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i just listened to a call from the fbi to revere radio network about a complaint filed against revere radio & sonny crack by lisa guliani.
FBI Call
FBI Call
this recorded phone call from an agent steve collins (814-234-8901) will be broadcasted this friday during the sonny crack show, you definately want to tune in and listen to this and also on deadline live with jack blood at noon tomorrow

and after you listen be sure to call lisa and her sidekick vic and ask them if they really sunk to this level (814) 272-4664

you can contact them via snail mail if you cant get through on the phone

lisa guliani
wing tv
181 mt. nittany road
lemont, pennsylvania 16851
(814) 272-4664

homepage: homepage: http://www.revereradionetwork.com

"Christ Killers" - WING TV 29.Jun.2005 17:32


WING TV is a rightwing site that promotes personal attacks on other activists and ridicules them on its front page.


Wing TV

A shoddy effort to discredit Michael Ruppert's work while ignoring the information in "Crossing the Rubicon"

 http://www.fromthewilderness.com/10questions.shtml Michael Ruppert refutes some of the sleaziest attacks from Wing TV.

 http://911review.com/wingtv/markup/hoffman.html Jim Hoffman refutes deceptive attacks from "Wing TV"

The pseudonymous author of "Wing TV" is also the author of a self-published book called "Christ Killers." Wing TV's format and content is so laughable that it is worth ignoring, but a small handful of "9/11 activists" have seized upon this material as gospel truth.

Hypocritical 29.Jun.2005 18:24


Basically, this FBI agent calls up Revere Radio to tell him that Sonny Crack has apparently said bad stuff about Lisa Guilliani on his show and said that if she doesn't have him on her show, he's going to continue to say bad stuff. (Agent Collins - "extortion, threats, interstate threats")

The thing is, WINGTV trashes and threatens everyone else as hard as they can almost nonstop! Now here they are calling the FBI on other 'internet radio' hosts???

Someone ought to let agent Collins in on how WINGTV treats everyone else . ..

Steve Collins
FBI agent ('employee')

Someone ought to let agent Collins know nothing 30.Jun.2005 04:33

eyes closed tight

from what I've heard on wingtv, they don't demand to be on OTHER people's shows. They just demand people come on THEIR show. lol. If true, exposing someone is differen't then threatening to expose them unless something is given in return.(extortion) From the audio, sonny wanted to be on wingtv and lisa made them squirm by calling the feds.

either way, makes no difference, WTC7 was a controlled demolition. so who gives a crap about either one of these kids in the sandbox

Is this why the jack blood crew is mad? lol

The REAL "Jack Blood"

"Jack Blood" Exposed: WALE Radio Scam

Jack Blood Sells Out

Jack Blood & Fox News

Give a Man Enough Rope

Jack Blood "Sell Out" Clip

Jack Blood "Sociopath" Clip

Stadtmiller's Blistering Expose

Blood Exposed on WING TV

Is there a pattern? 30.Jun.2005 09:10


List of independent journalists attacked by WING TV so far include

Michael Ruppert (www.fromthewilderness.com)
Alex Jones (www.prisonplanet.com)
Jeff Rense (www.rense.com)
Rayellan Allen (www.rumormillnews.com)

All the above were attacked because they resisted having their web sites consolidated and hosted on wing tv's proposed Internet server. Is there a pattern here?

Why is Portland Indymedia supporting this 01.Jul.2005 11:00


This amounts to harrassment..... not sure why you don't take it down.

harassment? 02.Jul.2005 03:05


harassment of who? get a grip...

wow 02.Jul.2005 10:13


thats bull$hit!

I'm a lawyer in Florida 03.Jul.2005 09:21

James Permansky

I'm a private lawyer in Lakeland, Florida. If a lawsuit occurs, please let Revere Radio know that I'd be happy to represent them.

interesting i would have to say they are members of the occult 03.Jul.2005 09:30


interesting i would have to say they are members of the occult

this was posted on the Revere forum reguarding wingtv's logo, email address. and actual company name

Lisa Guliani may be reached for comment at  wingedpiper@yahoo.com.

Hmmm, winged piper? That explains a lot to me:

In the TEMPLAR TAROT DECK the "winged piper" is :"The Extra Card: Ah, yes. The card itself is untitled, in the book it's known as The Magic Flute. A winged Piper plays and dances through a lush landscape, oblivious to the surroundings. On the right ankle is a fetter with a broken chain. The glow of the night's moon is reflected while at the same time the sun is starting to rise. Divinatory Meaning: This card is not explained but its meaning can be revealed through meditation.

