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Leaked Monsanto document suggests health problems for mammals...

Recently leaked Monsanto report is disturbing...
This seems to be an incredibly underreported story...
A report from Monsanto leaked to the Guardian (UK) shows that a commercial corn, already grown in the US and Canada, had ill effects on test rats (while the rats fed on non-engineered crops did fine). From what I understand, a German court has just demanded that the study be turned over to a scientiic review board. Monsanto said they didn't want to because of trade secrets but that is what patents are supposed to be for. Anyway... the implications of this are incredible and I've hardly seen anything about it anywhere until recently and that's only because I go looking for such information. Genetic engineering is a dangerous technology that ought to have the spotlight put on it more often (imho). What do you think? Can you help spread the word?

another little known fact 30.Jun.2005 23:28


is that the USD government has been pushing this odious technology first in europe later in the third world, as if it were the enforcing arm of Monsanto.