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9.11 investigation

The plot to crash global financial markets on 9-11, holding the NYSE "open"?

From its view from the 79th floor WTC1 office, Buttonwood offered password-enabled "safe distance" access to only the "Global Custodians," a secret (?) society and/or crony intertwined network of $40-$50 trillion dollars of hedge funds, ***including UN Oil-for-Food bankers, BNP Paribas and JP Morgan,*** with pre 9/11 'access to stock markets, computers and gold supplies'. The "Global Custodians" password web access to online trading of Buttonwood International touched down in computers at their 79th floor office in WTC1--right SMACK WHERE THE FIRST PLANE HIT ON 9-11-01.

These Global Custodians of Buttonwood are identified as having many other 9-11 related links...... ABN, AMRO, Mellon Global Securities Services, The Bank of New York, [Bush and Skull and Bones connected] Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. [they run the show for the 9-11 slush fund monies to keep victims' families quiet, required to sign away rights to lawsuits to get pittances/bribes], BNP Paribas (59% UN Oil-for-Food scam, controlled by Maurice Strong, quoted below musing on the "benefits" of his position for orchestrating international financial terrorism and crashing economies)], Citibank, N.A., Deutsche Bank [has lots of 9-11 financial links other than this], Investors Bank & Trust, JP Morgan (the other 41% of the UN Oil-for-Food scam, controlled by the same Maurice Strong above) JP Morgan was a large WTC tenant with lots of short-sales on its stock to see it hopefully destroyed that day; WTC hits destroy lawsuit records on JP Morgan artificially keeping gold price down to crash U.S./Int'l paper economy that they are 'holding open' as well, to keep people from fleeing to gold and stability...), Mellon Trust, The Northern Trust Company, Royal Trust, and State Street Corporation.

It would be easy to rig the WTC1 Buttonwood offices with a homing beacon (heard by ham radio operators) that was turned on only immediately before the hits, as the two respective planes moved toward their bullseyes.
Buttonwood International Group, B.I.G. bullseye
Buttonwood International Group, B.I.G. bullseye
[1] on the whole, little definite here except to note the 79th floor office in WTC1 of Buttonwood International Consulting--and its high connections with $40/$50 TRILLION dollars in hedge funds and its personnel connections with people like Paul Vlocker (ex-chair, U.S. FED) and Maurice Strong of the U.N.;

[2] Maurice Strong's publicly stated musing about his position having "benefits" of crashing the global economy.

[3] other issues, from the series of articles at the links: research linking $40 trillion hedge funds, via an online portal on the 79th floor of One World Trade Center, to "disruptive technologies" developed by Canada for alleged use in the UN Oil-for-Food scam, 9/11 and Kyoto fraud. I imagine that evidence would have been usefully destroyed in the WTCs about this, since 100% of the UN Oil-for-Food scam was handed by 9-11 hit banks.

[4] known "elite financial terrorist" desires to crash the U.S. economy: Both Paul Volcker quotes [ex-chairman, board of governors of the U.S. Federal Reserves System] and Maurice Strong quotes [ special adviser to United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan] show they are apparently members in good standing of the $50-trillion "Global Custodians," a secret(?) society [or crony intertwined network] of hedge funds, ***including UN Oil-for-Food bankers, BNP Paribas and JP Morgan,*** with pre 9/11 'access to stock markets, computers and gold supplies' through online offices of Buttonwood International on the 79th floor of One World Trade Center. THAT'S SMACK WHERE THE FIRST PLANE HIT WTC1 ON 9-11-01. If their positions are of such international financial importance, why do they both gloat about global destruction, unless it is in their political/financial terrorism interest?

[5] additionally, it stands to further research to explore whether the WTC hits hid U.N. oil-for-food financial crimes as well by destroying evidence in the particular offices of Buttonwood International, on the 79th floor?

