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The National Security Service has arrived.

From the article linked below:

FBI Director Robert Mueller called the WMD panel's recommendations "the next step in the development of the bureau's national security capabilities."
"The development of the National Security Service is the next step in the evolution of our ability to protect the American public."

The White House said the new measures would build on other changes undertaken since the attacks of September 11, 2001, including the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the position of director of national intelligence.
Bush has orderd the formation of a National Security Service. You can read all about it in the CNN article below.


I don't think too much comment is necessary, draw your own conclusions. Thank you!
They're running out of euphemisms 30.Jun.2005 08:46


So, on top of it all, we will have a 'NSS.' You'd think they'd try to mask it, but couldn't some up with anything without 'SS' is it? The 'N' really doesn't cahnge the meaning. The fascists haven't ever been very imaginative.

NSS 30.Jun.2005 10:04


The pupose of naming the security apparatus "NSS" isn't to hide its apparant relationship the the Nazi "SS" but to make it as clear as they can without completely insulting people.

They are letting people know who they are and what they are up to.

They are without doubt Nazis.

So what is people's decisions? Will they comply, try to resist, or create a new vision for a better way of life?

If you comply, you lose.

If you oppose, you lose.

If you refuse to comply or oppose, what other opption is available but to restore union with the Spirit and the Truth.

Letr us begin, let us try to begin at least, to begin to create our vision for Life.