ANd Sisyphus press? I think the NAME speaks for itself. I know you guys seem to be more meat and taters, but this symbolism and name choice is just too much. There is no way this can be discounted and actually think we are dealing with idiots, we are dealing with pro's here. Crush em"

Sisyphus is the son of Aeolus (the king of Thessaly) and Enarete, and founder of Corinth. He instituted, among others, the Isthmian Games.
ccording to tradition he was sly and evil and used to way-lay travelers and murder them. He betrayed the secrets of the gods and chained the god of death, Thanatos, so the deceased could not reach the underworld.
Hades himself intervened and Sisyphus was severely punished.

A trace of Wing TV's Domain resulted the following

Sisyphus Press
1326 Shoferd Lane
State College, PA 16801

Domain name: WINGTV.NET

Administrative Contact:
Makufka, Scott  sisyphus1285@cs.com
1326 Shoferd Lane
State College, PA 16801
814 272 4664
Technical Contact:
Domains, Low Cost  support@lowcostdomains.com
52 Westerville SQ #340
Westerville, OH 43081


 link to maps.google.com

It's clear that wing tv are shrills 15.Aug.2005 16:26

dave b

Do they really think that we (those involved with alt media) will swallow their bitter pill?

They picked the wrong game to try and fool people, we are more swicthed on than the mainstream crowd who simply believe every word they are fed.

Wing tv, you have no credability.

WING TV = bottom of the food chain 10.Sep.2005 11:27


They throw their toys out of the pram because in the grand scale of things, WING TV are at the very bottom of the food chain.

Widely regarded as government ops, they are here to cause infighting and confusion. It's a shame they can't even do that right as most in the movement ignore them. I have seen countless posts on forums, by admins and owners warning their members to stay away and ignore the goings on of these (less than professional) people.

Victor Thorn will not use his real name, wonder why?

These guys are a joke and a laughing stock. I think they realize it too, which makes them angry. I for one, have removed ALL wing tv content from my own site.

Wingtv and the FBI 04.Jan.2006 12:02

Paul Isaac Jr

These people (wingtv) are so full of BS it stinks. The story they wrote about the WTC Memorial is BS. The story about the Fireman(Me) is total BS. The secondary story about calling my home after I had given them the notice for removal of false article is BS. They did call my home so they can take that as a harrassment statement.

Also, be aware of the Loosechange crowd, they act very much like a controlled Mind F*ck tactic. They were also at the Memorial spouting there "I can make a hundred more lines" (jason bermas) without any regard for respecting the memorial. It was funny how afterwards Dylan Avery requested an interview at 10/10 firestation for his video chopshop special. He states that he had copies of the memorial fiasco and that he was going to give me copies to bury wingtv but the man is full of BS too. Hes a bit of an arrogant little dweeb to say the least.

The man was invited to my home and then needed help to get out to penn. I help these people only to be disapointed in their actions. Then when I called him a week later to find out where the tapes were He tells me he too busy eating and he would call me later, Mind you this is already two weeks after the initial request and promis of the video. This makes him a burn artist who plays bait and switch games.

I ask that these people get a serious background because upon doing the trace there is an inconssistancy in dylans background. He states he out of the DC area, but upon further investigation the is background from Pheonix Ariz. theat he never mentions. Why?

Becareful out there

Paul Isaac Jr

Ahem... 14.Feb.2006 10:05

Dylan Avery


Phoenix, Arizona? I've never even been to Arizona.
10/10 firestation? I met you on a street corner in Brooklyn and you jumped into the back bay of Korey's truck and laid down like a lunatic, dressed in all black.
"They were also at the Memorial spouting there "I can make a hundred more lines" (jason bermas) without any regard for respecting the memorial."
Uh, what?

Mr. Isaac Jr: I respected you. At one point. Which is why I wanted to help you. When you turned out to be a total lunatic, I cut all ties with you.

Stand up, leave the library, go outside, and take a long, deep breath. You're either a government agent, or a total idiot, and either way, you need to realize that you're finished.

And yes, I used your Keyspan Masbeth evidence. I ALSO had a section AFTER that, stating who the information came from, YOU, and going into the gag order that was allegedly placed on the FDNY.

After meeting and speaking with a REAL firefighter (not an Auxillary who was fired decades ago for conduct unbecoming of a police officer), I realized that there is no gag order (we met him at the screening at St. Mark's Church on December 11th, 2005...if you had showed up, maybe you could have met him, seen what a real hero looks like)

I'm 100% honest about who I am and where I come from. People know what I've been doing since at least 2002.

You, however, Mr. Isaac, came out of nowhere and demanded people listen to you. All we know about you is that you were terminated from the force.

Btw, we weren't selling DVDs at the memorial. We were GIVING THEM AWAY FOR FREE.

We'll see you on 9-11-2006, if your handlers allow it.