[6] were the stock exchanges meant to be held open by these elites on 9-11, as Maurice Strong muses below, per their public statments of elite conspiracy to commit financial fraud, to intentionally crash the U.S. and then global financial paper economies? This would "make sense" in light of one strange aspect of 9-11 that shows someone was indeed expecting the NYSE to stay completely open throughout the attacks, likely seriously crashing the U.S./global economy: the rationale touches on why the monies made from the "short sale bets" on the NYSE stock exchange on many companies worldwide (the most well known ones were American Airlines, United Airlines, JP Morgan, and some of the larger international insurance companies) were monies that were meant to be harvested immeidately without any fear of detection. So if they had zero fear of detection, despite the CIA having the 24/365 market data on every trade (who/what/when/where/how much) at all times, the short salers already show their connection to the CIA's lock or assurances that this particular investigation into their winnings would not go ahead; Buzzy Krongard, quickly put into the CIA, was immediately before of banks that dealt with such high rollers on a daily basis, including Deutche Bank properties (Deutche Bank mentioned above, note). Therefore, the only rationale for why the monies (with the CIA covering for them and stopping the investigation through Krongard) were even dreamed of being claimed successfully after 9-11 would be an expectation in the criminals that the markets would be (by them) kept open. However, this was something that failed to work out in the unforseen closure of the NYSE that locked up their short-sale winnings on the markets due to "bets on terror". Aftarwards, then no one came forward to claim it as the confusion died down, and no one at the CIA has ever squealed who made all that money as they protect the criminals. Perhaps this "intentional open crash of 9-11" described below by the financial elite terrorists themselves failed to work out somehow. That would only make it one of many unforseen things about 9-11 troughout the whole day's events...

Note: This material requires serious consideration.

9/11 inside job by Canadian Privy Council's web-enabled Global Custodians
From: David Hawkins, Forensic Economist at Hawks' CAFE

Open e-mail to:
Ron Gamble, Leader, Reform Party of British Columbia
Russ Hiebert, Conservative Member of Parliament, South-Surrey Cloverdale
Judi McLeod, Founder Editor, Canada Free Press

Copies (Alpha):
George Bush, President of the United States of America;
Jeb Bush, Governor State of Florida;
Gordon Campbell, Premier, Province of British Columbia;
Larry Campbell, Mayor and Council of City of Vancouver;
Brad Desmarais, RCMP;
Thor Diakow, Stirling Faux Show, CKNW;
Romolo Di Fonzo, BC Securities Commission;
Sheila Fraser, Canadian Auditor General;
Alberto Gonzales, U.S. Attorney General;
Senator Kenny, Chair of the Standing Senate Committee on [Canada's] National Security & Defence;
Dineen Ann Riviezzo, Chair, State Commission Investigation, New York;
William Safire, New York Times;
John Simpson, Globe and Mail;
Charlie Smith, Georgia Straight;
Michael Smyth, The Province; and,
Peter Warren, CKNW

Dear Mr. Gamble, Mr. Hiebert and Ms. McLeod:

In the context of the Canada Free Press article "Paul Volcker/Maurice Strong: Bankrupting America", Hawks' CAFE offers more clues suggesting 9/11 was an inside job by the Canadian Privy Council's web-enabled Global Custodians.  http://www.canadafreepress.com/2005/cover061405.htm

Note the pre-9/11 content of the Buttonwood (the management and web-enabled consultant to the Global Custodians) web site at August 2001.  http://web.archive.org/web/20010820234206/http://www.buttonwood.com/index.html

Buttonwood refers to "web-enabled" technology, the same phrase used by the Canadian privy councilor Paul Martin's Lansdowne Technologies for project mangement i.e. "Physical & virtual (web enabled) PMO war rooms".  http://www.lansdowne.com/New%20Services/pm.htm

Buttonwood's August 2001 address is "One World Trade Center, Suite 7967".

Buttonwood offers password-enabled access to the Global Custodians only, these being identified as......



Mellon Global Securities Services

The Bank of New York

Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.

BNP Paribas (59% UN Oil-for-Food scam, controlled by Strong)

Citibank, N.A.

Deutsche Bank

Investors Bank & Trust

JP Morgan (41% UN Oil-for-Food scam, controlled by Maurice Strong)

Mellon Trust

The Northern Trust Company

Royal Trust

State Street Corporation

Global Custodians Only Last Update: Jan. 5, 2001 New York, N.Y. 10048 U.S.A.

Now look at the Buttonwod page for December 2001, three months after 9/11.  http://web.archive.org/web/20011225055235/http://www.buttonwood.com/index.html

Note the WTC photo icon below goes to a page dated 9/11 but the main page of December 2001 does not state how many, or if any, Buttonwood staff died in WTC1.

Surprisingly, Buttonwood, a management consultant, ignores the events of 9/11 and its consequences for the "global securities industry".  http://web.archive.org/web/20020205135057/www.buttonwood.com/WTC_0913.html

The post-9/11 Buttonwood address is 20th Floor, 14 Wall Street, N.Y.

