare.

And from the word "rabah" meaning to increase, spread,multiply, enlarge, etc.

And from the word "rab," an archer.

And of course, "raba," being sprawled on all fours, to squat or lie flat out as ifd for cupulation.

So there you have it. A symbol for the harlot(s) of Babylon, the increase and the spread of this harlotry, the approach of the archer in his hun (like Nimrod the mighty hunter [of souls]) and the whore spread out for copulation with the beast.

So forget those ribbons, You don't want them. Move on.

Choose to worship in Spirit and Truth.

PUT THEM IN CHAINS 30.Jun.2005 10:39

banderín negro

fire u$ war criminals

justice for u$ war criminals

nazis didn't start with holocaust
justice served
justice served
waiting to be served
waiting to be served

Great slogan 30.Jun.2005 12:13


I saw a great bumper sticker with an American flag on it.

These colors
Don't run
the world.

Another nice slogan:

These colors torture.

i like 30.Jun.2005 12:20


on my yellow ribbon

my ribbon is 30.Jun.2005 15:28


and says MIA and POW. It's a good reminder to all these yellow magnet people that there's a price to pay for all of this.

Yellow Ribbon for "Special Forces" 30.Jun.2005 15:33


Tool of the trade...

thanks 30.Jun.2005 18:52


Hey Oregon,

Thanks for all the comments. Since we are criticizing Texas, I just wanted to mention something that happened last weekend. I was at the PBR invitational up in Dallas and before the event they had an opening prayer wherein the person leading the prayer asked god to protect the cowboys and to "continue to channel his energy into president Bush". People cheered and gave a big amen afterward, just as they do whenever you mention anything about god. So, in case you were wondering how this administration retains such a dedicated core of followers, it might interest you to know that there is a significant fraction of the country that sincerely believes his actions to be divinely inspired. I don't think this view is widely held globally, but I just thought I'd give you guys a heads up on what's going on down here.

quote 01.Jul.2005 05:30


"The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them." - George Orwell

oh the irony 01.Jul.2005 06:26

eyes closed tight

after looking for the history of the yellow ribbon, the yellow ribbon was used in the first gulf *BS* "war", so it's fitting that a decade later they would use the same propaganda tactics, basically hijacking it. However, the "bring them home" yellow ribbon campaign concept comes from women who were awaiting the release of PRISONERS. Used in a national sense for hostages in the 70's.

So once again, we have an administration(two) that steals ideas and twists them to fit their agenda. Much like freedomizing and democracy, they distort whatever is "good" in the national eyes to portray themselves as defenders of that "good".

The flag burning is just another way for them to pretend to honor the flag, by dishonoring the constitution, wich this country was founded on. Regardless if they were all masons, I don't think they were neo-fascist trash.

Next time you want to confront someone on their magnet, instead of going through the "how can you support..." story, just tell them what it actually means. It's a symbol of waiting and/or to bring them home(whomever they may be), not "support our troops". That's just for boobs. Tell them to look it up on the internet(maybe they'll tear themselves away from the infotainers to discover a world they did not know). Not to mention the fact that most of them are made in china for crying out loud. I picture all these chinese workers laughing to themselves as they stuff boxes with magnets that cost 2 cents and being sold at 7/11 for 2 bucks.

"stupid americans, don't they know not to trust the government"

you have to be a complete jackass, not only to put that on your car, but to buy it from foreign countries. I guess the jokes on us.

wiki has some info on this and here:

support our dupes
support our dupes
export our poops
export our poops
support our oops?
support our oops?

some older history 01.Jul.2005 10:08

popin fresh

I think you can go even further back in US war history to the Civil War when women tied yellow ribbons around trees awaiting the return of thier loved ones. I believe the practise was used in the North and the South both.

read the article 01.Jul.2005 10:30

eyes closed tight

it mentions the civil war, but also mentions that could be embedded into conscience by movies. Perticularly an older john wayne flick and the color was differen't. They go through white ribbons and how that is mistaken as the yellow ribbon folklore. In any case, they also mention a purple garter and yellow ribbon song from 1917. But as far as a "campaign" widely known. It was the prisoners, the research is pretty good, check it out.

WHERE CAN I FIND THEM 02.Jul.2005 04:33

Peacemaker nwvet4peace@aol.com

Today I saw the perfect answer th the yellow ribbons on a car here in Portland, Or. It was a yellow infinity symble (a figure 8 on it's side) with quagmire writen on it. Can enyone tell me where to get these?

PO box 33293 Portland, Or. 97292-3293

One Soldier from Oregon 12.Jul.2005 07:25

This Soldier's Thoughts

Your right, at least according to the articles I read. The ribbon originated in the prison culture or folk lore. A man returning home after a long time away knew that time had changed him. He wanted to know if his family was still going to accept them but he did not have the courage to face them so he asked for a symbol.

I've been deployed in Iraq for almost a year. If you include the required pre deployment train up I've been away from home for year and five months. Time has happened since I left. I have changed and my wife has changed. So now what? As I prepare to go home I have thoughts like, will my wife still find me attractive, will we still be able to communicate like we could when I left, how do I tell her about what I have seen? To some that can be overwelming. She has been a great support. Encouraging me to be the best soldier that I can and affirming that the reasons that I do what I do are the right reasons and begger than the two of us. But the yellow ribbon is not about that support. When I step off of the plane and see that ribbon I will know that she wants me to be home. And that no matter how I have changed or how she has changed I'm accepted and can return.

Just some thoughts.