-Dylan Avery

Beware of Paul Isaac Jr. 14.Feb.2006 11:13

Thomas Holbrook II th2@revereradionetwork.com

This guy is simply wanting an excuse to cause a riot at Ground Zero this September 11. He tried to incite a riot last year and wound up failing. Paul. You are not who you say you are. The only reason you posted here is because you are looking for allies "against" WING TV. You're wrong dude!

By the way folks. The person who posted as "Paul Isaac Jr....." Guess what everyone? Paul Isaac Jr does not post this stuff himself. HE HAS SOMEBODY ELSE DO IT FOR HIM! Avery investigated this, and contacted the public library in Brooklyn, NY that PIJ's "posts" came from. He gave a description, and the person at the library gave a description, and guess what? THEY DIDN'T MATCH!

Also, Avery is correct concerning Paul not being a real firefighter. Here's what I found out via e-mail with Rory Houton of the FDNY with all caps being put in some of the words for emphasis.

"From:Rory Houton < houtonr@fdny.nyc.gov>
Subject:Question on "auxiliary FF"
Date: 01/19/2006 02:17 PM
To:  th2@th2undergroundnews.com

Confidentiality Notice:
This message may contain information that is
confidential or privileged.

If you are not the intended recipient,
Please advise the sender immediately and delete this message."

So, "Paul," if that's your real name, why don't you stop bothering other people, get a life, and stop taking out your frustrations of not being able to play hero on everyone else. Thank you and have a nice life!

FDNY Auxiliary Firemee 23.Feb.2006 12:42

Paul Isaac Jr


I bet dylan blows like a good little lap dog.

and thomas, Don't worry cause I'm going to blow the whole cover on you spooks very soon and then we'll see what you got to say then.

{Paul Isaac Jr

Blow my cover?????? 26.Feb.2006 19:54

th2 th2@revereradionetwork.com

So I see that you did not respond to the comment concerning the fact that you do not post this stuff yourself. Interesting.....

Take a look at the URL below, then compare the face of Zacarias Moussaoui to the face of Paul Isaac Jr (note: PIJ's face can be found here:  http://www.project911recall.com/paulisaac2.jpg ... his face is also visible on Dylan Avery's film Loose Change 2nd Edition through the extra features...)


Again, you're not going to find any allies here buddy. I know that the supposed "fireman" wants to cause a "fire" per se.... by that I mean a riot....

Zacarias Moussaoui
Zacarias Moussaoui
Paul Isaac Jr... (see any similarities?)
Paul Isaac Jr... (see any similarities?)

Dylan and Thomas two spooks in a pod 27.Feb.2006 16:31

Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel)

Heres the direct hit from Revere Radio Network
If you stand with disimfor goons then yes, I will find no allies here.

I just listened to a call from the FBI to revere Radio Network about a complaint filed against revere radio Network $ Sonny Crack by Lisa Guliani

This recorded phone call comes from an agent steve collins 814-234-8901 will be broadcast this frieday during the sonny crack show, you definaelty want to tune in and listen.
end snip

Snip two

On the road again
Fri Oct 21, 2005

Ok, I'm going to let the cat out of the bag.
I'm leaving for NYC in a couple hours to interveiw none other than paul isaac jr.
he want to clear the air about a couple things,on the record,and give us somne things off the record. But i'd like to speak ahead of time for him and say that this articvle right here?
"I know 911 was an inside job, the police know its an inside job, and the firemen know it too" Yeah total bullshit !!!

He never said anything of the sort. I've got three different videos of paul having it out with lisa and nothing close to that is ever said. Somebodys stretching the truth and I don't think its paul. Couple that with the complete lack of compliance on the part of chris petherick of AFP who refuses paul request to remove wingtvs article and every other website on the inter which is touting that article as gospel and you can say that pauls a little upset.

RIGHTFULL SO. I just wanted to vent a little because wingtv hasn''t been on the movements goodside for some time now and this incident further throws their character into question.

Dylan Avery AKA RENIGS

End Snip

Notice he said he had three videos proving the story was bullsh&t and yet even after you were told by RENIGS the story was BS you still posted it for the gov Imformants.

You are definately no ally of mine Tommie. You are a spook.

Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel)


SPOOKS WHO TELL LIES 27.Feb.2006 16:35


Anyone who wants to see my charges and dismissal from the Police Department not FDNY as the spook would have you believe.
Go to killtwons report about the EMS worker who saw explosions and you can see my paper work. Even better i'll send anyone interested my records via E-mail.

Then we'll just squash the little showboaters BS.

Have a nice day

Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel)

911projectretard 27.Feb.2006 16:38

Paul Isaac Jr

You're not a real journalist. you're a spook who post the work of government imformers

Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel)

Nice Try! 02.Mar.2006 09:31

Thomas Holbrook II th2@revereradionetwork.com

"Anyone who wants to see my charges and dismissal from the Police Department not FDNY..."

