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Recent New York Times editorial an excellent example of propaganda

David Brooks recent New York Times editorial makes use of many common tricks.

"There's a reason George Washington didn't take a poll at Valley Forge. There are times in the course of war when the outcome is simply unknowable. Victory is clearly not imminent, yet people haven't really thought through the consequences of defeat. Everybody just wants the miserable present to go away."

(George Washingon would be for the war and you would too if you were a deep thinker like George Bush. George Bush = George Washington)

"We're at one of those moments in the war against the insurgency in Iraq. The polls show rising disenchantment with the war. Sixty percent of Americans say they want to withdraw some or all troops."

(If weenies like you were at Valley Forge, we won't have a country. Don't you feel ashamed and want to get in line? Valley Forge = Iraq)

The Time has come: Cancel your subscriptions to all Corporate Media
Cancel all subscriptions to the corporately owned newspapers & magazines that have been complicit in deceiving the public about the many crimes committed by the Bush administration and about the many outrageous actions taken by our Congress to undermine our democracy, our environment and our civil rights while they put forth an agenda that is designed to hand ownership of our nation to a few wealthy individuals and corporations. Call your cable company and cancel the following news channels: all CNN networks (CNN Headline News and CNN International), all FOX networks that air news including your local FOX affiliate.

It is time to act! Stop supporting our enemies. Start supporting the people who have dedicated their lives to making this world a better place. If it inconveniences you, so be it. Make the sacrifice. If it costs you an extra dollar to subscribe to an independent newspaper, make the sacrifice and help us to regain our nation.