The post-9/11 list of Global Custodians is the same as in August, 2001.

So why would Buttonwood, managment consultants to the Global Custodians, ignore the 9/11 panic of the stock markets which would have made Buttonwood insiders and clients a huge amount of money if they were 'shorting' Enron, Dynergy, Qwest, WorldCom, Tyco and Nortel shares at the time of 9/11 or lost them a huge amount of money if they were 'long' at the time of 9/11? Were the Global Custodians short or long on 9/11?

Buttonwood appears to be the Sherlock Holmes dog that didn't bark.

So did Canadian privy councilors Maurice Strong, Paul Desmarais, Paul Martin, Frank McKenna (CAI) and Donald Macdonald (CAI), arrange for [international "e-war consultants"] Parisien Research to equip Buttonwood with remote controlled 'web-enabled' war rooms on the 79th floor of WTC1 to guide hijacked jets into their targets while Buttonwood's consultants prepared to move to 14 Wall Street after setting up the Global Custodians for the most lucrative hedging of shares on the NYSE in history?  http://www.parisien.org/arabic1.htm


David Hawkins

David Hawkins - Foundation Scholar - Cambridge University Citizen's Association of Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE Global networking for "Clarity, Equity and One Set of Books" Tel: (604) 542-0891  david@DavidHawkinsResearch.com  http://www.DavidHawkinsResearch.com


Cover Story
Paul Volcker/Maurice Strong:
Bankrupting America

by Judi McLeod & David Hawkins Tuesday, June 14, 2005

(David Hawkins, Foundation Scholar-Cambridge University, and founder of the Citizen's Association of Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE, and CFP investigative journalist Judi McLeod, have teamed up to write a series of articles on the UN's radical socialist agenda executed across Intranets and virtual private networks, operated by the self-styled "Global Custodians".

A new feature of Canada Free Press, the ongoing series combines McLeod's investigative experience and communication skills with Hawkins' brilliant research linking $40 trillion hedge funds, via an online portal on the 79th floor of One World Trade Center, to "disruptive technologies" developed by Canada for alleged use in the UN Oil-for-Food scam, 9/11 and Kyoto fraud.) This is the sixth in the series.

Toronto, ON-- Is it mere coincidence that Paul Volcker, former chairman, board of governors of the U.S. Federal Reserves System and Maurice Strong, special adviser to United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, hold the same opinion about an "imminent economic crisis" for the U.S.A.?

Both gentlemen are not only giants in the high world of finance, both enjoy enormous clout in global affairs of the day.

For three consecutive years running in the early 1980s, Volcker was immediately behind President Ronald Reagan on the U.S. News and World Report annual poll headlined, Who Runs America?

Volcker is now saying that he can't see how the U.S. can keep borrowing and consuming while letting foreign countries do all the producing.

Dare we say that the UN-obsessed Volcker-Strong team, are leaders of the very organization going out of its way to make it easier for countries like China to do all the producing?

According to Volcker, the current status of the U.S. is "a recipe for disaster".

Last Thursday, the Wall Street Journal took the spin off and reported "Mr. Volcker thinks a crisis is likely".

Volcker predicts that investor confidence could fade "at some point" with damaging volatility in both exchange markets and interest rates.

Further, Volcker worries that a serious economic crisis is "unavoidable" as the U.S. economy is struggling with what he sees as a "hopelessly unsustainable relationship" with the rest of the world.

Financial experts agree that the reaction to the economic problems after 9/11 took the country into unchartered territory. While many say the Fed's rate cuts and President George W. Bush's tax initiatives were the right answer for recovery, no one can be sure.

From his oft heard from corner, Strong has been saying for years that China will soon replace the U.S. as economic world leader.

Strong once held forth to a nonplussed reporter about his fantasies about a nefarious plot to take over the world through one of his prolific super-organizations. It was in 1990 when he mapped out the details for the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland--where 1,000 diplomats, CEOs and politicians hole up to address global issues and save the world.

Strong, of course, is on the board of the World Economic Forum.

Indulging a what-if scenario, Strong joined the fantasy dots. "What if a small group of these world leaders were to conclude that the principal risk to the earth comes from the rich countries?"

Rich countries, like the USA, for example?

Back to Chairman Moe's musings [these are the quotes of Maurice Strong, special adviser to United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan]: "In order to save the planet, the group decides: Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn't it our responsibility to bring this about?"

