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wyden is not telling the real stor of gitmo

June 27, 2005

Washington, DC - At a press conference today, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) issued the following statement regarding his recent trip to Cuba and his visit to the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay:
Senator [Ben] Nelson [D-Neb.] and I spent three days in Cuba and returned last evening. We spent all of yesterday touring Camp Delta, exploring past practices and observing current ones in dealing with so-called "detainees," and discussing the challenges faced by our military personnel.
It is my opinion that closing the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay would result in less accountability in the treatment of those prisoners, not more.
The question we have to ask is whom do we trust most to treat these prisoners humanely - Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Egypt, or the United States?

Lone Vet's answer:

The question is not who we trust, we have a responsibility dictated by international treaties to treat prisoners with the agreed upon level of dignity. Using countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt is outrageous and Sen. Wyden should be run out of office for even using the comparison. This is not rocket science senator, we tortured prisoners and have suffered dearly for it in the eyes of the international community.

Sen. Wyden says:

"Despite multiple instances of unacceptable practices in the past by U.S. personnel at Guantanamo, based on what I learned and observed I strongly prefer the improved procedures and conditions at Camp Delta to the outsourcing of prisoner interrogation to countries with a far less firm commitment to human rights. I feel very good about Kristan Seymour from Portland, Oregon, now a guard at Camp Delta, or Michael Edmondson from Medford, or Nathan Blair from Vancouver, Washington, and I'm not convinced that their counterparts in the countries I just mentioned share the values of these wonderful young people I met with yesterday."

Lone Vet's answer:

What you learned and observed---------are you serious or just a fool?

I spent nine years in the Navy, (1962-71) and know anytime a VIP came for a visit or inspection, what they got was the best we could show them. Our ships were cleaned, painted, and spotless before they showed up----we hated VIP visits because we would have to "Spit-shine everything." What you and your foolish colleagues got senator was the dog and pony show, or the Washington two-step. YUCK. Our troops are wonderful, and I am sure the Oregon National Guard is full of wonderful human beings who follow orders and do the best they can under miserable circumstances. That is not the question you should be asking-----How about why the International Red Cross is not given free access to the prisoners, as you were not allowed to talk to the prisoners at will. The UN has been trying to talk to the prisoners for years, why do you not talk about that Mr. Senator!

The Senator says:

"There are many things that need to occur to further ensure the proper administration of the men who are being held there, including vigorous and concerted congressional oversight of practices at Guantanamo and other U.S. facilities where similar prisoners are housed."

Lone Vet Says:

Did you bother to ask someone in authority how many prisons we are maintaining ----nobody knows, they are secret. I hate to break the news to you but, "... ..Vigorous and Concerted congressional oversight... .," does not exist. We cannot get sanctions against Tom Delay, how in God's name are you going to get this congress to investigate anything of importance.

Sen. Wyden's conclusion:

Finally, I want to stress that we should recognize the very hard work being done by thousands of dedicated servicemen and servicewomen at our base in Guantanamo. In addition to those who operate at Camp Delta, there are thousands of personnel working in a large variety of capacities at the Guantanamo base to keep our nation secure. Base Commander McCoy and the officers at Guantanamo do an excellent job working to improve the quality of life and maintain morale at the base. Now Congress needs to do its part by remembering the considerable sacrifice made under difficult conditions by these sailors and soldiers, and by stepping in to address the issues regarding the treatment and status of foreign prisoners so that our service men and women are not unfairly associated with the errors of their government.

Lone Vet Says:

This is flag waving at its worst. We all share in honoring our troops, but you see it takes more than a flag on you jacket lapel, it take honesty with the American people and you sir have not been honest this day. You should tell the Bush Administration to open this facility and every place that we are holding prisoners to open the gates to any legitimate inspection and that would include the United Nation Commission on the treatment of civilians, the International Red Cross unannounced inspections and Amnesty International again unannounced inspection---just like we demanded from the tyrant Saddam Hussein.

USN 1962-71

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Wyden is a Jackass/ Republican/Likudnik 30.Jun.2005 07:38


Ron Wyden has consistently shown who he is looking out for....Ron Wyden. Oh , and dont forget that he is consistently one of the leading recipients of Israeli lobby money in the Senate. And has anyone heard a peep from him regarding the Downing Street Memo ????? Wyden needs to be kicked out of office...

My vote 02.Jul.2005 02:06


He's a fool and a tool

What do you expect? 04.Aug.2005 18:45

Fireye pleiadian@alienembassy.com

What do you expect from this idiot Wyden anyways?....he's a politician!!!!
Gawd you people are dense.....If you believe for even one second that ANY of these bastard NWO politicians would ever tell the truth then you are one stupid fool indeed.