Uh... Dylan said that you were dismissed from the Police Department. Nice try.

Read his post again!

"After meeting and speaking with a REAL firefighter (not an Auxillary who was fired decades ago for conduct unbecoming of a POLICE OFFICER)"

"Paul." Whoever you are, why don't you post this stuff yourself instead of having somebody else post for your? You've never answered that question. Guess you'll never answer it.

Bullshit spook speaks about truth but doesn't practice what he preach. 02.Mar.2006 11:00

Paul isaac Jr (Sentinel)

This will lay it down 0nce and for all.

This is a Snip Email copy of corraspondence from Dylan Avery before I was ripped off by a bait and switch tactic. Anyone reading this should and would be aware that theb article writen by Wingtv a known governement snitch will see what Dylan is saying. The proof is in the writing. Mr Holbrook you're as good as the company you keep.


Everything is very well. I'm about ready to release the 2nd edition of loosechange, things couldn't be better. thanks for your quick response.

I completely understand your anger at wingtv, believe me. In fact we got about 15 minutes of video footage on the wingtv incident, most of which is your side of the story.

Wingtv lost my respect a long time before that day. They spend more time causing trouble than anything else, and I've no time for for a group that tarnishes the movement as opposed to strengthening it."

End quote.

Question: Why doesn't LC2E show the wingtv incident if he was so upset at their behavior?

Why would Mr Holbrook knowingly post disimfo that has been proven to be false by his own friend.

2nd letter.



1. I can definately get you a copy of the memorial video. You'll have to give me a bit to make the copy but I can definately get it to you. VHS or DVD ?
2. I was under the impression you were doing this interveiw for inclussion in my documentary, for the purpose of clearing a couple of things up on the record. Its your call, I just had a different understanding, thats all.

Notice the leading?

3rd letter Regarding the unfullfilled promise of sending the evidence to bury wingtv.

This was in response to a write up and thanks on Dylans shoutbox. Notice how everything was on a happy note then after Dylan drops the ball things go down hill.


Anytime brother. I'm copying the footage for you tonight, it'll be in the mail for you tomorrow. Bout to hit the road againg this weekend, go to indiana for some pyrotechnics, to tennesee to pick up Koreys shit, then up to PA for the wedding. Its gonna be nuts, The whole time I have to finnish up on the 2nd edition for loosechange.

Whos says kids don't know how to have fun?



End quote

5 days later when the mailout didn't arrive, I called Dylan to see what had happened. He says " I'm too busy eating right now I'll call you later" I'm making the long distance call and hes too busy eating to notify me that the mailout wasn't done? He made the int for TVNewslies the next day, though, but he never sent what he promised.

This is when things went down hill because he didn't call even after I had someone call him for comfirmation because we were going to bury wingtv for the slander and libel. He still didn't call this is when I went back to Dylans shoutbox and pulled his card on the issue. Instead of coming clean about it he bagan to slander me then posted a segment of the interview video he never sent me. Of course the whole time mr holbrook continued to post disimfo.

Letter #4


Please get hit by a truck and die. You have no place on earth. Feel free to call me "Fagot" and "bushit artist" because not only are you and idiot who can't spell, but you cannot rise above childish profanity.

You're no firefighter, you're a child. Let the real men take care of this movement.

Do you know what a real man is? its somebody who deals with their problems face to face, like a man not over the internet.

End quote.


This is a direct hit on the bullshit from day one

Have a nice day


Consecrated land 06.Mar.2006 11:24

Paul Isaac Jr

Message to the bard,

Anyone who advocates desecration of consecrated land is the enemy.

The Blood of the inocents was spilled there have some respect.

Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel)

POSTING FOR MYSELF 07.Mar.2006 12:39

Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel)

You say I don't post my self? Thats funny coming from a spook who post disimfo garbage that someone else wrote.

When you can't figure out BK PUB|LIB computar matrixs, how and the hell are we to trust what you have to say about 9-11?

Thats right, because "YOU" don't do your own research, you take other peoples shit and make money from it, Thats why its called "LOOSECHANGE." see the reference to money?

It takes ball to throw (just for the principle of it) yourself on a bomb and get dimissed for it. Not like you guys would know because its all about you and the money grubbing celebraty plot, right spookie?

Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel)

Funny shit about Dylan Avery 11.Mar.2006 10:51

Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel)

Upon doing some research on Dyaln Avery I've turned up something interesting regarding this individual: Google:"Dylan Avery LGF Racist" see for yourself what turns up. Quite interesting to say the least.

Paul isaac Jr (Sentinel)