"This group of world leaders forms a secret society to bring about an economic collapse," Strong continued. "It's February. They're all at Davos. These aren't terrorists. They're world leaders. They have positioned themselves in the world's commodities and stock markets. They've engineered, using their access to stock markets and computers and gold supplies, a panic. Then, they prevent the world's stock markets from closing. They jam the gears. They hire mercenaries who hold the rest of the world at Davos as hostage. The markets can't close... "

At the end Strong caught himself, telling the reporter, "I probably shouldn't be saying things like this."

But he did say them, and has since used every opportunity available to criticize--with impunity--Uncle Sam.

Volcker is making his gloomy predictions for a U.S. inevitable economic crisis even as he probes the multi-billion-dollar UN oil-for-food frauds which appears to have financed BNP Paribas's network of UN Global Trade Centers before the 9/11 mercenaries destroyed its World Trade Center competitors. [i.e., did the WTC hits hide U.N. financial crimes as well by destroying evidence in these particular offices?]

Caught up in the scandal through his relationship to "Koreagate Man" Tongsun Park alleged to have bribed senior UN officials with oil-for-food money from the Saddam Hussein regime, all Strong has done to date is to step down from his role as Annan's special adviser in North Korea. But that's a temporary measure until investigators clear his name.

Both Volcker and Strong are apparently members in good standing of the $50-trillion Global Custodians, a secret(?) society of hedge funds, including UN Oil-for-Food bankers, BNP Paribas and JP Morgan, with pre 9/11 'access to stock markets, computers and gold supplies' through online offices of Buttonwood International on the 79th floor of One World Trade Center!  http://www.buttonwood.com/index.html

Are the Global Custodians planning to execute Strong's fantasy? Will they soon cut off lines of credit to America's capital markets in order to induce a panic while money laundering in the UN oil-for-food program goes underground?

Both Paul Volcker and Maurice Strong have a case of incurable "UNitis" and both are calling for the ultimate collapse of the U.S. economy.

Is the deadly duo practicing the fine art of wishful thinking, or are we just thinking in conspiracy theories?

Canada Free Press founding editor Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the media. A former Toronto Sun and Kingston Whig Standard columnist, she has also appeared on Newsmax.com, the Drudge Report, Foxnews.com, and World Net Daily. Judi can be reached at:  letters@canadafreepress.com.
David Hawkins, Foundation Scholar-Cambridge University, and founder of the Citizen's Association of Forensic Economists at Hawks' CAFE


Very interesting stuff. 28.Jun.2005 17:22

Tony Blair's dog

Thank you for the post.

Other tower, etc 29.Jun.2005 11:42


All this stuff about the 79th floor of one tower. WHat about the other one? Was there no relevance to the floor hit on the other tower?

The guy referenced in the article, David Hawkins, seems nutty - his site says:

"David Hawkins the World's First Forensic Economist
Offering Citizens Formidable Tools For Sustainable Societies"

Here's part of his 'background':

To 1967, David worked for five years as a university apprentice with the British public power utility, the Central Electricity Generating Board. Trained as a fitter, linesman, boiler-plant operator and machinist prior to privatization of the utility.

To 1980, David worked in Europe, Australasia, Middle East, Africa and North America, with Schlumberger, the world's leading oil-industry data management company. He served as executive-in-charge of major customer-support bases in Nigeria, UK Land and North Sea and the Republic of Ireland. Based in France, David was responsible for Schlumberger's eastern hemisphere service quality, liaised with production engineering and design engineers in Paris and Houston to introduce and troubleshoot advanced, mechanical engineering and data technologies used in the company's international field operations. As an emergency-response team leader, he attended oil-well blow outs in the United Arab Emirates, Iran and Brunei.

And why is he posting on 'Conservative Life'?


I have to wonder if this isn't yet another effort to try to undermine important world organizations like the UN by a right-winger under the guise of 'forensic economics.' The UN kept the US out of Iraq for many weeks and showed the world that Bush had to create a false pretext to get in there. Now they want payback against the UN.

amazing you fall for this, dude 29.Jun.2005 12:01


don't fall for it: the U.N. at this stage is just an empty corporate shell-- shadow boxing with the corporate shell itself. It's "good cop bad cop" techniques on an international level, leading back to the same bad cop.

First they came for the UN, then they came for . .. 29.Jun.2005 17:34


How about getting rid of juries too? That's the next right wing effort. Start with the UN, move on to the jury system.